50 IS NOT OLD | SATURDAY RELAXING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Thank goodness this is Saturday. For a week that was short because of a Holiday, it sure has seemed VERY long. I stayed home on Friday and did some things that I have been putting off for a long time. Joe came through once and gave me that “WHAT” look. You know the one, the one where Fred Sanford grabs his heart because he can’t believe that it is happening. Do you know what they look was over? It was because I made my bed (completely) two days in a row. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | SATURDAY RELAXING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40 I always “straighten” my bed but I hardly ever go the extra mile and put the (pretty) comforter and shams on it because we take it off before we get in bed. If Joe goes to bed before I do, then he throws it in a pile, and it is a mess to pick up. By not making the bed completely, I don’t have to worry about making sure that I get to the bed before he does. Now you know all of my dirty secrets. I don’t like to cook; I hate cleaning house, making the beds are not a priority, and I have left my Christmas tree up for YEARS. What does it say about YOU that you take advice from me? Lol!!! Want to see my freshly made bed? Here is a couple of pictures with the vintage pillow that I have had for years. When I do make the bed, I have a lot of fun with this pillow. I think that you will be able to figure out why.50 IS NOT OLD | SATURDAY RELAXING STYLE | FASHION OVER 4050 IS NOT OLD | SATURDAY RELAXING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40 Hahaha! What do you think about my vintage pillow??? 😉50 IS NOT OLD | SATURDAY RELAXING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Today is a day for relaxing and enjoying life. I am not sure who told me that it was a day for cleaning house, but they were mistaken. If you work all week long, then you deserve a day or two to have fun and do things that you didn’t have time to do during the week. If you don’t work and are at the house all week long, then your house should already be clean, and you need to go out and have fun today. Lol! You can tell that I don’t like to clean house. Haha! I love wearing a sweatshirt and a pair of pants on the weekends. I try to find sweatshirts that are cute and stylish so that I am comfortable too. This sweatshirt is one that I bought from a local boutique, and it is at least a year old. I like the distressed look, but some of you might not care for this. I will try to link to some cute and stylish sweatshirts that are available.

50 IS NOT OLD | SATURDAY RELAXING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40These earrings are an old leather pair from Plunder Design that has been discontinued. I took them to my local guy and had my initials monogrammed on them. This is one of those “inspiration” pics and not a “buy here” pic. Lol! The bracelets are all vintage bakelite bangles that I have collected over the years. They would be an “inspiration” type pic also. But, if you are dying to “buy” something, then you can go and purchase the McCall ring. 50 IS NOT OLD | SATURDAY RELAXING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I would normally wear blue jeans with a sweatshirt, but I wanted to wear something different. I love stying a monochromatic look, so I went with this pair of boot cut corduroy pants by Ralph Lauren. These are a couple of years old, but you can find similar pants in the stores.

50 IS NOT OLD | SATURDAY RELAXING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40The leopard print ankle boots are a pair that I bought at Target last year. I needed my “leopard fix” so adding these cute block heel boots did the trick. The great thing about any outfit that I style is that you can make it your own. If you like wearing flats, then wear flats. If you prefer wearing sneakers, then change the pants for jeans, and then wear sneakers. Fashion is a reflection of your taste so you should wear what you like.

50 IS NOT OLD | SATURDAY RELAXING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Yesterday you gurls didn’t leave many comments. I thought that you would find the Joe story funny. (See here.) So, that means today that ALL of you have to comment! Lol! I love reading the comments, they make my day, and I read them over my morning coffee. Let’s see what comments you can come up with about my pillows.

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  1. I like your pillow! Years ago (many, many years ago) when I sold Princess House crystal, they had a glass bird. The consultants used to say during the demonstration it could be kept at the bedside as a passion barometer. Right up meant yes, upside down meant no and laying on it’s side meant convince me, Maybe you could stick your pillow sideways between the bed pillows as the third option?

  2. Love this look and the colors suit you well. Love the hairstyle and natural-looking make up. Perfect weekend look.

  3. Brenda Foxy Lady Reply

    Your bed looks so pretty. (I can relate to keeping up with house work) You spend your time helping others. I love your hair, makeup and outfit too.

  4. Love the pillow! Your blog is the first thing I read in the morning and it always makes me smile.

  5. I have never tried ” showy shoes”, always sticking to the multifunctional black, navy, or taupe. Where DO you find the storage for all of your great shoe and boot styles? Love the blog and you style. Happy Saturday-I am off to work!

  6. Interesting pillow. I can see why might not be a favorite of Joe. I always love it when you wear some vintage. Love your Bakelite. Your outfit is perfect for a fun day! Enjoy your weekend.

  7. I love sweatshirts that aren’t for sweating! I have one that is laced at the shoulders and my daughter just can’t understand why I think it’s so cute (she’s a T-shirt and jeans girl). I rarely make my bed all the way either….and my hubby would think that pillow was funny. He’d be turning it over to TONIGHT every night. Lol.

  8. Awwww…. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling the love yesterday! The pillow is great; if it were at my house I have a feeling a little elf might sneak in the room each evening and rig it to his liking. Lol!!

  9. Lol! Love the vintage pillow. I think the Not Tonight side would be the side most used at my house. Haha! I did enjoy the Joe story yesterday. Maybe he learned a lesson to not lean on a car that is running. Lol.
    I didn’t have a chance to leave a comment, as I was traveling to Missouri to spend the weekend with my Dad who turned 80 yesterday. We are having a big family party today! Yay! Hope to see family I haven’t seen for a long time! ❤️🎉🎂🥰

  10. Cute weekend look! Love the pillows! Where did you find the scarf? Unusual eternity. Have a great weekend!

  11. Kristi Gengler Reply

    I look forward to reading your blog every morning and seeing what you are wearing. It gives me ideas on what to wear to work. Love the pillow, you are very honery! Keep it up!

  12. Oh Tania…thank you for validating my feelings on making the bed. I always “straighten”, but lots of days, I skip making it look really pretty. We are the only ones who ever go upstairs anyway….no one else sees it. Things sure do change as we get older!

  13. I am the opposite when it comes to making my bed. I always do because I figure if the bed is made and the dishes are done I have created the illusion of a clean house 😂

  14. Cheryl peffer Reply

    Last year for my Christmas present my husband got me a beautiful Amish made bedroom set. I have the comforter set and ALL the pillows. I feel guilty when I don’t make my bed completely. But here’s the kicker. We don’t sleep together!! So he’s not in my room. He only sees it when he walks by to go to the shower. He would never say anything, he doesn’t care. I just feel bad . Haha. Sometimes I too just throw the comforter up.

  15. Aimee Spencer Reply

    Very funny thought provoking pillow! How do you know in the morning when you make the bed which side to place the pillow? Do you change it at bedtime??!

  16. Lydia Wozniak Reply

    I love that pillow! My husband is 62, but acts like he’s 32. It would be fun to let him know what kind of mood I’m in, before I get in bed. Lol! Your story about Joe almost falling made me laugh. I can only imagine the look on his face! Love your blog, it brightens my day!

  17. Linda Bunger Reply

    I love the pillows especially the middle pillow! HA! You look great! Love the outfit!

  18. As I sit in my recliner, reading your blog in my cuddle duds and sweater, I am thinking maybe I will get dressed today after all!

  19. I’m not the best at keeping house either. It’s usually picked up but not always scrubbed clean. I do make my bed most days. Weekends I just kinda throw it together. A made bed makes me feel orderly and ready for day. Don’t ask me why. Cute pillow. I’d like to find one. Love the boots. And I like sweatshirts that aren’t for working out but for cuteness & comfort too.

  20. I love a clean and tidy house but would prefer someone else to do it! After umpteen years of cleaning and cooking, the bloom is off the rose. I work hard and want my time off. You look cute and confortable with this look!

  21. Tammy Stafford Reply

    Love the pillow — who has time for those large comforters anyway!?! I only completely make my bed when the hubby is home; which is only two to three days a week — plus I have 12 pillows on my bed….only about 8 too many! And gurl….you deserve a housekeeper! Mine comes bi-weekly. I don’t like housework either, but I don’t have a problem keeping it up until she comes back.

    Hope you have a FABULOUS weekend! I love keeping up with you and your ventures.

  22. Love the look and pillow! I loved the “joe” story, so pictured him as you moved the car! Question…what kind of fashion tennis shoes do you wear at our age?

  23. I make our bed everyday, takes only 2 minutes or less. My husband would love these pillows!👍💕

  24. Carole Prisk Reply

    Love the color of those jeans and glad Joe has learned not to turn his back on you for a minute.

  25. I always enjoy your blog, and the Joe story from yesterday had me chuckling for a while! I’ve been looking for a cute sweatshirt for a while, comfy and warm but cute!

  26. I am up before my husband. He smoothes the covers and throws the shams on. At night I fix the covers or they fall off the bed. He has been saying “Love you more” for years so I got that saying on a wall hanging and put it up over the bed. He would just shake his head if I put the Not Tonight pillow on the bed. Love the color of your cords. The print boots do go great with them. I have tried on boots like that many times but they hurt my knees before I even put my feet on the floor!

  27. Lauren Villasana Reply

    Lol my husband dose the same thing with the pillows and comforter. I also hate to clean and I don’t have a job. What’s my excuse? I take my glasses off, there, all clean! 🤪

  28. Awwww-love you Tania!! Love that pillow, too! Gives a new twist to the term “pillow talk” HaHa
    We were scrambling around here to take all the Christmas stuff down because we are starting on some house renovations-and I can’t have too much mess all at the same time! I sneak and read your blog every day, and most days don’t comment- but I always appreciate you, and your humorous approach to the daily things in life!! Know that you are loved by your readers❤️❤️

  29. Cute outfit! I didn’t like the distressed look at first, but it’s growing on me😉I used to be so particular about my house being clean. I’ve really backed off as I’ve gotten older. I try to make my bed in the morning, but so what if I don’t. Cute pillow😂

  30. Sorry I haven’t stopped by for a few days but life has been so busy for the start of new year. Found time now for a G+T and a quick catch up. You look super comfortable in this outfit, the top was a great find. Will try to look at your earlier posts now – Jill

  31. Charlcy L Green Reply

    Oh I love that pillow & if I ever get married again I might have to find one! I like the post yesterday too & the Joe story was too funny! But I was making tamales all day w/friends so didn’t have time to reply and am sorry! If you were closer I’d bring you some tamales! I have been wanting that ring and since you linked to it today I’ve got to order it and maybe one of those booties too! You know I love leopard! Cute, cute!

  32. You remind me of Ann Margaret today! I must have seen a similar picture of her from the “old days”. Very beautiful.
    Love the pillow! (I have one too.)
    Although I love the way my bed looks when I change the sheets & make it all fancy, I usually just straighten it. (Older, lazy!)

  33. I would love to find some cognac jeans! I think I’m out of luck this season…. maybe next year!

  34. Make my bed every day!!! But the master bedroom is off the dining room so even if no one else is here, it is depressing to me to walk by and see my unmade bed.

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