50 IS NOT OLD | CUFFED JEANS AND ANKLE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40Tennessee just about blew away yesterday. Ashleigh and I drove to Tennessee on Wednesday, and Joe planned on flying down on Friday morning. Joe does not like to drive anywhere, and I don’t like to fly anywhere. Lol! A weather front moved through on Friday with lots of rain, but it was the wind that was unreal. My mom and dad live on the top of a mountain, so it is windy on a normal basis. But, you could hear the wind whistling through the windows.50 IS NOT OLD | CUFFED JEANS AND ANKLE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40 The last time that it was this windy, Joe and my brother flew from Tennessee to Virginia. The wind was so strong that day that my windows whistled, my fireplace whistled, and I was afraid that my weeping willow tree was going to be uprooted. I never thought that my husband would try to come home in that weather. I heard an airplane flying low to the ground, so I stepped outside and tried to see if it was Joe. In about 5 minutes my phone rang, and Joe told me to come to pick them up from the airport. I am pretty sure that they both might have kissed the ground once the plane came to a stop. Joe must have learned his lesson because he decided to wait until today to try and fly here. Either he learned his lesson, or he is putting off coming as long as he can. I am not sure which it is. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | CUFFED JEANS AND ANKLE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40 I had my sister take a few pictures for me quickly when the sun was shining those 18 minutes today. Lol! One of the reasons that I picked a scarf instead of a necklace was because I could pull it over my head to keep my hair from getting wet. That is another use for a scarf. I love this scarf that I bought months ago at Nordstrom. This is a massive oversized scarf, and I will be able to tie it in multiple ways. The fact that it is NINETEEN dollars is incredible! Go HERE to get yours. 50 IS NOT OLD | CUFFED JEANS AND ANKLE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40I didn’t wear much jewelry because I wanted the scarf to be the star attraction. The Rochelle leopard cuff is one of my favorites from the fall Plunder catalog.  The other bangle bracelet was a special that was offered and sold out within an hour. I am hoping that since it sold out so fast that they will bring it back in the Spring catalog. I can’t see if I had on earrings, but if I did, they were probably smaller in size. I don’t normally wear big or long earrings with a scarf since they can get hung. To place an order with Plunder, you can go HERE and hit the shop button. Then you pick a party with my name. 50 IS NOT OLD | CUFFED JEANS AND ANKLE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40These cuffed jeans make it so easy to wear with ankle boots. You don’t have to struggle to get the cuffs the same height, and that saves me at least 10 minutes. Lol! Anytime that I am wearing ankle boots, I will choose these if they are clean. This pair was from Cato Fashions that I bought early in the fall. The boots are a pair from Old Navy that I have had for several years, and they are still available. Go here to get those.

50 IS NOT OLD | CUFFED JEANS AND ANKLE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40I am looking forward to the New Year. I already have several trips scheduled in the upcoming new year. My first trip is going to be in January when Rodan + Fields is flying me out to their home office in San Francisco. I will be getting extra training plus getting to meet other leaders while I am there.

Maybe YOU have considered joining me in business, but maybe something is holding YOU back. 🤔Consider this cold hard fact, our growth in 2017 was 85%!!! Compare that to our competitors whose growth was less than 10%. You see where I’m going here?

There is a reason this business works, BECAUSE of THE PRODUCTS WORK!!! It’s that simple. Our company is founded on dermatologist formulated products that are clinically tested to work and deliver results. Trust me; there wouldn’t be 60-day money back guarantee if they weren’t confident in their products.

They say innovation drives growth. We’ve been told, and shown, that Rodan+Fields will formulate and launch two new products every year and we’ll continue our global expansion. This means more opportunity for growth and success. And not just for the company, but for you too!

Maybe it’s time to have another listen? I have plenty of time to talk this afternoon! Email me (fiftyisnotold@gmail.com) if you want some of that time!

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  1. I do like ankle jeans and cuffed boots, but what about wearing socks with them? Hard as I try to keep my socks down low so they don’t show, they always seem to creep up and it looks silly.

    • Tania Reply

      Erin, I don’t wear socks. Lol! I have never liked wearing socks and unless my shoes are too big, then I never wear them.

    • Walmart carries footies that are cotton and they have a piece if clear rubber on the inside where the heel is. Colors are black, white and nude and come in packs of 3 for $5.99.
      I find they work perfect with flats and ankle boots. Regular sox don’t work for the clean look but these footies cover your foot great and have never slip off in the back.
      I even gave the sets to my girlfriend for Christmas and she loves them too.
      Give them a try.

  2. Really like this outfit. Something I would wear and think I have similar items to put it together. I saved your video on how to tie scarves just for this occasion.

  3. This is a great casual outfit and the scarf ties it all together. Good to hear everyone has arrived safely. Enjoy your time away.

  4. Love your outfits! You always look so stylish. I live in TN so I totally get it about the weather. I am hoping for a little snow this year and all we are getting is rain!

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