50 IS NOT OLD | BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE | FASHION OVER 40There is something about snow that brings out the child in me. I drove home, and the rain slowly started to turn to a winter-mix and then finally it turned into snow. I hadn’t taken my pictures for the day, so when I walked in the door, I yelled for Ashleigh and asked her if she would come outside and take some pictures for me. I don’t get the opportunity for someone else to take my photos very often, so I quickly dragged her out before she changed her mind.50 IS NOT OLD | BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE | FASHION OVER 40 Did I mention that it was pretty dang cold and that it was also very wet? Ashleigh didn’t seem to mind because she was all dressed up in her “Nanook of the North” outfit. I, however, wanted to show you my cute outfit so I was freezing my tush off. Lol! The snow started to accumulate fast and then it turned to rain. 🤨 I was thrilled that I got a few photos made before the rain set in. Are you the type to goes out to play in the snow, the kind that snuggles up with a blanket and reads a book in front of the fire, or the kind that stays home for a week if you even see snow in the forecast? Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE | FASHION OVER 40 I have had this top for a couple of weeks. I have even worn this top multiple times but I haven’t taken any pictures to put on the blog when I had it on. There are a couple of reasons that it hit the blog. One, the local boutique that I bought the t-shirt from has already sold out and I didn’t want to show you something that you couldn’t purchase. Two, I only recently found out there was a “controversy” surrounding the song, Baby It’s Cold Outside. I live in Tania’s world and I don’t watch television, I don’t follow news outlets online, and I don’t keep up with the latest current events. I simply liked the shirt, thought it was cute, and that it was appropriate for this time of the year. I like this top because, even though it is Christmas themed, it can be worn all winter long. It will be cold outside for several months to come. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE | FASHION OVER 40Every time and I do mean EVERY TIME, that I wear these faded gray jeans, Joe will give me a compliment. You better believe that I wear them every chance that I get. Lol! These are a mid-rise pair of Rockstar super skinny jeans from Old Navy. I ordered my normal size and they fit perfect. I really like that there isn’t a tag in the waistline which can be itchy and aggravating. Here is the link to the jeans. 50 IS NOT OLD | BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE | FASHION OVER 40I know that this is the last weekend before Christmas and that you are rushing out the door to pick up those last minute gifts. I know this because that is what I am going to be doing too. Lol! After Christmas is over, I want us to have a serious talk about the upcoming year. It is time to put yourself on the front burner. Enough said for now, but be forewarned, this is going to be a theme. You are worth it and so am I!!!

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  1. Well, I LOVE your top! Screw what ‘some’ people are trying to do with EVERYTHING we’ve always known and done! We stopped watching the ‘FAKE’ news everywhere too. All we watch is our local news and sometimes they’re just as frustrating. Anyway, you look darling and don’t stop wearing your top OR you gray jeans!! Lol

    • Tania Reply

      Haha! I love your comment! I try to take into consideration other people when I post. I don’t want to hurt someone by something that I said, even if it was unintentional. But, sometimes, there are people who just are looking for a controversy.

    • Carolyn Baratta Reply

      I love your outfit. It is adorable!! And …..I love the song. There will always be someone offended about something. Too much time on their hands I guess. The top is perfect for the season.

  2. Maggie Fieger Reply

    You look so cute in that outfit! I’m sure your world is a happier place by not watching news, etc.

    • Tania Reply

      It is a much happier place. I don’t want to know about shootings, abuse, or any other horrible thing that is going on around the world. I prefer to think that everyone loves each other and all is good with everyone.

  3. Another cute outfit! I 💕 the rockstar jeans with that top and the song, it’s a classic. All I will say is that I totally agree with Sondra’s comment above. Happy weekend to all!!🎅🌲

  4. I love the shirt and would buy one if I could find one – I love the memories of that song from when I was little – no one is going to change my mind on that – and I really like your outfit – since following your blog I have gone to Old Navy and bought those jeans – and they are sooooo comfortable!!

    • Tania Reply

      Yay! I am glad that you liked the jeans. I try to only recommend items that I really like.

  5. Cheryl peffer Reply

    What a crazy world we live in, I will watch, listen, and sing what I please. And yet they do nothing about the filth on daily tv. Go figure. I love the shirt. I love the song. Lol. I hate the snow.

  6. Merry Christmas!! Love the top and I ordered it from Amazon from your site! Enjoyed your blog this year!

    • Tania Reply

      I hope that you like the top. I got mine at a local boutique, so I hope the one from Amazon is just as nice.

  7. Such an adorable top and such a cute outfit on you. Looks great! I love Rockstar jeans. Don’t have this grey. Will need to order. Another brand you might try if you haven’t is JAG. I love their pullon jeans.

    • Tania Reply

      I haven’t tried JAG jeans yet. I need to clean out my closet right now because I have so many pairs of jeans but I find myself reaching for the same pairs over and over again.

  8. Great outfit for last minute shopping this weekend. I don’t keep up with news either so I’m not even sure what the controversy is. But I love the song. We sing it a lot this time of year. Merry merry Christmas. I look forward to your upcoming posts.

  9. I love the outfit and LOVE the shirt and LOVE the song (especially Dolly Parton and Rod Stewart’s version)! People are getting so ridiculous and out of control! We watched Good Morning America for over 30 years and stopped watching them several years ago because of their bias reporting and childish behavior. We watch Fox and Friends now and usually only watch the local news (they are almost as bad) for the weather reports. When I was younger I was afraid to say anything for fear of hurting someones feelings (and actually had my feelings many times). I still don’t like to hurt someone’s feelings but I’m an old fart (63) now and just say what I feel ( well to a point) and they can deal with it! Life is too short for nonsense!
    Thank you for all of your fun, informative and inspirational posts throughout the year! I don’t always have time to comment but I love to look as often as I can!
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

    • Tania Reply

      It is unfortunate, but the truth is that EVERYONE is biased in some way. Every newspaper, every news channel, and every online outlet that you read is biased. There can be a three-hour event happening and all of these outlets attend the event. You will get a different version from everyone. The reason is, the reporter or person attending the event will tell you “their” interpretation of what was said, what happened, and what that meant. They might be doing the very best they can, but they have to condense the 3-hour event down into a few minutes of watching or reading. Plus, some need to make what happened to seem more sensational than it really is because they need to sell papers, magazines, get you to watch for ratings, etc. I mentioned to a newspaper owner once that the article written about an event was truthful but that it wasn’t entirely accurate. He had picked and chose what he wanted to report. He told me that he reported what people wanted to read about, after all, he needed to sell newspapers. Talk about a lightbulb moment!

  10. I don’t comment often but felt the need to today. Someone is always going to be offended about something so I wouldn’t out much stock into the controversy. We got rid of cable TV years ago and don’t miss it at all. (We still watch Netflix though.)

    I for one am hoping for some snow! Winter rain is so depressing and chills me to the bone. At least the white snow reflects some light back into the dreary shorter days.

    I love the top and you have opened my eyes to Old Navy jeans and pixie pants. Thank you.

    Have a blessed Christmas season and fabulous 2019!

    • Tania Reply

      I don’t miss watching television at all. Most of the shows are ridiculous and I hate getting wrapped up in one and being held hostage to be there for the next episode. Lol!

  11. I love the fun quote on your top and yes – if it snows I just have to go outside. We get very little snow (usually) so when we do get some its time to make a snowman.

  12. I love when it snows, but at our house it can mean several things. First, we usually can’t leave our house til it melts off the drive. We have a long one that winds & is hilly. Second because we live in an area with lots of pine trees, branches often break & cause power outages. I enjoy taking pictures of the Winter Wonderland.
    Love your shirt! I have always enjoyed the song & still do. I’ve been listening to the Hallmark Christmas station on Siriusxm & they play all different sIngers doing it. I crank it up & sing along!

  13. Rock on, Baby Doll! YOU are my “News!” Merry Christmas! Cute as a button!

  14. Another fun outfit! I’m a blanket, book and fireplace person. I love Canada but have never loved the cold!

  15. I’ve always liked the song…always felt romantic to me. So many things to truly be upset about & THIS is what gets the attention!!! Anyway, love your outfit. You look great. (Joe has excellent taste!)

    I’m a book & fireplace person, but I like to watch the snow from inside. Since I’m retired, I don’t have to be concerned about driving in the snow, but my youngest works an hour away in the mountains. So I pray the whole time he’s out there!

    Merry Christmas. A beautiful season.

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