50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR RAINBOOTS IN THE WINTER | FASHION OVER 40I love it when I have a story that I can share with you gurl’s. I especially like it when the story involves me getting to poke fun at my husband. Lol! I gave him fair warning that it was going to be on the blog and he just shook his head. Haha! He tells me all of the time that I “throw him under the bus,” but I only do it because he makes it so easy.😆 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR RAINBOOTS IN THE WINTER | FASHION OVER 40When we first started using Verizon Wireless for our cell phone provider I called and had the account set up. Because I was the one who was making the account and would be the person who had to talk to everyone, I put the account in my name. That has never been an issue (over 20 years) until recently. For some reason, now when any of us on my account make a cell phone call, it shows the name as Tania Stephens calling. That isn’t an issue if “I” am the one calling but it has caused some confusion when it is “Joe” doing the calling. LOL! He came through today and wanted to know how to get HIS name to show up, but I told him that it couldn’t be done since the account was in my name. I told him that he is now MR. Tania Stephens. He was not amused!!!50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR RAINBOOTS IN THE WINTER | FASHION OVER 40 This long brown duster is one that I love, and I have in three colors. Does anyone else tend to buy multiples when you find something that you like? I am taller, although not according to my children, so I can wear a long item of clothing like this without feeling swamped by it. If you are petite, you can still wear this look, but you need to make sure that it is in proportion to your body. Solids or small prints would work best for you and wearing a higher heel shoe also would help. This duster is by Lisa Rinna on QVC, but unfortunately, it is no longer available. But, the same style duster with an added ruffle, in different colors is available here if you want to check that out.
VMy long beaded necklace is my daughters. I had on a different necklace, but she wanted me to wear hers instead, so I obeyed. Lol! This necklace is a Mala necklace, and it is made from certain stones (I have no idea which ones), and they are supposed to change my energy and well-being. I just thought the colors were pretty so I went along with the look. Lol! Here is where she buys her “healing” jewelry. My earrings are an old pair that has retired, and I added a slew of bangles from Alex and Ani! I love that the number “5” can be seen so well in this photo. I bought that in October of last year as a visual reminder of what level in my R+F business that I was striving to reach. I reached that level in November, and I continue to wear it all the time.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR RAINBOOTS IN THE WINTER | FASHION OVER 40 Did you see all of the snow that we got last Sunday? Well, all of the beautiful fluffy white snow is now either spots of hard ice or nasty slug. I put on my leopard print Hunter boots to keep my feet dry and to also add a touch of style of a plain look. Rainboots can be cold even if you have on thick socks. When I went to Alaska, my daughter bought me a wool insert to put in the bottom of my rainboots, and that makes all the difference!

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR RAINBOOTS IN THE WINTER | FASHION OVER 40My deep gold, or mustard, top stays in the brown color family. My NYDJ skinny jeans (on sale right now) and necklace are in the blue color family, but they mix well with the browns.

Rodan + Fields launched yet another “tool” for their consultants to be able to use to grow their businesses. This “tool” is geared toward helping new consultants get the proper training they need and also at helping existing consultants grow their business. One of the features that I love is a video library where some leaders in R+F have shared their story. HERE is a story about an empty nester who was looking for a challenge. Sound familiar? Have a listen and let me know how you liked the new virtual platform.

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  1. It all works well together. I like the necklace a lot. She has good taste like her mother!

  2. I have several shirt tail long sleeved T-shirts and I struggle to know what to wear with them because they hang out of everything. Love the duster idea. However, I’m 5’2” so almost everything is that long on me 😂.

    • Tania Reply

      Shari, I know what you mean about hanging out. The duster works great for that. Just shop in the petite dept for your duster and pick solids, that will help.

  3. Rebecca Purdie Reply

    I love this outfit.
    Will your daughter live with you or get her own place. She is pretty.
    Here in Greensboro NC we still have an abundance of snow. We have been out of school all week. Possibly we will go tomorrow.

    • Tania Reply

      That question is still up in the air, Rebecca. RIght now her plans are on hold until after the first of the year. Then, she will decide what to do.

  4. Love, love those rain boots! Cute outfit all around. Going to look into those inserts for my rain boots. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Very cute and comfortable look. I LOVE the duster! Everything pulled together very nicely. I love when an outfit comes together easily!

  6. Love the duster! I, too, buy multiples of items I find that I like. Never know when you will see it again…

  7. Thank you for that story! It has been a rough Wednesday for me . I needed a laugh ! What your saying is true cuz at my job i cant talk to anyone but the account holder. People get so upset . I m there spouse they say . I tell them im sorry but i need the account holder to add yoy

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