50 IS NOT OLD | WOULD YOU WEAR A BERET | FASHION OVER 40The snow that I showed you on yesterday’s post is starting to melt. The poor snowman reminded me of Frosty when he was melting, except my Frosty didn’t get a new lease on life. Instead, my Frosty started leaning, and leaning, and leaning, until he finally toppled over. That was the best snowman that I think we have ever built, but now he is a pile of snow with my pretty blue scarf just barely sticking out from underneath. 50 IS NOT OLD | WOULD YOU WEAR A BERET | FASHION OVER 40Several of you commented yesterday about my homemade hot chocolate. It doesn’t take long to make the homemade version, but the instant variety is a lot faster. However, the homemade version is so much tastier than the instant kind, even if you use milk in the instant ones. I almost made some snow cream too. I loved eating snow cream when I was a child, but now that I know about all of the pollutions in the air, I couldn’t bring myself to make any. Funny, I breathe that same air, but I wouldn’t make snow cream to eat. 😱50 IS NOT OLD | WOULD YOU WEAR A BERET | FASHION OVER 40The other day I took my daughter to Cato Fashions to buy her some clothes. She bought one thing, and I bought “more” than that. Lol! Part of my purchases was this relaxed and muted button-down shirt. I don’t wear button-down shirts very often, but in the winter months, I find myself looking for this type of shirt in my closet. I loved the faded and worn look of the shirt, and it fit me perfectly. And, as I was waiting on them to ring up my purchases (it took a while), I noticed this beret and I tried it on. Ashleigh talked me into getting it even though I am not a “hat” person. I don’t see the beret on the website, but you might be able to find it in your local Cato Fashions store. 50 IS NOT OLD | WOULD YOU WEAR A BERET | FASHION OVER 40I felt like I was lifting weights. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | WOULD YOU WEAR A BERET | FASHION OVER 40 I am wearing the Gentry 2.25″ hoop pearl earrings for two reasons. One reason is that I love these earrings and the second reason is that they match the pearls that are on the beret. These earrings sure make a statement, and that statement is “cute,” “stylish,” and “sassy!” The Danella necklace with the faux horn and the Pearl necklace (aptly named) were added to the look to bring in more pearls. Just go here to place your orders and hurry so that you make sure to get everything before Christmas.50 IS NOT OLD | WOULD YOU WEAR A BERET | FASHION OVER 40 These merlot colored jeans are very old, and I have worn them for years. I love this color for the fall and winter so you might see me wearing them quite often. I wear them as a neutral so that you can wear these will tons of other colors or prints. I had this pair on the other day with leopard print, and it looked great. Don’t limit your wardrobe to black, gray, navy, or brown, instead add a variety of colors and be adventurous.


I got to play in the snow on Sunday with my kids and grandkids. We laughed, threw snowballs, built a snowman, and then had homemade hot chocolate. It was a beautiful day!!! Oh, and by the way, I was making money at the same time. That is the funny thing about residual income; it keeps coming in even if you are not actively working the business.

Look at this Business Opportunity flyer that a friend made and shared with me. Message me when you are ready to talk and let’s see if this business is a good fit for you!

50 IS NOT OLD | WOULD YOU WEAR A BERET | FASHION OVER 40Now I know why they are called “laugh lines!” lol!!!

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  1. This is a super relaxed and casual shirt. I can see you getting lots of wear in all seasons out of this depending on the temperature. It is something I would buy for myself. Have a lovely day.

  2. Again you have inspired me! Both a hat and pearls are not my favourite but I would try this! Cute!

  3. I love a hat 😁you remind me of my sister in law she wants to wear a hat but it never seems to sit right on her so she tells me I’m not a hat person I usually pull in down further on her forehead and it looks much better so maybe try that 🤣

  4. Aimee Spencer Reply

    That Cato shirt is perfect with the pearls! I have the Gentry earrings and pearl necklace with cameo. Can’t remember the name. But Cato doesn’t ship to California. I will Google to see if it is near me. Love the hat on you! Your Blog continues to inspire me every day, in every way. I love your Red Christmas Tree too! I have seen that somewhere LOL! Now I can even relate to you more!

  5. What a cute hat! I like the outfit. Wow, those lashes! I also love the shade of your lipstick. Can you share with us the brand and shade?

    • Tania Reply

      Debbie, thanks so much. My lashes are really something. Lol! I would tell you the name of the lipstick if I had a clue. I have a bag of about 15 that I grab out of each day and sometimes I layer them to create a whole different color.

  6. Love the beret!
    I wear a hat in the winter. Sometimes in summer. Ran into a woman who was just a teeny bopper when we went to church together years ago. She said that one of the things she remembered about me was I looked like a “Barbie doll” in all my hats. I don’t remember wearing that many hats but …must have! (I’m blond but so NOT a “Barbie”!!!)

  7. I have a powder blue beret that my friend brought me from France which I have never worn. I really am not a hat person, but in the winter when it’s frigid I will wear one no matter how it looks.
    Sometimes you just have to go with what you have and sometimes it’s a fashion faux paux! Besides who’s going to see me shoveling the deck off anyway other than my woodsy, furry friends!😂😂😂
    PS – a little retail therapy going on there I see!!

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