50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 40Here in Southwest Virginia, we don’t get a lot of snow. So, when we got this gorgeous wet snow, we decided to have a family fun day. We probably got between 5-6 inches of snow, and we were thrilled! I bet you ladies who get snow all of the time are thinking, “you can keep your little snow, we don’t want anymore!”50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 40Because we don’t get a lot of snow, I don’t have appropriate “snow gear.” So, I have to have on my fashionable warm clothing which worked out just fine. I am wearing a Dennis Basso coat that I purchased from QVC. I love it because it is warm and also it is reversible!

50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 40My daughter, who just moved back from Alaska, has plenty of cold weather gear. She wanted to make sure that I took her “fashionable” cold weather gear since I poked at her for her attire in this post. Lol! Her cold weather gear is not cheap, but it is what you need if you are going to be out in the cold and wet. She is wearing Arc’teryx, and she swears by this brand. Here are a similar jacket and pants to hers. Her boots are called Xtratufs, and EVERYONE wears these in Alaska. They get the insulated type, and they wear them all year long. It is essential to stay warm and dry when you live in such a harsh climate.50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 40 As I was going to get dressed, she insisted on taking a pic of my Christmas Vacation look. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 40 Little man thought my boots (they are Ashleigh’s) were a lot bigger than his. He just kept staring at my feet. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 40It was a stick your tongue out and catch a snowflake,50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 40 a, throw a snowball and run like heck, kind of day. It was also a “let’s build a snowman” and make hot chocolate kind of day.50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 40 Joseph and Kayla got to work on making the body of the snowman.50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 40 Everybody helped in making the snowman, even little Beckham. He was making sure that the snowman didn’t run off. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 40 Emersyn found her own Olaf. Lol! He featured blackberry eyes, a boxwood mouth, a carrot nose, and buttons made of railroad rocks. Lol! Joe contributed one of his hats, and I added a scarf that I made years ago. 50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 40I set the tripod up and put the camera on a timer so that we could get a family picture of all of us together. Joseph waited until the timer started flashing that it was ready to take the picture and then he shook the tree to make the snow fall. Lol! We got doused!50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 40 These two are hard to get a picture with so I felt lucky that they let me get one of the three of us. I wish my other son had been here since we never get one of all three of them together.
50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 4050 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 4050 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 40Little man started to get cold, so he and I went inside to make some hot chocolate. 50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 4050 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 40Then these two started making fun of me for being so short. I AM NOT SHORT! I am 5’6″ tall, and that is not short, they are just giants.

I hope you enjoyed my snow-day50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN | FASHION OVER 40 Especially when they stand on their tip-toes!!!

I hope you enjoyed my snow-day today.

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  1. Aimee Spencer Reply

    So cute! Looks like a fun day! I especially like your Snow Bunny look with the Dennis Basel coat! You “rock it” Tania.

    • Tania Reply

      I have had that coat for a couple of years and I still love it!

  2. Awww! Looks like you all had a fun day! Being from MN, I am happy to send snow your way and the cold that goes with it!

    • Tania Reply

      I am sure that you get sick of all of the snow where you live.

  3. What a lovely fun snow day and you have a beautiful family . Snow pictures are lovely. As yet we have not had snow in the NW of the UK. If we do get some I hope our council are prepared to keep the roads clear so everyone can carry on with what they needs. I used to love the snow but since I broke my wrist find that I am now quite wary when venturing out into it. Have a lovely day. Jill x

    • Tania Reply

      I can see why you would be wary of the snow, Jill. I am lucky, and I live in an area of the county where the roads get cleared immediately. However, there are many in this county who live where the road will stay covered until the sun melts the snow. I think it is supposed to be warm later in the week, so that will be good for them.

  4. Maggie Fieger Reply

    What a fabulous fun day! The picture where Joseph shook the tree is perfect. I know you’re loving having Ashleigh home. so is her brother!

    • Tania Reply

      I had no idea he was going to shake the tree. It was so funny when all of the snow came tumbling down.

  5. Snow days can be lots of fun! We are already tired of it where I live in Canada though!

  6. What fun y’all had! I so enjoyed the pics. Ashleigh’s skin looks great, and that little Beckham is just the cutest. Enjoy your day!

  7. Cheryl Plofkin Reply

    Being from Connecticut we get snow all the time. I love it, of course I work in a school so I don’t have to leave the house when it snows. I’m glad that you got to enjoy the beauty of a true snow ❄️ ⛄️
    day. especially with your family

  8. Great pictures. It looks like you all had a wonderful family snow day. So glad the storm didn’t come our way (for a change) and you got to enjoy it instead.

  9. Ulrike Hartleb Reply

    Great Pics of your beautiful family! You look like lots of Fun! And i Love your Christmas vacation Outfit. Lol. No snow here, only rain and wind!

  10. We were suppose to get that much snow here in OK but it fizzled out. You all looked like you had a very fun day! Darling family you have there, Tania! Love your ⛄️too!!


    Tania, I am echoing above sentiments. You have a beautiful family and are blessed beyond measure.
    Happy Holiday!

  12. Marlene Grasha Reply

    Love it! Beautiful family, Tania. And, I’m 4’11”, so you’re tall in my book!! Your family gives me hope – My daughter is moving from Richmond to Atlanta, I’m wishing some day, like your daughter, she’ll come back to home to Pittsburgh. Merry Christmas!

    • Tania Reply

      I keep telling my kids that I am NOT short! Lol! Just keep up the hope, Marlene, she may move back one day.

  13. Sounds like a PERFECT day to me! We had lots of rain in Florida yesterday, but it was HOT. This morning, we are finally getting the cooler air….yay!

  14. what a great day, so glad you enjoyed and thankful for the reminder that up north we should take that attitude and not a bad one when it comes to snow!

    • Tania Reply

      I am sure that you get tired of all of the snow being up north.

  15. We have snow for months at a time but you made snow look so fun that I’m hoping for a family fun day soon!!!

  16. annie vanderven Reply

    Dear Tanya Will preface this message By telling How much I enjoy your daily messages, But have to issue a warning, my son was a police detective who told us to never put a child’s name on any of their clothing, or backpack etc,, as it makes it very easy for a child predator to use it to gain the confidence of the child who will think if they know their names they must be safe, saw your grand daughter’s name on her shirt and thought I have to pass this along…Much love to you

    • Tania Reply

      Annie, I appreciate your warning. The suit that she has on is one that she got because of cheerleading. The entire squad had their names on them but I will pass on the warning.

  17. Cheryl peffer Reply

    It’s a winter wonderland when it snows like that. Lol, I still hate it.

  18. What a great day – memories to last forever! You have a beautiful family with great spirit. So happy to see you having fun together. Merry Christmas

    • Tania Reply

      I love being able to make the memories with my grandbabies that years from now they will look back on fondly.

    • Tania Reply

      Lol! I love real hot cocoa! I thought about making snow cream also.

  19. Snow pictures are beautiful. Gotta admit I like the cousin Eddie photo too 😉

    • Tania Reply

      Wasn’t that funny? Joe would fuss at me for putting that on the blog. Lol!

  20. ❤️to you and ALL your precious family! SO CUTE! Thanks for sharing your snow day with us!
    Merry Christmas ornaments you guys and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks so much, Annie! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas also!

  21. Great post today, I really liked seeing you and your family enjoying the snowfall! Here in NE Ohio, we enjoy it too, looking out from our warm, cozy house. Love the Dennis Basso coat, we enjoy watching him on QVC.

  22. Brings back a lot of memories for me. I grew up in Bowling Green, KY. What a beautiful family you have! Merry Christmas!

    • Tania Reply

      I have always loved the snow but once or twice a year does me fine.

  23. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    Oh what a beautiful family fun day of memory making!! Thats alot of snow and looks like you all took full advantage of it! The coat and borrowed boots look fabulous! Those babies are precious! I applaud you for making homemade hot chocolate!

  24. so much fun! I would love a snow day. We don’t see any of those here. Your family is so beautiful!

    • Tania Reply

      Susan, it is fun for a day or two and then I want it back to normal. Lol!

  25. Jayne Finkbohner Reply

    Such fun family time! Truly know what you mean about wanting to capture these moments when they happen, even though you are missing one of your children from the moment. Just looks like such a fun day and love your coat. So cute on you!

  26. Rebecca Purdie Reply

    Here in Greensboro NC we have 15 inches of snow .
    I do love the snow (teacher) .However this year we have already missed quite a few days with the hurricanes.
    We probably be in school until July 44th lol.

  27. What fun! We were hoping for snow like last year but it didn’t get cold enough and all we got was two. And more rain!

  28. Heather Pickar Reply

    Love your blog and all your tips. Love the snow too! Are you still using the lash resource? Your eyelashes look so long!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Heather! I am so glad that you like the blog. I am still using my Lash Boost and I will send you some info on how you can get your own beautiful lashes.

  29. Adorable family pictures – especially the one from the tripod with the falling snow! And Ashleigh looks so pretty in pink….

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