50 IS NOT OLD | BUFFALO PLAID STYLE PONCHO | FASHION OVER 40I was sharing with my daughter some of the messages you gurls left me about how I have helped you with your wardrobe. She gives the “eye roll” 🙄and continues about her business. When she was younger, she would not wear anything that would touch her body in any way. Her sweatshirts were down to her knees, and she would only wear stretchy pants. She looked slouchy most of the time, but she was happy, so I let her wear that horrible garb.50 IS NOT OLD | BUFFALO PLAID STYLE PONCHO | FASHION OVER 40 One year, she came to me and asked for some clothing that fit her body. I was in shock, and I happily agreed to take her on a shopping excursion to buy some new clothing. From that day forward, she dressed cute and then… I seem to have a lot of “and then” moments in my life. She moved to Alaska, and it all started to change. First, it was the shoes that changed. She would still wear a dress and cute tops with jeans, but she changed to wearing a type of tall rubber insulated boot that almost ALL Alaskans wear called Xtra Tuffs. Then, came the warm and wooly clothing that was comfortable but not very form fitting. And now, we are all about fitness apparel and whatever we lay our hands on when we get out of bed. I am now the one who is doing the eye rolling thing. 🙄 If I can help you, ladies surely I can do something about this wardrobe…50 IS NOT OLD | BUFFALO PLAID STYLE PONCHO | FASHION OVER 40She was doing the “Tania” pose. Lol! I could have dealt with the outfit, but those shoes needed to go. I tried to talk her into some brown flat riding boots but she told me that because her back is still bothering her that she needed to wear these for support. I am not buying that bull larky but what can I do, she is a grown woman. 50 IS NOT OLD | BUFFALO PLAID STYLE PONCHO | FASHION OVER 40This is not a Holiday look, but it is red, so does that count? I love wearing a poncho in the winter, and I seem to have ponchos on my mind. I wore one in yesterday’s blog post and then I have on another one today. The Buffalo Plaid trend is huge, and this is the same color palette, just a different style check. Lol! When I wore this in my Poncho Series back in 2015, I wore it with black leggings and ankle boots. So, today I decided to wear it with something different, like jeans. I like the large cowl neck and the small fringe along the hemline.

50 IS NOT OLD | BUFFALO PLAID STYLE PONCHO | FASHION OVER 40The Paula earrings are silver hoops with black fringe. These earrings are lightweight and easy to wear. I paired them with the Jazlyn bracelet from Plunder Design and a multi-strand black crystal necklace that I bought on the clearance rack at Cato Fashions several years ago. The necklace is quite striking, and it makes a statement. 50 IS NOT OLD | BUFFALO PLAID STYLE PONCHO | FASHION OVER 40Some of you have asked for pictures of the back of my hair. As you can see, I don’t take a lot of time fixing it, but you can see the different layers in this photo. I am wearing skinny jeans and a pair of black knee boots from Bandolino. This pair of dress boots are a couple of years old, but I still find myself reaching for this pair all the time.

50 IS NOT OLD | BUFFALO PLAID STYLE PONCHO | FASHION OVER 40This is what life is all about — a hug that is given with so much feeling that you need to shut your eyes. I was lucky enough to be able to stay home with Ashleigh and Joseph when they were young, and now I am blessed to live next door to two of my grandchildren. I wish that I had all of my children and grandchildren all under one roof. I would want a BIG roof, but it would be wonderful. If you know of someone who would love to be able to stay at home with their children, and still earn a living, then send this article written about Jessica Edwards to them.in the article, Jessica says, “Much like a lasting marriage, any business can only be as successful as you make it. With careful nurturing and a little patience, it will only grow stronger with time. And just like marriage, working for yourself is an opportunity to grow, and learn about yourself in the process. Jessica feels that her marriage was strengthened by her ability to be her own boss, and not only because of the time freedom. The liberty to take control of her life and feel confident in herself has made her a better partner, and will one day add to her role as a stay at home mother.

Wouldn’t we all be happier if we could only capture that joyful moment when we were young brides slicing into our wedding cakes and freeze it for all time? If you can take that moment of happiness and bring it with you throughout all the seasons of your life, from newlywed to mother and grandparent, that is true joy. However you choose to define it, you have the power to create your own happiness.”

Why am I sharing R+F stories with you this month? Because I now know what a difference it can make in your life and I would hate for someone to look at me one day and say, “why didn’t you tell me about this?” Email me if you would like to talk and see if this is right for you or someone you know. www.fiftyisnotold@gmail.com

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  1. What you are wearing is cute and comfortable so maybe you will rub off on Ashleigh a bit. She sounds like a strong, confident young woman which is nice to see!

    • Tania Reply

      Yes, Janet, she is a very strong and confident woman. I have to give her a hard time about her style though. Lol!

  2. Barb Steppe Reply

    I love the look, feel & warmth of a poncho but I live in Minnesota where you have to wear a warm coat during winter. I haven’t figured out a way to feel comfortable wearing a poncho while also wearing my winter coat. It’s just too bulky underneath. I also don’t like taking the poncho on & off every time I take my coat on & off. What’s a girl to do?

  3. Thank you! I like reading the r and f stories! And I love the poncho! Have a blessed day ❤️

    • Tania Reply

      I love reading about how people and women in general, have overcome the things that they thought were holding them back and now have a better life because they tried something new.

  4. Marcia Haas Reply

    I am having a lot of trouble getting login to Plunder.
    Can you help me?

    • Tania Reply

      Marcia, have you purchased from Plunder previously? Do you have an account to login in with or do you need to shop and then create an account?

  5. Such a pretty young woman. I agree with the shoes, but understand the need. I’m sure in her line of work and where she was living those shoes are the norm, but now being back in the lower 48 her style will evolve into something you won’t roll your eyes about!!😂😂😂
    Love the red poncho! So feastive. I tried one on in Marshalls that a lady handed to me because I commented it looked really nice on her. Well my sister was with me and when I tried it on it didn’t look so good. I said out loud that I looked like a horse in a blanket!!! 😂. We died laughing!!

  6. Love this look too. Love this necklace more than in prior look. I would not have thought of wearing this with the blue pants. Your daughter may have more difficulty finding clothes that fit because she appears more busty than you. I have this issue and I think we have to work harder find looks that work for us.

    • Tania Reply

      Pat, she is a LOT more busty than me so I know that our style is going to be different. It was the shoes that were my issue.

  7. Gosh Tania – how much like Joe your daughter looks. Watch your wardrobe now she is home, what a choice of clothing and footwear she has to go at lol . If your clothes are not her style there is not much difference for people of different ages in footwear, accessories and purses.

    • Tania Reply

      Jill, she does have a tendency to raid my closet. Lol! If we were the same size then it would be hard to keep her out of it.

  8. LOL!!! I just that KID of yours, she’s spunky like her Momma and Daddy! She’s a pretty thing, too, and SO well educated and smart! Y’all must be SO proud! Love your poncho! GLAM!

  9. Jayne Finkbohner Reply

    Oh my goodness you had me laughing so hard! Our daughter’s have a way of keeping us humble and on our toes! Your daughter has your gorgeous smile and a great figure. Hopefully the longer she is back home she will be influenced by current fashion trends back in the great 48!
    Love the poncho!
    Merry Christmas

  10. I think she looks adorable & comfy. You look amazing. Love the poncho.

  11. Maybe you should say “Well, Dorthy your not in Kansas anymore.” haha

    You look great in Red.

  12. Charlcy L Green Reply

    Hey, lady, that is a rocking outfit! I LOVE that red pancho on you! Wish I had one like it! (Don’t you hear me saying that all the time!?) I also love the stories & pics of your family & it was SO great o see Ashleigh for a change. Don’t you just hate it when our kids make weird choices & we have to wonder WHERE they got that idea!? When my daughter was growing up she would wear ANYTHING but something I picked out or would choose, including the colors I liked! But thank God Ashleigh is home in your house & back to being part of your life! How did you get her to quit her job she loved & come home??

  13. Kathy Whitaker Reply

    When you are beautiful, young and thin, like your Ashleigh, you can get away with almost anything…I, too raised my daughter to be an independent woman..and to be honest that has bitten me in the rear numerous times!! LOL! I love this poncho, but don’t see them like this one very often! This outfit looks very nice on you!

  14. Julia Purtill Reply

    One complaint I have about young women, my daughter included, is wearing yoga pants or Lycra pants that show every bulge and curve! It leaves nothing to the imagination.

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