50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO DRESS FOR A CASUAL HOLIDAY PARTY | FASHION OVER 40I woke up in the best mood Monday morning. It was one of those, “I am so happy to be alive” kind of moods. These moods are so special, and I felt like bursting out singing. As soon as I opened my eyes, I was engulfed in happiness. Generally, I am a pretty happy person most of the time, but today was just special. When you have a day like this, you know that nothing can spoil your mood. And then…50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO DRESS FOR A CASUAL HOLIDAY PARTY | FASHION OVER 40And then, my sweet loving, handsome husband walked into work. I can see you rolling your eyes already and thinking, “what did he do now?” I was getting ready to leave and go home for the day when he walked over and put his hand on my stomach and grabbed at it. I looked up, and the look on my face must have said everything that I was thinking. “Isn’t that the cutest little tummy you have ever seen?” I could feel him trying to back peddle and get out of this somehow, but that wasn’t happening. LOL! It was a good thing that I was in a fantastic mood because I decided to let him live to see another day. Haha! And then I gave him a list of errands that needed to be run, including picking us up something for dinner. He did all of the errands without one complaint. Shucks, I’ll let him grab my belly again if he acts like that. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO DRESS FOR A CASUAL HOLIDAY PARTY | FASHION OVER 40 This was the outfit that I was wearing today when the tummy incident happened. Yesterday, I styled a dressier look for a Holiday party, and today I wanted to show you how to dress for a casual Holiday party. These outfits would be great for Christmas or New Years because I am not adding “Santa” or “Rudolph” to my outfit. The tee-shirt that I have on is from Old Navy, and it has metallic threads running all through it. It gives off a wide variety of colors, almost like a peacock effect, and it looks festive. This top is very comfortable, and the metallic threading does not make it stiff or scratchy. This is a slim fit, and I am wearing a medium and still have plenty of room contrary to what Joe might have said. Haha! Go HERE to see the top and, it is on sale!50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO DRESS FOR A CASUAL HOLIDAY PARTY | FASHION OVER 40 I can’t believe how long I have had this necklace and never worn it. I never liked the thick cording that the dangles hung on, and I normally wear a longer necklace. Today, I finally I decided to wear it with this outfit and wouldn’t you know it, I love it. Lol! But, the problem is that it has already retired and is not available any longer. At least the Eileen square marble earrings and the Phoebe hot pink ring are still available. Lol! Be sure to shop for Christmas presents and pick a party with my name in it. Here is where you go to the website.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO DRESS FOR A CASUAL HOLIDAY PARTY | FASHION OVER 40 The over the knee boot look is huge this year. I have ordered a couple in, but most of them made me look like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, so I sent them back. This black suede pair by Franco Sarto is just the perfect height for me. I want a pair that is barely over the knee instead of the thigh high ones that are plentiful. It is almost impossible to guess how tall these boots are online so a trip to the store might be in your future if you like the look.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO DRESS FOR A CASUAL HOLIDAY PARTY | FASHION OVER 40If you have fat calves like mine, then it would probably be wise to go and try them on anyway. Mine would probably be taller if I could get them pulled up all the way. Lol! The rest of my outfit consists of a pair of skinny jeans and a velvet blazer. Velvet is a huge trend this year and here a post where I wore this blazer last week. 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO DRESS FOR A CASUAL HOLIDAY PARTY | FASHION OVER 40I have a question for you gurls. I started this blog with the hopes that I would be able to help women with their fashion struggles. Since you have been following my blog, is shopping getting easier for you? Has anyone noticed that you are dressing differently, and I hope for the better? I am not asking to get compliments on the blog; I just wondered if my mission in helping women was being fulfilled.

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  1. I’ve noticed since reading your blog I have rediscovered dressing in colors not just black and neutrals. I know you love bright colors and it’s inspired me to venture back to livening things up more. I appreciate the nudge.

    • Tania Reply

      I love using color in my wardrobe, it makes me feel better.

  2. Loved black, navy and red. Now I’m using more color and accessories. I’ve bought quite a few pieces you recommended. Thanks so much!

    • Tania Reply

      I love black, nave, and red, also, I just love adding other colors in as well.

  3. I read just about every email you send out. Can’t say that I’m dressing too differently, or better, but I would think that in the long run your chic and colourful style will rub off on me. Thing is, while you’re dressing for winter, we’re all undressing for summer, haha!

    • Tania Reply

      It would make it harder to style when you are in a different season than I am. You might need to just look at my spring and summer posts daily instead.

  4. Through finding your blog and having lost my confidence in fashion due to weight gain not only have you returned colour to my life you have given me confidence to be more adventurous. Colour has returned and also the confidence to create my own blog for ladies like myself who are not the perfect shape. For all this I thank you x

    • Tania Reply

      Jill, I love the fact that you started your own blog. We should never let age keep us from stepping outside our comfort zone.

  5. I had never shopped in Old Navy or Cato before I found your blog. I have since found some very useful pieces of clothing in these stores thanks to you. I have tried a little bit more adventurous jewelry after seeing how you used it. It is fun to get new ideas from you thanks.

    • Tania Reply

      My mom tells me that I have never met a store that I didn’t like. Lol!!!

  6. I love your blog and it has helped me immensely! I feel encouraged to be more creative, more colorful, and more stylish. I copy many of your looks and get many complements.❤️

  7. You have helped me add color to my wardrobe. And these past few days you have gone to my prior signature black! Love your blog.

    • Tania Reply

      Hahaha! I like black also, Pam. I just don’t want to ONLY black. Lol!

  8. Love the outfit, just enough dressyness to it! What I really like though is your lipstick color, details please, Tania.

  9. First of all, you look amazing! This fitted look is a look you should wear more often. I think Joe grabbed your “tummy” because he could not see it! You look super slender and awesome.😊.

    Your blog is very helpful, and often allows me to go grab things I already own in my closet, and inspires affordable purchases too. I love how real you keep things. I follow a few bloggers that could learn a few things from you. Thank you.😊

  10. Yes! Tania, you have really helped me shop and put outfits together! I can’t thank you enough. For many years I only wore scrubs, M-F, and on the weekends I wore jeans and t-shirts. I really did not know how to dress myself. I have also learned a lot about skincare and makeup. Thank you SO MUCH! You are awesome! 😍. And, Joe, you might be in the doghouse for a while after that stunt. Lol! 🐶

  11. I definitely have a better feel for fashion ideas (that do not look frumpy!) Thanks for all you are doing!

  12. You have totally fullfilled your mission! You have helped me gain enough confidence to wear items that I thought I was too old for. I dress completely different now and it’s all for the better. Carry on, Miss Tania. You’re doing God’s work for sure!

  13. I was feeling 50 and frumpy! Thanks to you I’m adding more color and different styles I didn’t even try or think I could wear before.
    I really like your videos and my favorite are the one on styling hair, make up and wearing a scarf. I too would like to know the shade of lipstick you are wearing. I’m having a hard time finding a good shade. Have a great day 😊

  14. I feel like I’ve found a kindred spirit in you! I have always loved colour but the world I work and circulate in tends to be more conservative which also means not a lot of colour in clothes, little makeup and few accessories. My confidence was starting to slip especially once I hit 50. Was I getting too old to express myself this way? Where are the people like me??!! I went looking online and found you. You not only dress like I do, you have given me the confidence and ideas to be more bold. You have a similar sense of humour, an honest, tell it like it is manner and a loving, supportive husband who can also drive you a little batty at times. Thank you and keep doing what you do so well!

  15. OMG, you have changed my wardrobe, including what I already owned, by helping to see its’ potential worn a different way! Love your blog and I am super sad that the necklace is already retired, it would have been go directly and buy (not the first time either) after making this comment. Have a great day knowing you have changed my wardrobe struggles for the better.

    • Tania Reply

      I am thrilled that the blog has made a difference in your wardrobe. Sorry about the necklace, lol!

  16. Love, love, love your blog! You definitely give me great ideas, especially for accessorizing. I have to wear a lanyard at work because our ID card has to be displayed at all times and it is also our key to get around in our building. I was always hesitant to wear any other necklace with it, but you’ve inspired me to layer them. You’ve also gotten me out of the rut of always trying to make everything the same tone (silver, gold, bronze). It’s nice to mix things up….so much more interesting! AND, I can’t wait for my lashes to look like yours in this close up……3 days in already 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      Donna, I know what you mean about a lanyard. Layering necklaces would be a great way to stay away from the look being boring. I am excited to see your lashes too!

  17. Sondra Koons Reply

    I have ALWAYS loved wearing color and was SO excited to find out you do too. Plus, it’s very refreshing to see how you style what you already have in your closet, NOT buying something new and too expensive all of the time for most of us to consider buying. You keep it real and reasonable! Love you and your blog!! Oh, and love today’s look too. I don’t like those thigh high boots either but these are cute.

    • Tania Reply

      I like buying new items so I have to shop at affordable stores. I would love to have a capsule wardrobe but I know that I would get bored.

  18. Love the look, could you send a picture of the back of your hair cut? I am looking for a new do!

  19. Nancy Davidson Reply

    Oftentimes I already own similar or the same clothing you are blogging about. I love seeing how you put outfits together and it puts new life back into my wardrobe! Your style advice is great and makes me look at things I already own through a different set of eyes! I look forward to reading your blog every morning!!

    • Tania Reply

      Nancy, doing the blog forces me to show more from my closet and find different ways to put things together too.

  20. Carolyn Alver Reply

    It seems I keep repeating the same line over and over – I LOVE THE OUTFIT!!😂 You look great and the jacket is very SLIMMING! Your tummy story is very relatable and I found it to be very funny!!😂😂😂 YOU have definitely been an inspiration for me in my quest for what my style was and I always revert back to your blogs ( I save them). I copy them (as best as I can) as we have similar tastes.Thank you Tania!!
    When I saw that necklace before I read your blog I made my mind up to purchase it and of course it’s retired!!😂 I’ll keep looking for something similar!! Have a great day!!😊😊

    • Tania Reply

      I had no idea the necklace was even retired. Lol! I thought it was beautiful but every time I would put it on, I would end up taking it back off. Lol! Of course, the day I finally do wear it, I find out that it is retired. Lol!

  21. Hi Tania,
    The answer to your questions is a resounding YES! Shopping is easier, I am dressing differently, I am getting complimented more, and I feel GREAT!! My girlfriends and I are all turning 50 within the year (7-14-69 is my DOB)and I am going to embrace it!! A friend of ours passed unexpectedly this year. We are not promised a day, so I am going to thank God for everyday I do have. I found you on Pinterest and look at your blog after I read my devotions in the morning. I am your size (not blessed with your nice legs-lol) so it is easy to choose things. Thank you for helping going into 50 feel fabulous!!
    With Joy from Jesus,

    • Tania Reply

      Lauren, you are still a spring chicken. Lol! I am so glad that shopping is getting easier for you!

  22. Vicki Gretsky Reply

    Can you give the exact link to the boots you have on…can’t find them on the Franco Sarto page. Or a style number. I love them!

    • Tania Reply

      Vicki, I looked on the boots last night and I couldn’t find a tag or any writing in them. I looked on their site and also on QVC (where they came from) and I couldn’t find them either. The style name is Ellyn. Maybe you will have some luck finding them.

  23. Because of you I’m wearing accessories more frequently. I hardly did before. I’ve expanded my shoe collection beyond tennis shoes and have tried some styles i never would have before. I enjoy seeing your pics and reading your blog. Thank you for great inspiration!

    • Tania Reply

      Donna, I truly believe that accessories make the outfit.

  24. I was once with a group of gurlfriends from high school and they were talking about how I was the best dressed one in school. ( I had no idea they thought this since I bought my own clothes and they came from K-Mart!) However, I think I’d gotten into the cycle of feeling old/ looking frumpy. Your blog has changed that! Though I’m not dressing for compliments, (I just want to FEEL put together!), I really do get more of them. Thank you, Tania!

    • Tania Reply

      I love this, Cindy. It just shows you that it is not where the clothing is from, it is how you put it together and how you feel wearing it.

  25. Cheryl peffer Reply

    Men, they have no filter !!. They do the dumbest things. You must not have put the fear in him or he would’ve never even tried that. Lol. Of course your blog has definitely helped me. You’re doing great.

    • Tania Reply

      I don’t tell him when I put him on the blog. Lol! This morning though I had to read it to him to see his reaction. LOL!

  26. Karen Miller Reply

    Love your blog! Read it first thing every morning! Found you on Pinterest and loved how you looked very fashionable but yet appropriate for our age! We like a lot of the same things but I have gotten lots of ideas on how to change things up! Also, my new favorite store…Cato! Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us!

  27. Tania, I so love your style. Great looks and great advise, Have enjoyed reading your blog.

  28. Yes! You are helping!! Your outfit today sparked an idea for what I’m going to wear today. I have brown suede over the knee boots, but I’ve never worn them. I bought them ‘cause I’m 6’ tall and I thought even if they don’t go over the knee they’ll at least go to my knee! Anyway back to the main point. I have a suede jacket cape thing I got from Cato years ago. It might have been the first thing I bought from them. I love it! So today I’m wearing my boots, skinny jeans, and a teal shirt w my Cato jacket. I will be looking good while finishing up my Christmas shopping!

    • Tania Reply

      Karen, the outfit sounds gorgeous! I want to go shopping with YOU!

  29. I love your blog and have to admit I’m not as afraid as I was to wear different thing anymore. I try to wear different styles now and the boots I thought I was too old to wear boots , short or long love it love it! Keep up the good work with your inspiring sytles!

    • Tania Reply

      It only takes trying something one time and then you will wonder what you were afraid of. Lol! I am glad that you are experimenting and branching out.

  30. I was also stuck in a rut when it came to work clothes. I sectioned my clothes off and only wore clothes that I had specifically bought for work and these consisted of a lot of brown, navy and black. Reading your blog has shown me how to be more versatile with other pieces from my wardrobe. I also never wore jewellery unless I was going out and now I accessorise every day. Even when shopping I look at other colours that I wouldn’t have considered before. I am in the UK so unfortunately do not have access to the shops that you do, however, I have just discovered a new personal shopping site similar to your trunk club and I have joined so I hope that I get some inspiration from my first shipment. Thanks for sharing with us, I love reading your blog..

    • Tania Reply

      Lisa, thanks for sharing. I love that we don’t have to live in the same country to take inspiration from each other!

  31. Your blog is my favorite blog! I love your outfit again today! Thank you!

  32. Love your blog! Yours is actually the only one I follow AND read! You’ve certainly helped me, not just in fashion but using Rodan + Fields. My wardrobe is better, I have some fun pieces of jewelry, and my skin and lashes look the best they have in years! Thank you SO very much. ❤️

  33. Absolutely you are helping! I often shop in my closet and thanks to you have found ways to wear what I already have. You’ve inspired me to shop Old Navy. I love how they have basic as well as trendy clothing. I tend to get stuck in a rut and wear the same things over and over. You’ve inspired me to do better. I love your videos, they too are very helpful, and I’ve always loved the fact that you can style an outfit with different price points. Thanks Tania for all you do! And one last thing, your Sunday posts are awesome and always so inspiring!

  34. Oh my goodness, Yes! I use to wear the same things over and over again. Then I started following your blog. Now, I start grabbing items in my closet and putting great outfits together and think, how did I do that?! Thank you!!

    • P.S. You’re not the only one whose husband grabs their tummy! Grrrrrr

  35. Nice outfit. This is just my style. I think I have enough similar pieces to try myself. As for your blog, it has helped me to want to dress better even when there’s nothing to dress for except myself. Thanks. And your little tales usually make me laugh and it’s good way to start my day.

  36. Gayle Simister Reply

    I love reading your post each morning. It has really helped me be braver to dress outside of my normal blacks and leggings. I needed the inspiration at this point of life.

  37. Tania, though I haven’t achieved it and probably never will, I enjoy the way you put colors together, combinations I would never think of.

    I enjoy putting my best foot forward every day, even if the only outing for the day will be the grocery store. Sometimes I wonder if I don’t appear out of place in the sea of jeans, t shirts and sneakers. Just the other day as I was contemplating what to wear to a neighbor’s casual get-together I vacillated back and forth not wanting to appear too “uppity”. But then I asked myself, “What would Tania do?”, lol! She would assemble a pulled together, cute outfit and wear it proudly! So that is what I did! 😉

  38. I read your blog because I like you! Your personality shows through in every post. I don’t dress with any flare. I wear pants, a shell and a jacket or shirt. I buy more expensive items but wear them for years, as the items always look the same😘I don’t wear any costume jewelry as I have a husband who has spoiled me with lovely gifts for our 54 years of marriage. That said I do love to see you all put together.

  39. Tania, I am a grandma but I do not want to look like one (the way they used to look anyway.) You have helped a lot, even my daughters comment on how nice I look. So, thank you for your blog!

  40. I have loved your casual outfits because that’s my normal wear. And..I love when you shows things from Cato’s but….when I go in to put on the same thing that you styled, it does not look as nice on me as it looked on you so once again..just tells you everybody’s body is different and clothes fit everybody so differently. It’s still nice to get the ideas of how to put a casual yet, dressy outfit together. And…the top I have on today is not very flattering on me because when I looked in the mirror, my hubby would be able to pin-point my basketball bump!! ugh….I left it on though.

  41. I notice that a lot of my friends wear solid colors, absolutely no prints. I’m so glad that I found a kindred spirit in you! I love to see how you put outfits together and it has inspired me to keep being me and wear the prints that I love. 🙂 I’m a BIG bargain hunter. The other night I wore a gorgeous necklace I bought from my favorite thrift store. I thought, Tania would LOVE this! Thanks for the inspiration!

  42. I love your blog, Tania! It has given me alot of ideas and places to shop that I never thought of. Also, I have found that I love to accessorize more now than ever. Love your stories about your family and just everyday life. Thank you!

  43. Ok, I’m dying over here, laughing so hard at Joe. Seriously, I was just thinking how skinny you look these days!

    I think you are extremely helpful. I come from a long line of Southern divas, but felt like I was in a rut when I found you. You opened up new retailers to me. PLUS, you are hilarious. You often make my day during this particularly rough season I find myself in with my parents. Keep doing what you do.

    XOXO from the great state of Texas.

  44. You look amazing in this jacket, now and in the last post. I found you looking for fashion ideas for 50/60+. Magazines were no help at all. I have been wearing more prints and more color and have been working at accessorizing and using scarves. There wasn’t enough available for women our age. Keep it coming!

  45. Marcia Haas Reply

    I am having a hard time shopping on the plunder website
    What am I doing wrong

  46. I found you on Pinterest a while back. I have printed tons of your looks and put them in a binder separated into categories: dressy, casual, jeans, etc. You have inspired me to “re-do” my own look. Every Sunday while I’m planning my wardrobe for the week, I reference my binder for pairing ideas. I love your blog!

  47. Can you tell me your measurements because I think we look like the same size but I usually wear a large in tops to make sure my muffin top doesn’t show. This will help me know if wht you wear will look good on me. Thank you for your reply.

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