50 IS NOT OLD | A HOLIDAY STYLE THAT IS AFFORDABLE | FASHION OVER 40December is here, and it is time to kick it into high gear. We have baking to do. We have shopping to do. We have gift wrapping to do. And, we also have decorating to do. The crazy part is that we also have to do everything else that we have been doing on a daily basis. If you have had some blocks of time where you watch television or surf the internet, then you might have time that you can carve out to do these extra activities. BUT, if you are already down to the bare bones when it comes to time, then something will have to give.50 IS NOT OLD | A HOLIDAY STYLE THAT IS AFFORDABLE | FASHION OVER 40 When I started writing the blog, the thing that had to go was watching television at night. Then, when I added my other online businesses to the mix, the cooking had to go. I am sure there is still pockets of time that I have where I could be more productive, and I could get up earlier in the morning, but everyone has to figure out their time management for themselves. I am going to “try” to get up 30 minutes earlier so that I can get a few things extra done. I love this time of the year, but it sure wears me out. How do you gurls do everything?50 IS NOT OLD | A HOLIDAY STYLE THAT IS AFFORDABLE | FASHION OVER 40 Today, I am going to help you with one task, what to wear to a Christmas party where the dress is office casual or Holiday casual. This look is dressier, but it is not a cocktail look. Not only am I going to help you out with what to wear, but I am also going to amaze you at how affordable this entire outfit can be. Let’s start with this gorgeous black lace bell sleeve top. This top is so feminine and flattering. The v-neck and the dressy cotton knit looks gorgeous on. The fact that it is machine washable makes it perfect in my eyes, but it is the price that really will have you asking where this came from. This top is c/o Cato Fashions at it is only 21.99!!! I am wearing a large, but I think a medium would probably fit better.50 IS NOT OLD | A HOLIDAY STYLE THAT IS AFFORDABLE | FASHION OVER 40 I added some pearl jewelry to the look to match the winter white pants. These Lena cluster pearl earrings are elegant and they can be worn with a dressy look or with jeans. I wear the Torilyn multi-strand pearl bracelet a lot. I love the magnetic closure and the cuff style of the pearl strands. The necklace was a Plunder Posse necklace from a couple of months ago. This month’s Posse is gorgeous! The Posse is a subscription service that is 25.00 per month including shipping and tax. The Posse can be one or up to three items and if it free to enroll and cancel. 50 IS NOT OLD | A HOLIDAY STYLE THAT IS AFFORDABLE | FASHION OVER 40These sequin embellished pumps c/o of Cato Fashions are to die for! They are PERFECT for any special occasion, and they match almost anything since they have both gold and silver sequins attached. The new block heel style is easier to walk in and more stable. I ordered my normal size 9, and they fit fine. The round toe style helps these 9’s to not look like boats. Lol! #GirlsWithBigFeetProblems50 IS NOT OLD | A HOLIDAY STYLE THAT IS AFFORDABLE | FASHION OVER 40A pair of winter white pants adds elegance to the look. This pair is from Cato Fashions also, but they are several years old. I only wear these dress pants for special occasions because wearing them to a lumber company would not be very smart. Lol! I liked the effect the pants made with the pearls. I styled the blouse untucked and also with a half tuck so that you can see the difference. You style the blouse any way you choose.

50 IS NOT OLD | A HOLIDAY STYLE THAT IS AFFORDABLE | FASHION OVER 40I have never traveled a lot until recently. The biggest holdback was my fear of flying, and I let that keep me from wanting to travel. When I decided to go to Los Vegas for the Rodan + Fields Convention back in October of 2016, I was a nervous wreck. Talk about out of my comfort zone!!! I was flying across the country, rooming with seven women who I didn’t know, and my Energizer Bunny Friend and I were just acquaintances, not friends. But, I did it, and I am so glad that I did. The women that I met at the Convention are now good friends, and I talk to EBF at least once or twice a day. Lol!
This is Los Cabos, Mexico and it is an all expense trip that I just earned from Rodan + Fields. Once again, I will be flying across the country (this time with Joe), and there will be about 300 other women there who have also earned this trip. I don’t know many of them yet, but I will before the trip is over. If I had only gotten better-looking skin, which is why I became a consultant with R+F, I would have been thrilled. Instead, I have found the confidence that I never knew existed and a love for travel. If you have ever wondered if this company is right for you, join my Facebook group (here.) I am going to be posting the stories of several of my friends and how and why they are involved with R+F. I love reading about other people’s lives.

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  1. How fabulous you are looking. Have you lost weight? Not that you were ever a large lady but you are looking very trim. I am doing my best to loose another 5 lbs before Christmas. If I manage this I will have managed 21lbs this year.
    Always a classic look black and white, an outfit that can be dressed up or down for the occasion.
    Have a lovely day. Jill x

    • Tania Reply

      Jill, I haven’t lost any weight since I got back from another RF trip, New Orleans. Lol! The Holidays make it extra hard but I am trying to watch what I eat.

    • Tania, you always look so great. Glad to hear your businesses are doing so well. I thought you retired from the day job a few months ago.

  2. A very stylish party look! Congratulations on your trip and overall success with R&F! I could give up TV and most cooking to make time for other things I enjoy.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Janet. I don’t miss watching television or cooking at all. Lol!

  3. Good morning, Tania! WOWEE ZOWEE, Lady, you are GORGEOUS in this outfit! Everything is beautiful! ❤️Your shoes! Perfect! I’m SO excited for you and Joe for your upcoming trip. Hope you have a fabulous time! Thank you, for inspiring me every day to do more than I ever thought possible! Happy and Holy Holidays to you and your precious family! 🙏🏻👼🏻🎄

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Annie. I thought the top was pretty but those shoes are gorgeous! It is funny how we are the ones who limit ourselves. We are capable of doing so much more than we give ourselves credit for.

  4. Janice Wehmann Reply

    Good morning
    You look wonderful. Love the half tucked look best. As you may guess Catos only has size L left in this top. They did have a 6 in the shoes.
    I’m an old school southerner and just can’t bring myself to wear white at this time of year. Lol
    It does look wonderful on you.
    Have a great day.
    Jan in AZ

    • Tania Reply

      Janice, can you not even bring yourself to wear winter white?

  5. The half tuck made this look. You look fabulous and ready to take over any room you walk into.

    • Tania Reply

      I was worried about the half tuck since my tummy area is NOT smooth. Lol!

  6. Looking gorgeous as always, Tania! Is that necklace still available?????

  7. Love this look! I hate to pay too much for an outfit I will only wear once a year. Your hair looks fantastic! This outfit is a home run!

  8. Lovely look and a great price is a win win! The black and winter white are classic and the bell sleeves on the top are so pretty. Congratulations on your success with R&T and your upcoming trip!

  9. Trisia Callaway Reply

    You look fabulous!!!! Channeling a little Coco Chanel and the look is fun And elegant.

    Can definitely tell you have lost weight and it looks good on you.

  10. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    What a great idea for todays blog! We all need ideas for a holiday party and this one is beautuful! Plus I love your red feather Christmas tree! Lucky you going to Los Cabos w your handsome hubby. You deserve it!

  11. Lesli Obenschain Reply

    you look fabulous! love your red tree…channeling your inner Melania Trump???

  12. Love the outfit and yes you look very slim and trim. Where did you find your red tree? I love it!

  13. What a beautiful and festive look! Love it!! Jewellery is stunning!

  14. I’m a fan of this holiday look you have put together! Looks dressy, fit for a holiday party, and also quite comfy. Nice too that it won’t break the bank! Lovely! – Congratulations on earning your trip!

  15. Kim Blackwell Reply

    This outfit makes you look thin dahling! Lol. Just stunning!

  16. Jeananne Hawking Reply

    You look amazing! I love the winter white and black look! The top is already sold out on the Cato website. 🙁 I love your style. And as far as getting everything done around the holidays – I don’t! I do what I can, ask for help from my daughter (she is grown -22) and hubby. I just woke up one year and decided I should enjoy the holidays too! I cook a little, but also have used catering and “to-go options for some of the sides and desserts. I de-stressed myself. It’s the best thing I ever did!

  17. Tania, I found this shirt at our local Cato!!! I grabbed my size, and can’t wait to try out a similar look. 😀 Thanks!

  18. Stephanie Kent Reply

    I have followed you a year or more. I love your style.

    Getting married in March. Family wedding . Lake side theme. Very Casual very intimidate. Id love for a few ideas for my wedding

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