There are times when you have to back up and punt and today was one of those times. There were problems last night with the internet and I was unable to get a normal blog post ready for you. So, I decided to stroll down memory lane this morning to show you how leopard print has been a part of my style since the beginning of the blog. I will link to each photo so that you can go back and read about the styles and also see how this blog has evolved. I am not sure if the picture before was the first time that I wore leopard print on the blog but it was in September of 2015 so it was at the very beginning. Go HERE
November of 2015 found me styling leopard and Chanel. Go HEREI don’t wear leopard print on my bottom half as much but here is where I wore leopard print leggings. Go HERE
How about leopard print in an A-line skirt? Go HEREWho doesn’t want to be fierce? Go HEREI love this leopard print tunic. Go HEREAdding a cute ballet slipper in leopard print is an easy way to get you leopard “fix.” Go HEREAccessories is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to add leopard print to your wardrobe. Go HEREThe classic shirtdress can also be found in a leopard print. Go HEREThis leopard print coat is AH-MAZING!!!! Go HEREThe cold-shoulder trend looks good in a leopard print. Go HEREYou can even find leopard print in different colors. Go HERE

I hope you have enjoyed my trip down memory lane. I hope everything will be back to normal tomorrow! If you looked at these pictures and thought, “she really is aging backward” then go and take the Solutions Tool from Rodan + Fields and let’s get you started on your own backward journey. 

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  1. I was just wondering where today’s post was and then you arrive, 7 hours later than normal. Instead of breakfast we are having lunch together.
    Love all the animal print, I was smiling when I saw how many items you have.
    Pleased for you that the internet is now sorted will look for you again tomorrow.

  2. Fun trip through memory lane with you. And it was seeing you age backwards that made me try R & F. A lovely lady who kept getting lovelier. I think you have more leopard print items than anyone I’ve seen or know. But I’m with you. I love it.

  3. I love all the leaped looks. You are such an inspiration and I love your blog! Keep up the great work!

  4. Cheryl Milliorn Reply

    Love, love the first picture with the Carmel sweater. And I could definitely see “backward aging”! I’m loving my Rodan and Fields! Best ever!

  5. Susan Stancliff Reply

    I love all the leopard. I couldn’t get yesterdays blog to open either. Hope it all works out

  6. Shirley Click Reply

    I looked for the waterfall necklace and didn’t find it. Can you verify that it definitely is no longer available?

  7. Thank you for this post. I am working on adding animal print to my wardrobe. I have recently copied a few of your outfits. I love your blog!

  8. your first outfit was the reason I started following you Tania 🙂 I loved that outfit still do along with many many others

  9. I thought you were pretty back then but you just look younger all the time!

    Love the leopard!

  10. Diana Ceccardi Reply

    I am crazy about leopard print. Where did you get the t strap leopard print flats in the very top picture? I HAVE to have them. LOL LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.

  11. I like your look best when you use just one piece of leopard. Just a scarf, just shoes, just jacket. It looks best as a single pop!

  12. I loved the trip down Leopard Memory Lane! I’ve had my eye on a pair of Aerosole Leopard kitten heels. I might have to buy them now. : ) Purrrr…..

  13. 😍😍😍😍😍😍 LEOPARD PRINT!! Thank you for sharing this!!! I love, love, love that skirt!! I’ve been forever looking for the perfect print and style and that skirt is it. It looks like it’s got some stretch to it. The black sweater and black boots look awesome with it.
    Theme song for this outfit: What’s new pussycat??? 😂😂😂😂😂😊😊😊😊😊

  14. Regina Kothny Reply

    Thanks for your site!Have a question regarding R+F. Can’t find a way to contact you via their site as your PC customer. Can’t find one on this site either. Perhaps, my phone is not offering all parts of the sites. Thanks in advance. Sorry to add to your replies not related.

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