I know that it is only November but I have already started to think about Christmas and all that it brings with it. I love all of the decorations, the food, and most of all, the giving of the presents. You know me, I love shopping and it doesn’t have to be only me that I am shopping for. Giving gifts brings me joy especially if I know the gift is going to make the recipient happy.

I LOVE the wrapping process too. I love picking out coordinating ribbons, bows, and the paper; it all has to be the same. Well, at least I used to do all of that when the children were smaller. Now I am lucky to throw the gifts in a bag right before they get ready to open it.

All of this has got me thinking about what is actually IN the box. The stuff inside is the part that really matters after all. All of the beautiful wrappings and the most elaborate box will not make the gift inside any better or any worse. And, on the other hand, the ugliest of wrappings and the most beaten up box cannot take anything away from what is inside.

You might think that I am talking about a trinket but I am not. Instead, I am talking about you and me. The Lord created each of us. He created the wrappings and the container but the gift inside is the spirit that HE breathed inside of the shell. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the outer clothing, makeup, or hair of the container, it is the spirit inside that matters. If the container is beaten up and damaged it doesn’t matter since it is the spirit inside that counts.

The GREATEST gift of all is that the Lord breathed into your shell and HIS spirit lives in you. Take a few minutes and look into the mirror at the wrappings and the container starring back at you and then simply appreciate the beautiful gift residing inside.

Have A Blessed Day.

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  1. You are so right and the older I get the more I am glad for what is inside because the outside is getting a little raggedy even with all of my fixing up. Thank you for giving a breath of spiritual fresh air just when it is needed. To have my thoughts moved away from the aging body and t I ward something beautiful from the Lord is putting the focus in the right direction. Sometimes we get caught up in one place and need that gentle reminder.

  2. Love your Sunday posts. You give me pause for thoughts every week. Also thank you for your advice my 1 year birthday blog post is out today x

  3. We can’t slow down our aging but when we look toward god we realize that we are all beautiful in his eyes. Thank you for the reminder. I have a birthday in a few weeks. To
    easy to get caught up in the numbers. You are a blessing everyday.

  4. Well said and so often we forget. Thank you for your message today!

  5. Sometimes it is so hard to see or appreciate the gift inside the box because we are so caught up or stressed about the wrapping on the outside. Thank you for the message today

  6. When my kids were young I was trying to explain difference between animals and man. I told them God made the animals and he made man but he “breathed” life into man not the animals and that’s why we are different. When He did that we got our souls and spirit. I’ve always loved that thought. He made us special with a place for His Holy Spirit to reside. Your post gives us a lovely way to remember that. Have a Blessed Sunday. 🙏

  7. Thank you for reminding all of us, especially those of us who are aging, that it IS about what is inside. God loves us more than we can even imagine, warts and all, so we should try to love ourselves a little more.

  8. Do not assume that everyone that rewards your post celebrates Christmas. There are other holidays, such as Hanukkah or Kwanza.

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