50 IS NOT OLD | WHY WOULD YOU CARRY A CROSSBODY PURSE | FASHION OVER 40I don’t know if I have ever mentioned that I wear contacts or not. For some reason, I just didn’t put them in the other day. I am nearsighted so I can see everything that is close up but I can’t see things that are far off. We had stayed around the house all day on Saturday but that afternoon we were getting ready to go the grandbabies Birthday/Halloween party. Mom and I were planning on dressing up as scarecrows and we needed some straw to apply to our hats and to stuff in our clothing.50 IS NOT OLD | WHY WOULD YOU CARRY A CROSSBODY PURSE | FASHION OVER 40 Mom needed to go to town to pick up a few things anyway, so we decided to make a quick run and get all of the supplies. My car was parked behind mom’s and I didn’t have any contacts in, so I told mom for her to drive. She wasn’t thrilled at the idea but she did it anyway. We got to the stores and I would point out a parking spot and she would drive past it and look around and say “where was it?” Then, she would find a parking spot at the very back of the parking lot and say “I guess I could have gotten a little closer.” Lol! It got to be comical after about the third or fourth store. Hahaha. I think she was just trying to get my exercise in for me while I was here. OR, that might have been her way of making sure that I don’t ask her to drive again. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | WHY WOULD YOU CARRY A CROSSBODY PURSE | FASHION OVER 40 This picture was taken before I left going to Tennessee. I took the pictures later in the afternoon when I got home from work. I found it interesting to see the different shading on the bricks because of the porch covering. It is like an ombre wall. 😍 I am wearing a dark burgundy or claret colored front tie sweater that I bought last year. It was part of a Trunk Club shipment and I love the easy, comfortable style of it. It is as comfortable as wearing a sweatshirt except this has tons of style. I am always on the lookout for comfortable, affordable, and stylish items.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHY WOULD YOU CARRY A CROSSBODY PURSE | FASHION OVER 40I added the Italy necklace and the matching Delaney earrings. I love the stark difference between the Ivory jewelry and the dark top. You can’t see the bracelets in this photo but I have on the Lelani and the Ramona on one arm. Both of those bracelets are the stretch kind so they are easy on and easy off. These two have become my go-to bracelets because they are so neutral. The Raina bracelet is NOT neutral with all of its purples and its multi-colored beads. But, it is still easy to put on and take off since it is a magnetic bracelet.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHY WOULD YOU CARRY A CROSSBODY PURSE | FASHION OVER 40I am wearing a pair of stretch crop frayed hem jeans from Old Navy and a cute pair of leopard print ballet slippers. The ballet slippers are old but they are a pair that I reach for all year long. They are by Isaac Mizrahi and I bought them from QVC years ago. Leopard print is considered a neutral so you can wear these with anything that you want and feel stylish.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHY WOULD YOU CARRY A CROSSBODY PURSE | FASHION OVER 40I added my Kate Spade leopard print crossbody handbag to the look to tie in the leopard print shoes. I like this size purse when I am going out to lunch or dinner and don’t feel like hauling my huge bag with me. I love carrying a large purse for the most part but there are times when I just want my cell phone and a wallet with me. This is perfect for that. I bought this when there was a clearance so it no longer exists but I found a couple that is very similar and affordable.


My Trick or Treatment event has started and there are lots of different specials. It is not too late to join the Facebook group, go here to be added. I know that some of you might not be on Facebook, so if you are interested in finding about the specials you can comment below or send me an email to fiftyisnotold@gmail.com.50 IS NOT OLD | WHY WOULD YOU CARRY A CROSSBODY PURSE | FASHION OVER 40I thought you might like to see a picture of me and mom in our scarecrow garb.

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    • Tania Reply

      Hahaha! Jill, there is nothing elegant about me or mom. Lol!

    • Tania Reply

      Oh, Jayne, we need to get you a small bit of leopard in your life. Lol!

    • Tania Reply

      We aren’t serial fungoers but we did have a good time. Lol!

  1. Your mom looked liked she had fun dressing up too. That was sweet that you both went as the same things! I love tie front tops…they seem to be a little more forgiving in my mid section.

    • Tania Reply

      Getting mom to dress up was no small feat. Lol! She is not into wearing a costume.

  2. 😍Leopard print!! 💟 Love the outfit, so casual and comfy. You and your mom look so cute!!

    • Tania Reply

      I love the leopard print, too! I loved dressing up with mom and I know that I will cherish this picture!

  3. Sherry Jackson Reply

    I love this outfit….all of it !! Would be a “go to” for me !! LOVE the scarecrow costumes!!

    • Tania Reply

      It is super easy to still look nice and be comfortable. We just need to pay attention to our “casual” purchases.

  4. Debra Bailey Reply

    I love this outfit! So cute and stylish yet comfortable. Plus it looks adorable on you. Love the scarecrow pic too! Thanks for inspiring me to up my fashion game. I work for a large company but work from home so I’m usually in T-shirt’s and jeans. I still do hair and makeup every day before work – I’m more productive that way. But lately I don’t feel as confident when we go out bc I feel like I’ve lost a little of my fashion sense. You are a great source of inspiration! Now I always think “would Tania wear this?” when I’m choosing outfits to wear in public.

    • Tania Reply

      Debra, it is harder to make yourself get “dressed” when you work from home. I have learned that since I semi-retired. I am so tickled that I am helping, even in some little way, to give you more confidence. That is my mission!!!

  5. That picture of you and your momma made me smile. Cherish every second with her! ❤️

  6. What cute scarecrows!😊 Like your top. I have similar one in grey and it’s super comfy. You’re killing me with your specials!! I want them all.

    • Tania Reply

      I love this style top, I have one in blue also. You made me laugh with your comment about the specials. I try to make it as affordable as possible and get the products in the hands of as many people as I can.

  7. Suzie Vargo Reply

    Love the suggestion about leopard print. The Halloween costumes are terrific!

  8. Oh, my goodness, how precious is your picture of you and your Momma! How blessed you are to still have each other! Leopard is GOOD with everything! Thank you, you made my day!

  9. I love your story of the parking lot! Your mama was probably trying to teach you a lesson! Lovely top but you and your mother stole the show with your scarecrow costumes!

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