50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A CLASSIC SHIRTDRESS | FASHION OVER 40Gurl’s, thank you soooo much for all of you kind comments and prayers for my daughter. She has been discharged and is ready to get back on the road again. I especially want to thank Cindy, who offered to drive 3 hours to go and see Ashleigh for me. She even offered to let Ashleigh and her friend come and stay at her house to recuperate. Wow! I was brought to tears. I truly think of you ladies as friends and messages like that show me that I was correct. 50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A CLASSIC SHIRTDRESS | FASHION OVER 40The doctors fussed at Ashleigh and told her that they needed to talk about her pain tolerance level. Apparently, they thought she should have been in extreme pain and that she should have gone to the doctor days earlier. Ashleigh thought that she had slept wrong on the boat and that her ribs were just sore. She is an amazingly strong woman who is tough as nails. I laughed and told Joe that anyone living in our house had to have a high pain tolerance level. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A CLASSIC SHIRTDRESS | FASHION OVER 40 I just bought this shirtdress the other day. A shirtdress is a classic style dress but it is not one that I wear a lot. I am not sure why since they are very versatile. You can wear a skirt over the bottom for a different look and you can even leave it open to a cardigan/coat look. The leopard print is a classic print so this dress will be something that you can wear for a long time. If this is too short for you then add leggings instead of the tights that I added. I am wearing a size 10 and it fits great. This is machine washable so you don’t have to worry about babying this dress. That is perfect for me! This is by Topshop and click here to read all about the dress. 50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A CLASSIC SHIRTDRESS | FASHION OVER 40When I am on the road I don’t take a lot of my jewelry with me. I usually only take a few pieces that I think I can wear with a lot of different things. I didn’t pack a necklace for this dress and I just felt weird today without one. Lol! I did get to add the Channing earrings and the Tawny bracelet. I have a funny feeling that these two items may not be coming home with me to Virginia. My mother appears to have taken a fancy to these two and I’ll be leaving them for her. Lol! By the way, the Bronte necklace is back in stock. If you liked this necklace, see here how I wore it, then you better hurry to get it. It sells out so very fast every time they get it back in stock. Here are all of the matching pieces. Just go to my website HERE to place your orders and be sure to pick a party with my name in it. 50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A CLASSIC SHIRTDRESS | FASHION OVER 40I brought a pair of black ankle boots and these brown leather boots and I couldn’t decide which one looked better. I asked my fashion guru (aka as my mom) and she picked the brown boots. How do you think she did? This pair is a favorite of mine and I bought them YEARS ago at TJ Maxx. They do not have a label on them so other than saying Italian leather, I have no idea about the brand. They are super soft and are lined with fur on the inside. The block heel is comfortable to walk in and I don’t worry about turning an ankle as much when I wear this style heel.

50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A CLASSIC SHIRTDRESS | FASHION OVER 40Here is the back view of this dress. It is never my favorite view but I figured that you might want to see the length. 50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A CLASSIC SHIRTDRESS | FASHION OVER 40How cute is this gang!!! I took this picture after church when they came by for lunch. I grabbed them really fast before they could run off to play and before they dropped food all down there shirts. Lol! The kids loved the “timer” on the camera and watching for it to countdown before it took the picture.

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  1. Love the shirtdress! I liked the striped one you wore the other day too. Your son looks just your husband. Your DIL is gorgeous and those kids are adorable! What a great looking family!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Mary Lou! The kiddos are as sweet as they are cute.

  2. So happy your daughter is on the mend. What a lovely gesture!! Love, love that dress!! Thumbs up 👍to mom, she did a great job styling those boots with the outfit. What a wonderful photo of your family! Enjoy your time with them!!

    • Tania Reply

      I am having a great time with them! It was wonderful seeing them all dressed up for Halloween.

  3. Love this dress. Too cute. So glad your daughter is doing well. I would love to know about your trick or treat specials and I’m not on Facebook. Thank you.

  4. Pretty shirtdress and better yet that is is versatile in ways you can wear it. Love the photo of your family and your DIL’s outfit is really cute too. Was she wearing a long skirt? You are so right in not taking our health for granted and I think we can all relate to this when we have an injury or are down for a period of time with an illness. Glad to hear your daughter is ready to start the car trip back.

  5. What a pretty family you have. Your DIL has style going on. I like the leopard dress. Not so sure about the boots with it. But don’t tell your Mom. Glad Ashleigh better and back to making her way home. 😊

    • Charlcy Green Reply

      So glad your daughter is ok! What a cute look! Love the dress, tights and beautiful boots! Very stylin! Beautiful family too! We all do love you!!

  6. So many wonderful things in one little post. First off, so grateful that Ashleigh is on the mend. Hoping she will have an amazing journey across the country. Then there is the family pic – just warms my heart. So sweet. And well your outfit….mama did great on the boots. It adds so much more interest to the outfit. I would have picked black but not anymore!!

  7. Judy Stallings Reply

    What a cute family! I know you’re loving every moment! So happy for you!

  8. So glad to hear your daughter is on the mend. After working as a nurse for over 40 years I have met a lot of people with varied pain levels. 😊 I’ll bet Joe hates to miss those sweet kiddos birthday Halloween party. You look gorgeous as always.

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