Goodness, this week got away from me. I can’t believe that it is Friday already. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. But, I sat down to write the blog last night and forgot that on Fridays I try to do a video. This whole blog issue mess has made me a little crazy. Please be sure to let me know if you experience any problems so that I can alert them and get everything fixed back. I already had a video filmed, not the best production, but it gets the point across. Lol! It is the capsule wardrobe that I “might” have taken with me if I had been traveling across the country with my daughter. I am showing you my outfits and how to pack everything in a carry on suitcase. I hope you enjoy the video. Please be sure to comment. Here is a breakdown of the items that I am going to be packing in the carry-on.

  • Scarfs – 3
  • Cardigans – 2
  • Dresses – 2
  • Jeans – 2
  • Pants – 2
  • Shoes – 2 Flats and 2 Boots
  • Tops – 7
  • Tank Tops – 3
  • Pajamas – 2 sets
  • Panties, Bras, Shapewear

This combination of clothing, plus what I have on in the video, is plenty to mix and match and make lots and lots of outfits. Here is the link to the Shacke Pak packing cubes.

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  1. You are so cute! I enjoyed watching and am thinking about getting the Shacke Pak for myself. Lots of good tips! Thanks Tania

    • Tania Reply

      I am not sold yet on the packing cubes. But, I am willing to give it a try. Joe loved the idea and was “all in” but Joe is not the one who does the packing.

  2. Aimee Spencer Reply

    That was so much fun watching you demonstrate the technique. I have Samantha Brown’s packing cubes from HSN. Haven’t tried them yet, but now I know how to do it. You made it look effortless. So I can write down my outfit ideas and then roll everything up. Do you put your jewelry in your tote?

    • Tania Reply

      I didn’t have any jewelry this time. I always take some but it depends on the weight of my suitcase if I pack it in that or if I put it in my purse.

  3. What a great packing video!!! I don’t fly, but I do travel a lot and this is wonderful to pack in the car and leave room for more stuff to buy on my trips😉 Thanks for the tips on rolling the clothes and making more room.

    • Tania Reply

      Rolling does give you more room and it doesn’t wrinkle as bad as you would think. I pack Joe that way sometimes when he goes on golfing trips.

  4. Love your capsule wardrobe. I have just packed for a weekend away. With our changeable weather here in the UK I have packed the same as you

  5. I enjoyed the video very much. It did make me wonder why the need for the packing cubes though. You had the same amount of room both ways and the cubes took a lot longer to do than your old method plus with your method they are ready to hang up right away. With the cubes you have to take the things out and hang them up, just seems lot a lot of wasted effort but maybe I am missing something.

    • Michelle B. Reply

      One advantage of the cubes, especially in hotels, is that you can just open the cube, fold back the flap, and put in a dresser drawer without fully unpacking. This protects your clothes from whatever maybe lurking in the drawer, keeps you organized, and makes it easy to repack when you are ready to leave.

    • Tania Reply

      Shirlene, I am not sold on the cubes 100% either. I like my old method too, but there is one issue that has been a problem before. Because I tend to over-pack I have to watch the weight of my suitcase. The hangers end up causing a lot of weight. When I went to Las Vegas last year I had to take them out in order to make the weight limit for the suitcase.

  6. Janice Chamberlain Reply

    I loved the video.You pack exactly as I do put my outfits together leave on hangers and fold.On arrival at my destination I hang them up immediately so no ironing later.I think the cube system makes the packing neater but it is more time consuming and I would be concerned my clothes would be badly creased.

    • Tania Reply

      Janice, I may end up doing a little of both. Using the cubes for pj’s, bras and panties, and things like that. People who use the cubes swear by them, so, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  7. I think you are going to be spending a lot of time ironing when you get to your destination!

    • June Zimmerle Reply

      Liquid Knits take care of that problem. Susan Graver on QVC sells them and they are very popular. You can also find them at Chico’s. I have several and they never wrinkle when I go on a trip.

  8. Linda Wilkie Reply

    I agree with the others who say your original system seemed to be easier and the end result would be better as there will be less ironing required. I think I will adopt that way of packing!! Thanks for the video, you are the cutest thing and simply crack me up!!

    • Tania Reply

      It is really easy to pack that way, Linda. Plus, you never have to worry about not having enough hangers wherever you are.

  9. I’m on a trip right now, used the packing cubes and rolling method. Clothes were great, no ironing needed!

  10. You look so great in the video. Your closeup pic the makeup was gorgeous and your were glowing. I don’t know if it is your diet or your makeup but keep it up. I am sure Joe would agree.

    • Tania Reply

      Lol! What diet???? I have struggled to get back in the groove since I went to Las Vegas. But, thanks a ton for the compliment!!!

  11. Michelle B. Reply

    Fun video! I fly over 100,000 miles a year and always take a carry-on with Eagle Creek packing cubes. I have experimented though, and I am actually able to get more in my bag when I don’t roll, but fold only. The rolls don’t compress as easily when I close the bag. Something to try…

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Tania Reply

      I may have to try the fold method. I am not a neat packer so even my rolls and folds are never going to be neat. Lol!

      • Michelle B. Reply

        I am on my way to the Philippines for 1 I tried your rolling and compress method yesterday. I packed 2 jackets, 1 cardigan, 1 swimsuit, my intimates and nightgown, 6 dresses, 1 pair of slacks , 2 camisoles, 3 pairs of shoes (1 ballet flats, 2 pairs of pumps), my toiletries and makeup, and 1 week’s worth of my diet food bars — all in my carry on! I like the roll and compress method. I cannot wait to how my clothes are when I get there!

    • Tania Reply

      Lol!!! It is really easy to pack that way. No worrying about hangers when you get to the hotel. But, you do have to watch about your weight and they take up quite a bit of room in the suitcase.

  12. Very timely video for me. I have been looking at these packing cubes videos all week. I am considering them for my upcoming 11 day cruise.

  13. Tisha Johnston Reply

    I’m on a trip right now and used the packing cubes and rolling method. Works great, no ironing!

  14. Fun video, thank you for sharing! I’ve rolled and packed things in ziplock bags for the past 5 years, so it was great to see actual packing system bags utilized. I believe the ziplock bags will be retired! Rolling is a great space saver, with or without a packing system!

  15. Great packing tutorial! ThNks for doing all the work for us! Appreciate your time and I love that it was not rehearsed! I just put the ShaqPack in my Amazon cart. Headed to omaha on thurs 🙂

  16. It didn’t work for me. Said a problem occurred and to check back later.

  17. June Zimmerle Reply

    Really enjoyed your video. I have been packing wrong for 50 years! LIquid Knits are the best clothes to pack and not wrinkle. I noticed you had quite a few.

  18. I have been rolling my clothes for years. It really helps minimize wrinkles and seems to save space.
    I definitely suggest shoe bags though! Eek!
    Think of all those nasty germs and dirt on the soles of your shoes…touching your clothes and inside of your suitcase!
    I don’t allow shoes in my house either!
    Someone could have been in a porta potty before they entered your house…

    New Hampshire

  19. Thanks for doing this video. I laughed at the zipper getting stuck! Love your realness! I too always packed on hangers. I have packing bags sitting in my closet and was wondering how to do it. Thanks for showing me. I bought them because the cubes would have come in handy when I travelled through Ireland with multiple stops in different cities. Another is that the cubes can keep the clean clothes separate from dirty laundry. I’ll be trying the smaller sized cubes for hubby’s golf trips as well. I found it’s a challenge to have each days golf outfit set up and kept separate from his nighttime dinner clothes. (I used to put his clothes in zip locks, and they slip and slide around too much.) With the cube, he can just grab a cube and get dressed for his day golfing. Wonder if when using the packing cubes I won’t have to use shoe bags anymore? I always use shoe bags because once a beautiful blouse of mine was dirty from the bottom of a pair of walking shoes placed too close in the corner of the suitcase. Love your blog posts!

  20. Dana Buckingham Reply

    This was very interesting. I also like the hanger method because the outfit is kept together so you can just hang it up when you get there. But the weight of the hangers might be a factor unless you use the thin plastic coated sure ones. I like the packing cube method too though you can’t see each outfit as easily. Both seem to work.

  21. I think I like your personal method of packing. It never occurred to me to leave clothes on hanger. I’m going to try that next time. Perhaps the cubes/sacks would be better if flying but not on a road trip. They seem like another thing to spend money on and then leave in closet. I thought at first you used them instead of suitcase. Thanks for the tips.

  22. I love my packing cubes!!! quick question: where did you get the wide strap tank tops? always in search of good comfy tanks!

  23. Great video! I’m more inclined to pack with items on the hangers, I also keep my hanging clothes in clear dry cleaner bags, that seems to help with the wrinkling, too. I’d rather hang up my things when I get to my destination, and I NEVER unpack any other clothes, just grab from my suitcase… I have a phobia about putting anything in hotel drawers…ick!

  24. I used packing cubes on an international trip a couple of years ago and was totally sold on the idea. I use mine whenever I use a suitcase. But it a personal preference. Great video!

  25. I loved watching your video, you are so cute! I’m not totally sold on the cubes, but the concept is nice. I don’t take hangers with me when I travel but I do roll my items. I also take a back-pack as my purse and put my real purse inside by back-pack. My jewelry, many medication & make-up goes in the back-pack as well. Happy Travels.

  26. I’m curious about the hangers..are they the flat “sueded” type of hangers? I think I like your way better..never thought of keeping on hangers..good idea..there’s never enough hangers in motel rooms or cruise ships for clothes..

    • Letty Vizcarra Reply

      Loved your video, I like both packing systems but taking the hangers do add some weight. I really like your carry-on suitcase, what brand is it and where can I purchase one. Thanks for the great tips.

      • Tania Reply

        I’ll have to go and check, but I think it is a Samsonite.

  27. Margaret Shipley Reply

    What do you do with your makeup/skin care/hair stuff? Do you have a ‘capsule’ for that too? That seems to take up so much room!

  28. Are you kidding? I always seem to have a carry on just for my beauty products! Haha!

  29. You are a hoot! I never tho’t to use hangers like that!
    I just got back from a short trip. I was in a hurry when I packed & clothes just weren’t as organized as I usually have them so the packs would have been a great help!
    Thanks for doing the video. You are a natural!

  30. Letty Vizcarra Reply

    I love both methods, I just came back from a trip and could’ve used these tips. Now where can I find the same carry-on suitcase that you show on this video? My carry-on only holds half of what you packed. Thanks

  31. Patricia Rieth Reply

    Nice post. JMO, I always put shoes in a plastic bags. Dont need nasty shoe bottoms all over my clothes. Ick.

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