50 IS NOT OLD | CROP PANTS AND SANDALS | FASHION OVER 40The best-laid plans of mice and men is a term that I have heard before and it appears that I am living it. Lol! My daughter is already starting to drive me crazy and she is not even home yet. Remember on yesterday’s blog how I was telling you that I might be driving across country with my daughter? Yeah, well, that might not be happening. I was starting to get into the whole idea of all of the places that I could go and see. I ordered some of those packing cubes that I have heard everyone brag on just so I could see if they really worked. I ordered a car inverter so that I could plug up my computer as we traveled down the road so that I could work on the blog. And then, I got a text from my daughter today……50 IS NOT OLD | CROP PANTS AND SANDALS | FASHION OVER 40“Heard anything from the court? Andy said he’ll travel cross country with me if you can’t go.” Let me translate this message. Mom, my (ex???) boyfriend is going to drive across country with me and I don’t need you anymore. Lol! “know it’ll be hard for you with the blog and you’ll be rushed for time, but we’d have a great time I think. He would be fun because he’d drive a lot and would be down for exploring a lot, but it might take a bit longer than 7 days.” Looks like my trip is slowly flying out the window, at least for today. With her, the plans could change again tomorrow. I told Joe that since I had asked the court for the time off because I had a vacation planned, we had to go somewhere. Lol! I don’t want to lie to the federal government. 😲50 IS NOT OLD | CROP PANTS AND SANDALS | FASHION OVER 40I am feeling relaxed today. I got this beautiful printed shirt in my Trunk Club shipment this past month and it was perfect for the fall. I love my Trunk Club, I never have to leave home and I get to try on the items without going to the store. Since I don’t have many stores within a 2-hour drive, this has been a real time saver for me. I love the colors in the print and I especially like the cuffs. I have them pushed up right now but they are cute when worn down also. This top is by Lucky Brand which is a store that I used to shop in a lot for my daughter. 50 IS NOT OLD | CROP PANTS AND SANDALS | FASHION OVER 40I can’t believe that I forgot to put on my earrings. Lol! I had them laid out but went off and forgot to put them in first. At least I did remember to put on my Maeve bracelets and the Cooper necklace. The necklace has several different charms that dangle from beautiful purple beads. I truly am loving all of the fall jewelry from Plunder. I love mustards, navy, purples, and turquoise, so I am a happy camper. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | CROP PANTS AND SANDALS | FASHION OVER 40 How do you like my shaggy shoes? These are not “shagging” shoes which I think are shoes that you wear to dance in, but they are instead shaggy. I love the fringe on these shoes but I can not get them to stay in place. If you notice, the strap down the middle has a loop that the top strap goes through and they tend to move back and forth. Oh well, they are so cute that they are worth the hassle. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | CROP PANTS AND SANDALS | FASHION OVER 40I love my raw hem crop pants that I got from Old Navy several months ago. I love the raw hem trend and Joe agrees with me. I took a picture of his outfit that he wore today to show all of you how much of a “fashionista” he is. Lol! He has been wearing torn and ripped items of clothing forever. I promise you that he had much nicer things but these are the ones that he reaches for all of the time. Lol!!!
50 IS NOT OLD | CROP PANTS AND SANDALS | FASHION OVER 4050 IS NOT OLD | CROP PANTS AND SANDALS | FASHION OVER 4050 IS NOT OLD | CROP PANTS AND SANDALS | FASHION OVER 40I want to share an email that I got yesterday for a brand new Preferred Customer of mine. She and I had been having conversations on and off about Rodan and Fields but she was so skeptical that she wouldn’t give RF products a try. Here is what she said:

“Hi, Tania. I just had to let you know that after using the Reverse for over 2 weeks I can actually see a difference in my skin. This is the first product that has changed my skin for the better. I have used many different brands over the years and they were ok but my skin stayed the same. No real improvement. But I am convinced that this does work and I was skeptical. So I’m hooked. I just got the new Radiant Defense today and look forward to using it. And like you said, the color I got was darker than I would have thought but when I did the skin matching it looked perfect. I’ll let you know how that works out. I had a sample of the Hydration Serum for my face and lips and just now tried them both. It’s amazing how soft they make my skin. I especially like the lip serum because I’m constantly putting Aquaphor on them. Thanks for introducing (and convincing) me to take a chance with this brand. I know now why you use it and sell it. It’s terrific.”

This made me so happy!!! I really do worry about everyone who orders from me and I want them to experience the best results possible. Emails like this let me know that by sharing my love of the products that others have been able to experience them for themselves. Thanks for the sweet and much-appreciated email! 😘
50 IS NOT OLD | CROP PANTS AND SANDALS | FASHION OVER 40You are used to seeing my little blondie in my pictures but today I had another visitor for a change. Little man hasn’t gotten the “look at the camera” down like his big sister but I bet he will by next year. Lol!

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  1. I bought a similar top to yours from T K Max in the spring. It has taken me through the summer into autumn and I am still getting wear out of it. Dont you just love it when you find an item that is practically an all year rounder.

  2. What beautiful grandchildren you have! They are so lucky to be living right next door to their grandparents. Having extended family nearby is such a blessing but many who have it take its value for granted.

    After the exciting prospect of going on a cross-country trip and all of your planning, I hope you get to go SOMEWHERE 😀.

    LOVE that top on you and the necklaces work perfectly with it. The shoes are really cute too, that fringe is a nice little something extra. It’s a great casual outfit.

    What purse would you choose? I’m thinking that bright pink one would be great.

    Keep sharing your R&F stories, they are really tempting me. I think I want to try it next year.

    • Tania Reply

      I haven’t been taking pictures as I leave for work in the mornings here lately so I haven’t been including a purse. Also, for the most part, I have been carrying my Louis Vuttion. I paid so much for it that I feel the need to carry it all the time. Lol!

  3. I can just see all our husbands thinking their frayed, ripped, torn clothes are now in style! Joe looks good but I’m not sharing this post with my husband!

  4. Love the outfit, with those sandals, just get them where you want it, make a pencil mark and run a few stitches through the back so it doesnt show. you will wear them a lot more once you stop futzing them back in place all the time. glue might even work, but would probably wear off. a couple of minutes will make them the perfect sandals, love them! Have a great day!

  5. Oh no I was looking forward to a “cross country clothing capsule” post – Maybe you could still take a little road trip with Joe and show us what he packs to wear each day – y’all are such a cute couple and Joe is a good sport ! Love your blog .

    • Tania Reply

      I am thinking that I will still do a capsule type post or a packing type post even if I don’t get to do an extended road trip.

  6. Cheryl peffer Reply

    You think Joe’s have the ripped, frayed look. You should see my husbands “look”. I’m so afraid I’ll die first and he will always look like he’s going to the Rag pickers ball. Funny thing is he thinks he looks fine. Tee shirts that the garbage can would throw back.

    • My husband has tshirts with so many holes I don’t know how it stays on his body but I can’t throw it away. I feel you.

  7. I have a question Tania. When ordering R + F do the orders go through you or do we order on the website? I have ordered before and was a preferred customer but dislike that they send product every so many months. I would consider trying other products but don’t want to be charged every couple of months.

    • Tania Reply

      Sheryl, it can be either. Most people prefer ordering it all their selves so that the shipping and credit card info. Even though you are “scheduled” for a replenishment shipment every 60 days, you do NOT have to order. You can change the items that you want and you can delay your shipment for 30 or 60 days at a time. I send out an email at the beginning of each month and alert anyone with an upcoming shipment on the date. Then, I will give instructions on how to change the shipment. You NEVER have to order anything that you don’t want or need!!!

  8. Sheron Davis Reply

    Hi Tania,

    I love your blog and photos! Thank you for always sharing.

    You and I share the same taste in clothing…….Stylish, but not over the top, classy with a touch of elegance and last but not least comfortable, but not ever messy.

    Your stories about how you feel, family and life, put a smile on my face.

    Love when you talk about your husband Joe. By the way he has the pose down to a “T” and a
    great sense of humour. Mine is the same. A good laugh is always good medicine.

    I also love seeing your beautiful grandchildren, bundles of joy. That’s how I feel about mine.

    Well lovely lady you certainly have wonderful support from your family, which makes what you do all worth while.

    Looking forward to more posts and photos. Thank you again!

    Sheron Davis
    Port Credit, Ontario Canada

    • Tania Reply

      Wow!!! Thanks so much for commenting, Sheron! I hope people like my blog but it is so nice to see it confirmed in print. Lol!

  9. I was hoping you were going to say that cute top was from Cato’s so that I could go search it out. I love when you style outfits like this as this is my preferred style what to wear! I can imagine the let down of not getting to go on the trip and seven days wasn’t that long…I thought maybe you would take 10-14 days to travel back by the time you stopped and explored things along the way. I too am going to be disappointed as I was looking forward to seeing your sites you saw along the way. Good for you that the court gave you a pardon from being called for jury duty.

  10. Daria armstrong Reply

    Tania your too funny. I have one of those husbands. If you don’t lay it out they wear the same thing over and over. Like they always say, opposites attract. Have an awesome day. PS I love your top.

  11. Oh, rats! I was hoping you’d drive your way down here so we could meet! 😉. Those raggedy shorts must be in style for husbands because my guy has that same look!!

    • Tania Reply

      Alex, I had that on my list of places to stop! My sister is heading to Albuquerque hopefully for the balloons on the 13th!

  12. This look got pinned for my stylist today. I love Lucky Brand clothing. It’s so comfy and cool looking. I hope she sends me that top. Too bad about your trip but kids will be kids even when grown.

  13. Packing cubes rock!!!! I give them as gifts and get such great comments about how awesome they are!! You will love them.

  14. Christine Irvine Reply

    Tania, I love your blog and have been following it for a few months. You inspire me and have given me some good fashion tips. And I’m not even 50 yet! Getting close though. 🙂 .Thank you!
    Regarding your cute sandals: I’d hot glue the top tab in place so they stop moving around. That would drive me bonkers!

    New Hampshire

  15. Love the outfit and the pics of the grandkids. It’s all adorable!

  16. Tania – I have 2 necklaces in my Plunder cart for your party. I have never ordered from them before. What is the return policy?

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