50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR A PONCHO AND ANKLE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40Fall is finally here! The leaves are starting to change and fall from the trees. Everywhere you look you see something flavored with pumpkin. Pumpkin spice coffee, ice cream, pies, creamer, and even cereal are all hitting the shelves. Halloween candy has already been in the stores and the candy corn is calling my name. Lol! I used to keep large jars of that on my dining room table but I can’t seem to resist it. Now, I try to keep pumpkins and gourds on my table instead. For some reason, those don’t seem to tempt me to eat them. Lol!  I love how cool and crisp the mornings are getting. I have already started to pull out sweaters and jackets from my fall and winter closets but you have to be careful that you don’t wear something too hot. You have to layer or pick lightweight items to wear in order to not burn up as the day warms up. I have become particularly fond of ponchos this season. This is the second one that I have gotten and I love them because they offer warmth without burning me up.  This poncho is called the Tempo Paris Star Poncho and here is a close up of the star design. You can see how the design is actually embedded in the weave of the sweater and is raised to create the effect. I love that the sweater is neutral and that the design isn’t a different color. When I first saw the sweater poncho on the website I was afraid that it might be scratchy. The poncho looked like wool and the website didn’t specify the materials, but I took a chance that it would be soft. I am so glad that I did because this is amazingly soft. I thought it was cashmere when I first opened it up and I had to look at the tag to see what it was made from. I found out it was 50% Viscose, 30% Nylon, and 20% Polyester and that one size fits all. I put it on and had Joe feel of it too so that I could see what he would say. I had to laugh when he said, “oooh, that feels nice. Is it cashmere?” Lol! I told him no and what it was made from. All he had to say then is, “what is Viscose?” There is a long scientific explanation of what Viscose is but the easiest explanation is that it is Rayon. If you are ready to start wearing ankle boots, carve pumpkins, stock up on Halloween candy, and watch football games, then you need to also check out this poncho from the Purple Poppy. Joe added that if you are from Texas or are a Cowboy’s football fan, that you needed this poncho. I love it when he tries to help me with my blog. Lol! I say that you will be surprised at how affordable this poncho is especially since it is so nice and luxurious.

To check out the other poncho that I have gotten c/o the Purple Poppy, go here. I love working with the Purple Poppy because they have the nicest clothing items and she always offers FREE shipping on purchases over 100.00.


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  1. The poncho is lovely. And I like the neutral colour which you could wear to lots of different things. Today you have set me thinking on what clothes I will need as we have just booked a tour of Montgomery, Morrisville, New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville and other places in early April 2019 for our pearl wedding anniversary. If you have the time maybe you could email me on the type of clothes/sandals I will need. It really would be a big help. I am already trying to put my wardrobe together in my head. Super excited. Being part American it feels like I am returning home.

    • Tania Reply

      Items like the poncho are great for when you are traveling because they change the look of an outfit. You only want to pack a few clothing items and you want to be able to change the look easily. You will need to check the temperature forecast for those cities before you pack. I am going to be doing a post about this very soon.

  2. The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was how soft the poncho looks! I know you will get some wear out of it! Cold rainy weather has already hit us and snow usually appears by end of October here so my wardrobe is ready to roll even though I’m not!

    • Tania Reply

      The pictures aren’t lying. This poncho is extremely soft and that is my “thing.” I have to like the feel of an item before I can wear it.

  3. It has been in the high 80’s & low 90’s here in KY. We are still wearing our summer clothes! I think the weather is supposed to change by the end of the week & we might be able to bring out some fall clothes! lol. Cute poncho!!

    • Tania Reply

      Pam, I know exactly what you mean. It was in the 90’s here one day but then it was in the high 40’s one afternoon. That is why layering at this time of the year is essential.

  4. What a cute poncho and it looks like it isn’t so heavy that you could wear it to an indoor event if you know the building will be chilly. And after you telling me I needed a pair of booties, I did order a pair from Target but first pair felt a little big, second pair was too small (I sound like Goldilocks now) so now I need to decide if I can wear heavier socks and still keep them. UGH……Shopping is never easy for me…LOL

  5. I thought it looked like cashmere too. It is still hot here in Atlanta, but looking forward to fall. Is this poncho washable?

  6. I envy you your jeans boots and poncho! It is so darn hot here in Georgia that we went swimming both in the pool and in the lake yesterday. Crazy weather! Hopefully I will be donning jeans soon!

  7. Love the boots and that poncho!! The background is so pretty! Don’t you just love Autumn? There’s just something so special about it!! 🍂🍁😊😊🍂🍁🎃🎃

  8. You look great in this beige poncho and blue jeans. I love this look. You look appropriate for the season, comfortable, yet with polish enough for any activity short of a formal wedding reception. I would never get tired of wearing this. The walls in my closet have turned green….again.

  9. May I reblog your excellent fashion post—to my blog called BY THE MIGHTY MuMFORD? I’ve been looking to find fashion bloggers closer to my own age–61–! I’m spoken for, but reblogging posts from teenagers or people under 40 feels weird…May I follow your blog? 🙂

  10. I always look forward to your daily email, it feels like a visit with a close friend. I follow several fashion bloggers, each of whom has a valuable and unique perspective, but you are my favorite stylist. I REALLY appreciate that you include budget friendly pieces.

    The poncho is very pretty, I may incorporate that look into my wardrobe. I do think that the color is too muted for you, though. Some blue statement earrings would add some much needed color and finish that ensemble very nicely.

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