50 IS NOT OLD | ARE STRIPES FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40Yay!!! My grandson got to come home from the hospital!!! They will still be monitoring him and he will have to go back for blood work later on this week, but I am so relieved that he is better. I want to thank all of you who had him in your thoughts and prayers. Today’s blog post is going to short for two reasons. One, I am so tired and I need to get some rest. I was up until after midnight and then I was out of bed by 5:30 the next morning. My batteries are drained and I need to be recharged. And, secondly, because I have on a jumpsuit, so it is a one-and-done outfit. There isn’t a lot to talk about. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | ARE STRIPES FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40 So, I’ll tell you about going to walk with Joe the other afternoon. He has been going every afternoon to the airport and talking/supervising/getting in the way/helping the men who are painting his airplane. I went to Emersyn’s basketball game and it was in the same area, so I drove over to see the progress. I got to meet Squirt, the men’s dog, who was a bundle of energy. He came flying to me and was wanting to play fetch. He ran and got a chewed up bottle cap and dropped it at my feet. I threw it and he fetched and dropped. Over and over and over, I swear that dog had more energy than any dog I have ever seen. Finally, Joe and I went for a 2-mile walk. It was so quiet and peaceful on the mountain. We saw a herd of deer and a flock of turkeys right beside the runway. I loved seeing the wildlife but Joe was not as thrilled. He explained that I wouldn’t be near as thrilled to see them if we were trying to land and hit a turkey or a deer. Good point! Wildlife needs to stay in the woods for their safety and mine. 50 IS NOT OLD | ARE STRIPES FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40I am throwing a twist into my normal routine by talking about the small amount of jewelry that I have on first. I wanted to pull out the tiny mustard stripe on the jumpsuit out so I decided to wear the Daniella earrings with this look. These old gold tasseled earrings also have light pale pink and white beads on a hoop and they are a 3.5″ drop. I love mustard/old gold for the fall so I expect to get a lot of wear from these. The bracelet that I have on has multi-colored beads, straps, and braids and even though it is mostly in the plum family, I decided to wear it with this look. All of the different colors on it made it blend in with my outfit. A LOT of you are already subscribed to the Plunder Posse and beginning this month there are rewards attached to this service. October Posse with Perks!! Starting this month, join the Posse and you will get rewards for your loyalty!!  The Posse membership is $25 a month. You receive 1 to 3 pieces of jewelry each month that is not in the catalog. Due to the new perks this month, this set is likely to sell out early in the month!!! 50 IS NOT OLD | ARE STRIPES FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40I think this jumpsuit is flattering because of how the strips hug your chest (or what chest you have) and then curve inward at the waist. This helps with the illusion of curves and I can use all the help in that department that I can get. This jumpsuit is from Cato Fashions and I bought it back a month or so ago but I didn’t wear it until I went to New Orleans for the R+F Convention. It was super comfortable and since it is a one-and-done type outfit, it didn’t take up a lot of room in my suitcase. Lol!!! It is machine washable and 100% polyester. For size reference, I am wearing a size large which fits me perfectly. However, I noticed that XL is the only size left on the website, so I will link to some other similar items.

50 IS NOT OLD | ARE STRIPES FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40I told you that this post was going to short and sweet. Lol! This is one of the only times that I actually followed through on that promise because, normally, I will get long winded and talk and talk and talk. Those of you who have talked to me on the phone know exactly what I mean, they can’t ever get away from me. Hahaha! So, if you aren’t busy and have time on your hands and just want to talk, reach out and we will hop on the phone.

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  1. The jumpsuit looks amazing on you. I need to visit Catos. You have many cute items from there.

    Wildlife would stay in their habitats if habitats were not being lost because of needs of humans. We have deer, turkeys, foxes, groundhogs, and more and we live in a very populated area. Just keep the sn**es out of sight! Can’t even say the word, makes me nauseated.

  2. Cheryl peffer Reply

    So glad to hear your grandson is feeling better. Poor little guy.

  3. Debbie Percivall Reply

    So glad to hear that your grandson is better!! Continued prayers. Heck yes to this jumpsuit!!! You look skinny as a rail!!! Very flattering on you!!!!

  4. Glad your Grandson is doing better!
    You look so nice in the jumpsuit and so thin! Very nice!

  5. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    So glad your grandson is better!! We love you and your family and care about them all because of your willingness to share hem w us! Cute outfit and beautiful scenery! I would have loved seeing the wildlife too!

  6. Very flattering look today. Happy to hear baby boy on the mend. I don’t see how you don’t stay tired with all you do. Get some rest.

  7. Lee Ann Warriner Reply

    I love the jumpsuit on you! Very, very flattering. I am also glad that your grandson is doing better. Quick question, I subscribe to the Posse Plunder. Do you have to be a new customer to accumulate the rewards? Just wondering.

    • Tania Reply

      I am not sure, Lee Ann. You could always unsubscribe and then re-subscribe the next day. Lol!!!

  8. You look FANTACULAR in that jumpsuit. It looks tailor made for you.

  9. Elizabeth Bienvenu Reply

    So happy your grandson is better. Good looking jumpsuit…very slimming

  10. Shawn Roberts Reply

    So good to hear about your grandson. Such an answered prayer. I ordered some items from your “party” on Plunder and one of the beautiful pieces is too big for my wrist. I was told to go back to my “stylist” to return it. Is that you? Forgive my ignorance but I’ve never done this kind of ordering before. Thanks for your help with this and all your fashion and family sharing.

  11. Blessings to you and your family. God is indeed good. The jumpsuit looks great on you!

  12. So happy to hear about your grandson! The power of prayer! Love the pantsuit!

  13. Cute jumpsuit….I still feel like I need a lesson in how to shop Cato’s as I go in and seem to wonder aimlessly. Things from there always look so pretty on you. Glad your grandson is doing better.

  14. You look fabulous. The jump suit is really flattering. Also it’s good to know your grandson is on the mend.
    You had me worried this morning as your email was not there. I usually have a cup of tea and read your post around 6.15 am. You arrived at 12.15 p.m. so we had lunch together lol.

  15. So happy your grandson is doing better. That jumpsuit is perfection on you!

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