50 IS NOT OLD | YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH | FASHION OVER 40It is very early in the morning as I sit down to write today’s post. I don’t normally start my blog post until around 7 or 8 at night but I have something that I want to go to this afternoon so I am trying to get my creative juices flowing. I haven’t had coffee or breakfast yet so you might guess how that process is working. I keep finding myself doing the FaceBook scroll while I am waiting on a picture to load or a comment to finally process. There is nothing wrong with scrolling FaceBook except when you have things that need to get done. Then it can seem like you have only been on there for 15 minutes and it has really been over an hour. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH | FASHION OVER 40 Tonight I am going to watch Emersyn play in a basketball game. She is in kindergarten so you might be able to imagine how good they are going to be. Hahaha! She had a game last night that I didn’t get to go to and when I talked to her mom I found out that she got hit in the head with the ball. She came out of the game crying and since there was only a minute left in the game she never went back in. I am wondering if she will shake off that experience or if it will make her shy and skittish tonight. Either way, I will have a blast getting to cheer her on. She is playing for the same team, the Vansant Vikings, that her daddy played for when he was young. I still had one of his old practice outfits so I took it over to their house last week. She thought that was so cool. I don’t think that she can “see” her daddy ever being young or small since he is now 6’4″ tall. Lol! Here is her picture from the other night.50 IS NOT OLD | YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH | FASHION OVER 40 Don’t let that sweet, innocent look fool you. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH | FASHION OVER 40 I had looked at a t-shirt like this online one day but for some reason, I ended up not ordering it. Then, last week, I went to a local boutique and the owner had the t-shirt on. I told her that I loved the shirt and that I had wanted one but just never got around to ordering it. She just smiled and said that “she” just happened to have the shirt in her store. Woohoo!!! The only problem was that she only had larges left in stock but I just had to have the shirt so I bought it. It is a little big so I did the knot side tie to help with the extra volume. Remember that little trick because it makes a t-shirt look more fitted and gets rid of the tail that hangs and looks baggy. I am not sure if she has any more in stock but you can message her and see. I also found several similar shirts on Etsy so you can check those out by going here.50 IS NOT OLD | YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH | FASHION OVER 40 Are these Aryah earring to much for you? They are only a 3.25″ drop but they seem even bigger. I love the gold circles and the white drops that dangle and give movement to the earrings. But, I realize that for some of you this look might be bigger than you are willing to wear. But, there is NO reason that you couldn’t wear the Becca and the Rochelle bracelet. The Becca has large marbleized beads on an elastic cord and a gray leather tassel and the Rochelle is a leopard print gold cuff. Be sure to watch for my video on Friday when I show you all the new fall items that I have gotten in so far. Don’t forget about this month’s giveaway since this is the last week to take advantage of it. I have been celebrating my 3 year blog anniversary by offering a free piece of jewelry with every 50.00 purchase (excluding taxes and shipping) for this entire month! Go here and have fun shopping! Make sure that you pick a party with my name in it so that I can track the purchases.50 IS NOT OLD | YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH | FASHION OVER 40 These faded looking jeans with the patched knees are a couple of years old and they were purchased at Old Navy. When I first bought them I wasn’t sure that I liked the look of the patched knee but they have grown on me over the years. I have plenty of black pixie pants but I don’t have many black jeans. I think everyone could use a good pair of black jeans because they look fabulous with a plain white t-shirt and maybe even a denim jacket. I do like the look of the faded black instead of the DARK black jean. Maybe it has been the influence of the raw-hem and distressed jean trend that has me liking that look.

50 IS NOT OLD | YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH | FASHION OVER 40My two-tone espadrilles were a hand-me-down that became a hand-me-up. My sister had a friend whose mother bought her these shoes. She loved the shoes but couldn’t wear them so she gave them to my sister who couldn’t wear them either. Yep, you guessed it, my sister gave them to me!!! I was super excited to have these given to me because there is no way that I would have ever bought them for myself. The look is cute but the price tag was ridiculous. If you want the real thing then go here but if you want the look without the price tag then shop below.

50 IS NOT OLD | YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH | FASHION OVER 40It appears that we were pretty much ALL in agreement that the top that I wore yesterday needed to go back to the store. It looked cute in the store but not so much on me. Lol! I also think that we can all agree that Rodan + Fields products really do work, whether they are a magical potion or snake oil. Lol!!! A lot of you have been smart and have already taken me up on my R+F special that I am running this month. Don’t wait too long because IT ENDS ON SEPTEMBER 30TH!!!

For anyone who is wanting to try Rodan + Fields this month, I am offering to reimburse you the enrollment fee. AND, to make it even better, I am offering a “The More You Spend, The More You Get For Free” sale from me. This is a perfect time to try any of the products. Here is how it works……

  • Purchase as a Preferred Customer (PC) and the amount totals 80.00 – 149.00, you will receive a Mineral Peptide powder.
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  • Purchase as a Preferred Customer (PC) and the amount totals 350.00 + and you will receive the Microdermabrasion Paste. Don’t forget, if you are not a subscriber for the daily email please enter your email in the box that says Subscribe To Blog Via Email and then be sure to watch for the confirmation email to come through. If you don’t see the confirmation email right away be sure to look in the junk or spam folder. I don’t want you missing out on a single outfit or giveaway!Thanks so much for following me on my blog. Be sure to follow me on PinterestTwitterInstagramYouTube, and Facebook.Please be aware that links to vendors may be affiliate links. I do profit from your purchases through the links on the blog.

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  1. Emersyn looks adorable. I do hope she is confident enough to go on for the team again tonight.
    Your casual look is great. I especially like the jeans. The whole outfit has a relaxed look about it.
    Enjoy the game tonight.
    Jill x

    • Tania Reply

      They might be a tad bit much but I liked the dangles. Lol!

  2. Your grand baby is so cute! Enjoy the game! Love the casual look and the jewelry adds a nice punch to a casual outfit. Best…kathy

  3. love love the earrings! i will be headed to order them today! you look great, comfy and still put together

  4. This probably sounds crazy, but when I first glanced at your shoes, it looks like they say “Joe”! I know it’s just a design…or maybe I’d better go ahead and get my coffee now! Love the shirt. You always look adorable! Have a great day!

  5. Love this outfit, so cute and comfy looking. Something that I could wear on Friday at work and also weekends. I love Emersyn look, you just know she knows how to get her way. So adorable.

    • Tania Reply

      You are right, Dianne! She knows how to wrap me around her little finger. Lol!

  6. Love that casual outfit. I like the distressed black jeans for a change up from jeans. Looks really cute on you. Have a good day

  7. Good morning! YOU and Miss Emersyn look fantastic, today! Hope your mini-me wins her game! Blessings!

  8. I just saw a FAITH t-shirt at my local boutique last week but I’m having trouble stepping out of my comfort zone to wear 5-shirts with sayings on them. I always think they are for you younger gals ! May have to see if it is still there and give it a try. Not sure I could do the patch knee look as I put too many of those on my hubby’s work jeans but …..who knew…he was “in style” ! Have fun at Emersyn’s game.

  9. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    Love this look and your shirt! So cute w the knot tie. Emersyn looks adorable and it takes me back to when my oldest grandson played Upwards Basketball on a church sponsored team. It was so fun!

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