50 IS NOT OLD | 5 MINUTE FACE FOR OVER 40 | FASHION OVER 40I had a LOT of you tell me how much you loved the videos that I uploaded last week. That truly makes me happy and it is an area that I have thought about doing more of. It will be a trial and error type thing so I guess all of you will be my Guinea pigs as I learn what to do and what not to do. So, I have decided to try and do a video on something every Friday or at least until I run out of things to talk about. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | 5 MINUTE FACE FOR OVER 40 | FASHION OVER 40 Today, I am starting with a 5-minute makeup tutorial which took me 20 minutes to video. As you can see, talking does not seem to be a problem for me. I am going to go ahead and list the products that I used and try and link to them if possible. Be sure to comment about the tutorial and you will be entered into the week-long giveaway that I am having. If you do not know what I am talking about, then go back and check out this post.

Products used:

I linked to the Sigma brushes that I used but you can also buy them as a set like I did instead of each one individually. Here is the set that I started with.


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  1. Love it. You amaze me. You never run out of things to talk about and you do this on a daily basis. I blog once a week and sometimes wonder what to talk about next. Well done. You are a star

  2. Love the tutorials!! You’re fun to watch and always keep us engaged!
    I love easy makeup tips! 😍

  3. Loved this Tania!!!! Thank you for taking the time to show us an easy ‘out the door’ look to run errands!!

  4. Fantastic video, Ulta just opened a store near me so the links are helpful. Thank you for taking the time to teach your techniques with the brushes and products. You look fabulous!

  5. Sharon Harper Reply

    Love the videos. I’ve really enjoyed watching them. Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Always enjoy your videos and especially loved this 5 minute face. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Janie Calhoun Reply

    Love it Tania!! Thanks so much for the “how to” for a quick face! All your videos/tutorials are very helpful!

  8. Can’t wait for October 1 to arrive! I read about the new R&D product and I want to try it!

  9. Bev Ridenhour Reply

    Great job!!! Loved the video. Great helpful tips and also showed me that I am doing some things correctly!!! 😀

  10. Loved the video and great tips I’m going to try. Love your blogs have a great weekend.

  11. Cheryl peffer Reply

    I’m not much of a mascara user. But I am going to try the Stila. I have very ,very short. ,thin lashes. I hope this will do the trick. Thanks.

  12. Thank you for sharing these tips. I don’t do this much usually, but I will take an extra few minutes for ME. I love your videos!

  13. Just watched your video. I’m gonna get some Bye Bye Undereye! Loved your tips about highlighter under the brow and in the corner of the eye. As always, thanks for your inspiration!!

  14. Debbie Percivall Reply

    I LOVE the video!!! Ive never tried the contouring thing but I will be off to Ulta again later this morning. I think you love makeup as much as I do!!!

  15. Happy Friday, Miss Tania! You’re adorable! Love this video! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, have fun with Missy Emersyn!

    Happy Fall, Y’all!

  16. Love, love, love this 🙂 Thank you for doing this video you are so awesome and inspiring! I joined Rodan + Fields under my step-daughter and cannot believe how it has transformed my skin. I am 53 and my skin looks better than when I was in my 20’s!

  17. I am so glad you are doing these tutorials!! Its a lot more more fir you but I know I speak for others when I say we appreciate your effort. Love them!!

  18. Love the tutorial! I was checking out your skin and it looks fabulous. Love the products too and can’t wait till Oct 1st. I especially liked the eye makeup. It’s hard for me to put on eye makeup because I have to wear glasses. Ugh!! Keep up the tutorials. This 68 year old likes them. 😀

  19. You have such beautiful skin, even before the makeup. Love, love, love the videos!

  20. Sandy Smith Reply

    I really enjoyed all the tutorials. Usually get a great tip or two each time. Thank you!

  21. Susan Stancliff Reply

    I love your videos. Thanks so much. They give me lots of tips. Is the new perfecting liquid a CC cream or is it an actual foundation? I am anxious to try it.

  22. That mascara looks amazing – will have to run to Ulta this weekend!

  23. I love your videos! I especially love that you explain the brushes that you use. Using the right brush is the key to great makeup application!

  24. Excited you will be doing your tutorials each Friday! I learned something new today! Going to try your mascara! 🙂

  25. Just watched the 5 min. Out the door tutorial and couldn’t help but go WOW on your smooth skin! No crows feet!! I’m 68 and people tell me how nice my skin looks,but for me I think it’s more genes on my dads side lol! When I get low on all my skin care routine I think I’ll get in touch with you on the R&F skin care that suits my skin,yours is beautiful…I’ve used philosophy for years,from there skin wash to their serum to there moisturizer with spf. PS your 5 mins is like mine,I love to chat hahah

  26. Love the tutorial. I want that cream, makeup (whatever it is) when available. I don’t like a heavy makeup and that looks perfect for me. I use the Bye Bye under eye corrector too because I tend to have dark circles and it works wonderfully without using very much. Please let me know when I can purchase the R & F products.

  27. Tania, all 3 of your makeup tutorials are by far the most helpful than any other blogger I’ve watched! Thank you for doing them. Btw, your skin looks great and your teeth are so white! Do you bleach them?

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  28. I want to try this product. Please let me know when available. Quick & easy makeup is what I do. Thanks for the tips. I use the same corrector and it covers my dark circles very good with tiny amount of product. Pretty as always.

    • Sorry I sent comment twice. Didn’t think it went through first time. 😏

  29. Great tutorial, you make it look so easy. Not sure if it’s my tools or product but I had to remove my contacts and clean them after my attempt at lining my eyes with shadow rather than pencil and yes I tapped off the brush. Maybe with a little practice. 🙂

  30. You make it look so easy but I am thinking having the right brushes really helps. I think I need to look into buying the right “tools”. Thank you for sharing!

  31. Love this video as well as the other tutorials you posted last week. These are very informative and helpful as well as being fun to watch. You make everything look so easy! I tend to stick to the same old routine, so will take your advice and try some new products. I’m happy to hear that you’re planning to do more of these.

  32. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    How fun and you look great! Thanks for being transparent w us!

  33. your skin looks flawless without makeup….but i always get some great tips from your make up videos. Love the way you do the corners and i Love the tap, tap, tap!

  34. “Perfect and protect”–so is that PP cream?! ; )

    Love the tutorials!

  35. Love the shadow eye liner and the highlighter tricks. Will have to give those a try. I use a lot of bare minerals makeup and love it. Have gotten into trying some different products, it’s fun to see what works or doesn’t.

  36. Carla Parham Reply

    That was a great video. I do a 5 minute face but it doesn’t look near as good as yours.

  37. Jill severe Reply

    It always amazes me how just a few minutes with the right makeup.and skill can make such an incredible difference. At a time I find more and more women eschewing makeup, thanks for reminding us how this extra effort makes such a difference!

  38. Thank you Tania! Your skin looks awesome. Thank you for teaching us the proper way to use products. I really needed the eyebrow lesson. You are a great teacher. Enjoy your weekend!

  39. I love these tutorials! You look amazing…Thank you for sharing these videos!

  40. You mentioned in your video that you got a new Make-up Light. What brand did you decide to get? Thank you for a wonderful video!

  41. Kelly Shipps Reply

    Love this video. Thank you for it. I need help with using all the Roden & Fields product’s. Will you be doing a video on how you use all the products…like walk us through you doing your skin care routine? I need all the help I can get.

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