50 IS NOT OLD | IS A HANDKERCHIEF HEM FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40I have spent most of the week watching the weather channel for what was happening on the east coast with Hurricane Florence. I am thankful to see that it is now just a tropical storm but it has caused a huge amount of destruction in the past couple of days. I hope that those affected are able to get the help that they need to get everything cleaned up and back to normal as soon as possible. 50 IS NOT OLD | IS A HANDKERCHIEF HEM FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40I knew that the hardest part of my trip was going to be my flight home since I was flying into Charlotte, NC. We spent the entire morning checking and re-checking our flight status to make sure that our flight was not canceled. The good thing was that our flight was later in the afternoon instead of an early morning flight. Our plans had been to land, get our bags, and then make the 4-hour drive home but we decided to grab a hotel room instead. I am not a huge fan of driving at night but adding the horrible rain and fog would make it just a nightmare. We are still so tired that spending a night before we make the 4-hour drive sounds great. My feet are swelled, they look like sausages, and I have not been drinking enough water. I love traveling but I miss my husband and I need to get back in some sort of routine. I also want to just eat normal food again. The food was delicious (even the shrimp with the heads still attached) but I spent almost 2 months trying to lose weight and I found every bit of it in New Orleans.50 IS NOT OLD | IS A HANDKERCHIEF HEM FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40 I love the colors in the print of this dress. I had to look up what the name of the print on the dress was and I found out it was called Majolica. This reminds me of the tiles that you see in the Middle East and I assume that is what they were mimicking. The slight flare of the dress is flattering and it helps to create curves if you are built like me which is like a ruler. The handkerchief hemline creates visual interest and it is also flattering. You need to know what looks best on your body to figure out what style of dress to get. If you are curvy then a fit-and-flare style dress would probably look the best for you. However, an apple might prefer a shift dress for their style. There are lots of different styles to choose from so just try on several to see what fits your body type best. THIS dress is machine washable and does run true to size and I am wearing a size 12.

50 IS NOT OLD | IS A HANDKERCHIEF HEM FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40I added pearls to today’s look. Pearls are always my go-to look when I am in a hurry or if I don’t know what else to wear. Although this look is not a “classic” pearl look, it is still pearls and that counts. Lol! The Chantilly necklace is a cluster of elongated teardrop pearls on a gold chain. I am also wearing the matching Dari earrings. These have the same teardrop pearls and have a 3.5″ drop. The Torilyn multi-strand pearl bracelet looks just as good with jeans as it does a dress. I find myself wearing this bracelet a lot. This month is my 3 year Blog anniversary! I can’t believe that it has been that long! I am celebrating by offering a free piece of jewelry with every 50.00 purchase (excluding taxes and shipping) for this entire month! Go here and have fun shopping! Make sure that you pick a party with my name in it so that I can track the purchases. You will love the new fall collection! I placed an order while I was in New Orleans and I can’t wait for it to arrive.50 IS NOT OLD | IS A HANDKERCHIEF HEM FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40 These espadrille shoes are adorable but I have not gotten used to the strap around my ankle yet. I wore them once and they were perfect and then I wore them again and I ended up with blisters. I think that it has to do with how tight they are around your ankles but I am not sure. I will give them one more chance but if they hurt me again then they will be out of here. I can take a small amount of discomfort but blisters are not acceptable. I do like a wedge and I love the look of an espadrille so I am crossing my fingers that I just had them on weird the second time that I wore them.

50 IS NOT OLD | IS A HANDKERCHIEF HEM FLATTERING | FASHION OVER 40My week of learning and growing has come to a close. There’s literally not a part of my body that isn’t hurting! I’ve walked no less than 40,000 steps (20-25 miles) in 4 days (those who know me know this is unheard of for me )…so many things to come through, not just for my business but for ME as a woman. My journey is just beginning. So grateful for the experiences I’ve had and the amazing women I’ve had the pleasure of bonding with!! This entire week was spent on uplifting each other. I love this business and this company because of all that they do for women and the youth. They had a goal to have given 10,000,000.00 dollars in 10 years to the Prescription For Change Foundorganizationainization for the betterment of our youth. The goal was reached at the last minute when we hit 10,187,796!!! What an awesome company I get to partner with.

I was so impressed by the diversity of women (and men) that I saw at the R+F Convention. There were every size and shape represented along with women in there earlier 20’s to women in their 80’s. There were extremely large women, extremely small women, and women who were in wheelchairs. There were women of all different races and from all walks of life. I met waitresses, lawyers, teachers, nurses, pharmacists, realtors, retired ladies, and stay at home moms. Each one of them was so different but they all had something in common……….they wanted MORE! I don’t know what their “more” was because it is different for each person. One person might be wanting more money while the next person might be wanting more friendships or confidence. I love helping more women feel good about themselves. I love seeing someone have the confidence to go into a room and know that they look nice. I love helping someone earn an extra payday that they might be in desperate need of. I love helping women!! If you are interested in hearing MORE then send me an email at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com and we can schedule a phone call. You never know how that one little email can change your life. Don’t settle, go for MORE!

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  1. Sharon Masterson Reply

    You mentioned losing weight. Can gives all over 50 some tips on losing weight over 50. 😀

  2. Tanya. You are one special lady and I mean that sincerely in the nicest of ways.
    I love a handkerchief point dress or skirt they always feel floaty and feminine once again the colour you are wearing is just you.
    Glad to hear you had a lovely time away and have now arrived home safely.
    Looking forward to reading and seeing what happens to you in the future.

  3. wonderful message today. everyone is so different but so much the same. If we all spent our time trying to uplift each other every day, the world would be a better place.

  4. There’s no place like home!!! Your visit sounded wonderful and also tiring. I wish I had your stamina!! It was smart not to drive in the dark, due to the weather and flooded areas.
    Better be safe than sorry!!
    Love the photos you shared!! Today’s outfit looks very casual and comfortable!
    Can’t wait to hear more!!

  5. Cheryl peffer Reply

    Glad you enjoyed the convention. My niece also came back from it with even more enthusiasm.

  6. Glad you had such a terrific time. R&F sounds like a great company! It’s great to get away but I always look forward to going home. I guess I am more of a homebody than I ever thought. I too struggle with eating on the road especially since I am trying to lose weight. I like this type of dress and wish I saw it more often.

  7. You’re just the cutest thing, ever! Glad you’re home safe and sound! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Those miserable shoes!

  8. Love your emails!!! You need to do a video on how you blow dry your hair. Also, how can I access all your videos? I can only find the last few each day.

    • Tania Reply

      Gayle, I am so glad that you liked the videos. I need to start doing them more often. I do have them uploaded on YouTube so you can go in and search for 50 is not old on there.

  9. What a CUTE dress ! Wish it was just a “tad” cheaper, I would snatch it up for next year or even wear a jean jacket over it yet this fall. I was curious what you would do with your “diet” when you were back from convention. The day you told us what your meals consisted of, I didn’t see how eating the same thing day in and day out would be a “lifetime” change. For me, I truly believe that everything in moderation…and portion control!

  10. One of my all-time favorite dresses had a handkerchief hem. Actually I think of it from time to time. Congratulations on your third anniversary of your blog. I know how much work that has been, so job well done! Brenda

  11. Kathie Sansbury Blackwell Reply

    Glad you had a great week. Not as much damage as we expected in Myrtle Beach area. The inland areas are still flooding like crazy with roads being washed out, dams breaking and flooding. We are fine but people a couple of miles or so from us, not so good. We were fortunate that God intervened and that hurricane lost some strength.

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