50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE A SWEATSHIRT LOOK FASHIONABLE | FASHION OVER 40Everything has now swung into high gear for me. I will be leaving the house very early in the morning and driving to Charlotte, NC to catch a plane to New Orleans. I will arrive in the Big Easy sometime around 3:30 pm and have plenty of time to check in, rest up, and then get ready to go out to a big dinner that has already been planned. That is what is going to happen tomorrow but today is the day that is going to be hectic and fast-paced. 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE A SWEATSHIRT LOOK FASHIONABLE | FASHION OVER 40It is starting out with a manicure and a pedicure. I am in desperate need because I have not had one since before I went to Rosemary Beach several weeks ago. As soon as that is done, I am off to get my hair cut and colored. I schedule my appointment for every 5 weeks and it just happened to hit today. I really prefer to have it cut about a week before I go somewhere because I hate the “get used to the cut” phase that we have to go through. The hair appointment will probably last at least 3 hours and then I am off to finish up the last few details of packing. I did the biggest bulk of it on Sunday afternoon but there are still a few minor details that I need to make sure that I didn’t forget. I have taken a few videos of makeup, hair, skincare routines, etc. that I plan on posting part of next week. I know that my schedule will be VERY tight so I want to make sure that I have a post for you. So, this afternoon, I will be doing tomorrow’s post and editing video (another learning curve) and hopefully, it will all be good. Lol! I am sure that most of you are aware that tomorrow is 9-11 and that is a very sad and somber day across the nation. Be sure to say a prayer for our nation because we were all affected by the day in one way or another. Also, since I will be flying on that day,  😱 please remember me also.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE A SWEATSHIRT LOOK FASHIONABLE | FASHION OVER 40 I have been looking at this sweatshirt for a long time. I originally wanted it in a maze yellow color for fall but ended up deciding to our this gorgeous merlot color instead. I absolutely love this color but it is the tie at the side of the hem that is why I was drawn to the top. This is a perfect way that you can be comfortable (I am all about that) and stylish (I am all about that, Lol!) at the same time. Who said that wearing a sweatshirt had to look sloppy? This shirt is by Calson but here is the bad news. I just go this in on Thursday, and when I went to get the link on the website, it is already completely sold out of all colors. Whenever you are looking at any clothing item just think in the back of your mind, “is this fashionable also, or could I find something else that would look nicer?” Remember, it is all in the details, they make a world of difference in your look.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE A SWEATSHIRT LOOK FASHIONABLE | FASHION OVER 40Well, the Christine necklace and the Frankie bracelet made the cut and weren’t put on the retirement list but unfortunately, my earrings were not as lucky. Lol! The Christine necklace is lightweight and it makes layering a piece of cake. The colors of this necklace are beautiful and they are neutrals so they will go with almost everything. The Frankie bracelet is going to be one that you will get a lot of wear from. It is super easy to put on since this features a magnetic closure. The leopard print is very fashionable and the tassels are a hot trend. Later tonight the NEW Fall and Winter jewelry will be available for purchase. I have had a sneak peek and I like it much better than I did the spring items. I will be placing an order later this week for a lot of items. I will be out of town until late next Sunday so I am not in a hurry to place the order.Don’t forget about my month-long giveaway. I am celebrating by offering a free piece of jewelry with every 50.00 purchase (excluding taxes and shipping) made this entire month! Go here and have fun shopping! Make sure that you pick a party with my name in it so that I can track the purchases. 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE A SWEATSHIRT LOOK FASHIONABLE | FASHION OVER 40My python print purse is soooo old but I drag it out every year to carry. This is one that I got when I had a Stella & Dot party ages ago. This was called The Switch and the only way that I know that you can find it is by going on eBay. Here is one that I found on eBay that is brand new and not used. 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE A SWEATSHIRT LOOK FASHIONABLE | FASHION OVER 40My open-toe booties are by Marc Fisher and the style name is Novice. These are last years style but the open-toe look is still going strong and I love the small tassel and the block heel that these have. The block heel seems to make them more comfortable when it comes to walking for long periods. These are a very limited quantity and sizes but you can go here to check them out. The pants (here) are Pixie Pants from Old Navy. You will notice that I will wear a lot of pants that are in this style. They stretch and they are very comfortable. I do recommend going up a size if you are buying the version that has spandex in it. The chino version seems to run more true to size. 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE A SWEATSHIRT LOOK FASHIONABLE | FASHION OVER 40I am really excited about going to the R+F Convention and I can’t wait to see all of my friends and experience all that NOLA has to offer. The lifestyle that I lead now is so different from the one I was leading 3 years ago when I started this blog. I have grown in my fashion and I have also grown in my confidence. I am astounded at how many people my age think that they are too old to start a new chapter of their life. It is like reading a book and halfway through just deciding that not new or exciting was going to happen so you just quit reading. I was just talking to Joe about this last Friday. So many people, men and women alike, start to power down and settle in for the looooong wait until life is over. I am beyond grateful that I fell into a life that is keeping me busy, energized, youthful, and happy.

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  1. Lovely sweat top. Far nicer than the sporty ones. I am looking for one for myself as Jilly’s Jaunts are now travelling North and towards home where I know the sunshine has left and rain taken its place.

    • Tania Reply

      I love the top, too. I get cold easy and this will keep me warm and look great also.

  2. Laurie Hannus Reply

    I love that color of sweatshirt!!! It’s beautiful! The only thing about it is how long the tie is…it appears to go down to your knee! Love the jewelry you paired with it!
    And your handbag.

    Safe travels on 9-11. Enjoy your trip! God bless.

  3. Yvonne Weimer Reply

    I love that sweatshirt! 😢 You will love NO! I live just outside of the city. I hope you are bringing some “stretchy” clothes because the food is fabulous!

  4. I love sweatshirts in the fall as they are warm enough to take the chill off without having to wear a jacket. I signed up for the newsletter but did not get it either on Saturday so I’m hoping that I’m one that you found maybe marked it wrong and I’ll get it this week. Thanks for the link so I could go back and read Saturdays. I have to tell you that I went to Cato’s and bought those jeans you were styling in the last photo and I also picked up the fringed kimono that you styled a couple weeks ago. They didn’t have in the navy, red and white so I got the gray, maroon and white one. Have a fun week.

  5. Tania, Look back at some of these pics and look at the crotch area. The pants are not fitting you properly in that area. I am sorry, I truly don’t want to offend you. I love your blog and I think you are absolutely adorable, but double check and see what you think.

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