50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER AND TASSELS | FASHION OVER 40I think that I am being punished for all of the talk I have been doing about fall coming soon. It is sweltering out today, it is soooo hot!!! When I went out today to the post office and the grocery store, my car said it was 94 degrees. I bet a lot of you in Texas or Arizona are saying, “Cry me a river” because you are used to these kinds of temperatures. On the other hand, I am not and I feel like the wicked witch of the West and I am melting!!! 50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER AND TASSELS | FASHION OVER 40Because I am getting geared up for the upcoming fall season, I ordered in a lot of fall items and they just came in. Do you know how miserable I was trying on these sweaters and heavy cardigans? The air conditioning was blowing right on me and I was still having a heat stroke. I even went outside and took a few pictures of some of the items before I cried “uncle” and just gave up on getting any pictures made. I wanted to stop at Dairy Queen and get me an ice cream cone so badly but I remembered that I have to get in a formal gown next week and I am already starting to worry that might not happen. I wonder if they have ever had anyone show up for a masquerade gala wearing a mumu? Lol!!! That might be a slight exaggeration but not much. Hahaha! The one dress that I bought took three people to zip it the first time. (I am NOT exaggerating) My Energizer Bunny Friend has been lifting weights trying to build up her muscles since she will be the only one there to do the zipping. My worry is that once it is zipped what would I do if it busted out while I was at the gala??? 😱 Kelly Clarkson and Mario Lopez might see a side of me that they weren’t counting on. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER AND TASSELS | FASHION OVER 40 When it is hot outside I love wearing a dress. They are so much cooler than pants or even shorts. This off the shoulder shift dress is adorable and chic at the same time. The hanging tassels and the vibrant print add fun to the look. I think this dress gives off a youthful vibe and I like that. This dress just slips over your head so if you live by yourself and don’t have anyone to zip you up, this dress is perfect for you. The dress is 100% polyester and it is unlined. I am wearing a size 12, my normal size for a dress, but I think I could wear a smaller size. If you are not a fan of the off the shoulder look then just let it look more like a boat neck. This is washable so go here if you are interested. 50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER AND TASSELS | FASHION OVER 40Look, I got photobombed!!! I have on the Diana bright red metal earrings today. It is hard for me to believe that I used to never wear the color red. I was afraid that people would notice me or look at me. I didn’t want anything to draw attention to myself. Is there anyone out there who feels that way now? The bright red bling bracelet that I have on is the Candy. I love this bracelet and I am sad to see that both of these items are on the retiring list from Plunder. If you like either one of them then you need to order them quickly since they will be going away soon. Just think about all the different holidays where you could wear them…..Christmas, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, and Memorial Day are a few ideas. Also, did you know that this month is my 3 year Blog anniversary? I can’t believe that it has been that long! I am celebrating by offering a free piece of jewelry with every 50.00 purchase (excluding taxes and shipping) made this entire month! Go here and have fun shopping!50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER AND TASSELS | FASHION OVER 40 The discounts for my Blog Anniversary extends to my Rodan + Fields products also. I gave out the details in yesterday’s post about the Buy More and Get More From Me sales that are going on. But, I have an extra special for NEW Preferred Customers. I want everyone to at least “try” Rodan + Fields but some people balk at paying the one-time enrollment fee of 19.95. This month, because of my anniversary, I will reimburse the 19.95 back to all NEW PC’s. This is not something that I normally do so be sure to take advantage of this while you can. Go HERE to my website, shop for the products you want, go to checkout, click on the enroll as a Preferred Customer, and then hit continue. As Emersyn says, “Easy Peasy” but if you do run into problems just let me know. Remember, you have a 60-day money back guarantee so what have you got to lose? Oh, yeah……….age spots, lines, wrinkles, acne, etc. Lol!!!

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  1. Cute dress Tania, I’ve been wear a lot of dresses lately too. In fact, I am wearing one on the blog today! I love the red, white and combo, it reminds me of the 4th of July. Your looking fantastic and I’m sure you will be rocking your dress.

  2. Mary Lou Wells Reply

    Love this dress! We wear a lot of red/scarlet in Ohio because of our beloved Buckeyes. We feel the heat and humidity here too. Good luck with your evening gown. You’re brave to wear a dress that doesn’t fit properly. I can’t fully enjoy myself if I’m worried about a seam blow out. : ) Sounds like you’re going to have a super fun time with Kelly and Mario! Make the most of it!!!

  3. You look great!!! I think you’ll feel amazing in your gown next week. Keep walking until then..walk as far and as often as you can, which could be a challenge in this heat so you might need to jump in the pool occasionally 😉

  4. This dress looks comfy but I just can’t get into the off the shoulder for myself. Even a wide neck I’m always pulling it up thinking it’s falling off my shoulders. We are going to have to take advantage of wearing this type of dress with sandals since we are in about the last month for sandals and bare legs in my area. Thank you for answering my question yesterday so I hopefully signed up the correct way for the newsletter this morning.

  5. https://www.swahlee.com/about

    This site has two cute dresses. They are just starting out. Read their story. Empower women and order a dress! I know one of the young women behind this endeavor. It is an awesome cause!

  6. Nice dress and looks lovely on you. What about the shoes? What brand? Where to get? Enjoy the gala. Sounds exciting.

  7. OH, MY GOSH!!! You are totally adorable, today! My goodness, it’s beautiful where you live, isn’t it? Have a great day! ❤️

  8. I love, love, love the off the shoulder look but hate strapless bras. Any suggestions?

    • Tania Reply

      I am working on that Dawn. I don’t have a lot in the upstairs department so I don’t have to worry about a bra too much. I am asking some of my more endowed friends what they suggest.

  9. Dana Buckingham Reply

    I really like this dress and I also like the upturn of your hair!!

  10. The dress is darling and looks great on you. Love the shoes. I remember the days when I could wear heels—but no heels for me these days! Beautiful location for your photos today, even if you did get photo bombed!

  11. Please tell me your shoes are comfy! They look like they would hurt!

  12. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    That is one adorable, young, flattering dress!! And those slant toe heels are the bomb w it! You look about 30 girl!! Yes, it is super hot and humid here too and I’m in the attic getting my Christmas stuff down so I can move next week and I’m about to die! Maybe Ill lose 10 lbs! Ha! I too still dont like wearing a red dress or shirt or lipstick, but always get compliments when I do!

  13. Debbie Clark. Reply

    I am Loving following you! You have inspired me to dress my best. I’ve tried several times to get on your email blog and so far haven’t received any.

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