50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON LABOR DAY | FASHION OVER 40I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Today is Labor Day and I know that for a lot of you the weekend is not over since you have today off also. A long weekend is so enjoyable and I remember looking forward to them even though we hardly ever had plans. One plan that I always make is to check out all of the sales that are going on. (Insert a shocked gasp) I posted all of my favorite store’s sales in this Saturday’s newsletter. If you would like to see it just click HERE. This weekend was a blast for me since I got to have a sleepover with little Miss Thang, aka Emersyn. Her mom and dad were gone on Saturday and they weren’t coming back until really late so she spent the night with me. We played with Slime (of course,) we made a trip to McDonald’s, Walmart and the Dollar Store, a local boutique, the airport to check out the new paint job on Joe’s plane, watched a groundhog and wild turkeys playing, and then followed all that by going to the Park and letting her play until it was pitch black outside. And my son wonders why she wants to come to my house since it is not fun. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON LABOR DAY | FASHION OVER 40 There was one little fight thought before she went back home on Sunday. I told her that she had to clean up all of her mess and toys before she could go home. Apparently, that was not on her to-do list. She tried balking, crying, stomping her foot, and then declared that I was MEAN! She said that I was never mean to her and she just couldn’t understand why I was treating her in this manner. Lol! She finally got around to picking up everything after some tears and then she had me rolling on the floor. She was cleaning up the mess from where she had been playing with her Barbie house. She was picking up the clothing that was laying around and she asked me, “NeeNee, what am I supposed to do with these hooker pants?” WHAT??? I said, “what kind of pant?” She told me again that they were hooker pants and I thought I was going to laugh. I asked her about the pants and why she was calling them hooker pants. She said, “because YOU said they were hooker pants.” Okay, first thing, I don’t talk about hookers or their clothing to my 5-year-old granddaughter. I said, “no, I didn’t tell you that.” “Yes, you did, NeeNee. You said these pants had to be hung up on the hooks.” LOL!!! I told my son when he came over to pick her up that this story was definitely going on the blog because if she ever tells anyone that her NeeNee said they were wearing hooker pants I want them to know the reason why. Hahahaha! 50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON LABOR DAY | FASHION OVER 40On Labor Day the dress is more casual. I chose to wear my bright pink linen blend top that I got in a Trunk Club shipment months ago. This linen tee was by a brand called Uptown and it came from Nordstrom. This particular top is no longer available but I did find a lot of pink tops that look just as nice and I think ALL of them are on sale. See, now they look a lot nicer than the one I have on and you haven’t even seen them yet. Lol! I like bright pink and since Labor Day kind of marks an unofficial end to summer I wanted to wear a signature summer color. Surely you gurls know me better than that, I just like bright colors. Hahaha! I am not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet but I do like fall decorations and the jewel tones that are associated with fall. Which is your favorite season?

50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON LABOR DAY | FASHION OVER 40The India earrings are so fun loving. They are the type of accessory that makes me smile. I love the pink and white tassels and the added pearls and I really like how large these are. It is funny how after you start wearing larger earrings you really get addicted to them. You have been warned!!! The Violet bracelet has pink tassels and multi-colored beads all on a navy thread. If you look closely, you can see that this bracelet adjusts simply by tightening and un-tightening the navy cord. This is a wonderful system that makes putting the bracelet on and taking it off really easy. The new fall collection will be released I think on the 7th and I can’t wait to finally get to see everything. Stay tuned, there will be specials from me heading your way.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON LABOR DAY | FASHION OVER 40

I haven’t carried this handbag in a while but it is such a beautiful color that I had to get it out today. This is a handbag by Kate Spade that I earned as a reward from R+F. The bright blue color is one that will work no matter what season it is. I have noticed that Kate Spade has gone away from this brighter color to a more muted blue. Maybe I am the only person out there that likes everything bright and bold.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON LABOR DAY | FASHION OVER 40I just bought these cute espadrille shoes by G.I.L.I. the other day. I love a wedge heel and the espadrille look is so summery. I know there isn’t much of summer left but it comes back every year. Lol! I like the two-tone look of the jute and the white leather. These are on sale right now and you can find them by going here. BTW, I am wearing my normal size in these shoes.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON LABOR DAY | FASHION OVER 40 These embroidered jeans were bought in the early spring and they had gotten lost in my closet. I pulled them out and I had even forgotten about them. When I came out wearing them Joe declared them cute. This coming fall it is all going to be about jeans. I have noticed in all of the stores that jeans are their focus. I love jeans in the fall so I can’t wait to start wearing my booties and boots. Joe is already starting to dread that look because he is not as big a fan as I am.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON LABOR DAY | FASHION OVER 40This is going to be a CRAZY month in my Rodan + Fields business. I leave for the convention in New Orleans on the 11th and I can’t wait to celebrate in the Big Easy. I have two masquerade galas to attend and you need to cross your finger that I can fit in the dresses. Also, I am hoping that the masks that I order actually arrive in time. I am not sure that a mask drawn on with a sharpie would look near as good. Lol! THEN, they will be announcing another new product on the 14th and that will be wild. I wrap up all of the fun by getting to go to a concert with Kelly Clarkson and Mario Lopez. I will be dragging my tail by the time that I get back home. But that is not all, (sounds like an infomercial) I am also running for a big goal and that means that I will be offering sales and discounts all month long. This is a perfect time to try any of the products and get something for FREE from me. I am offering a “The More You Spend, The More You Get For Free” sale from me. Here is how it works……

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  1. You look great!! It’s such a bright, festive outfit for the holiday weekend! Joe is right, those jeans are cute!
    I have already decided that I will be wearing my sandals for as long as I can!! Since the weather has turned humid again, the thought of having to wear socks with boots brings on a hot flash!!😂
    Looking forward to this season’s outfits!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Have a great Labor Day!!

    • Tania Reply

      Carol, did you just utter those horrid words, “Joe is right?” Lol!!! I hope that he doesn’t read this post. I am with you on socks. I can’t stand them and never wear them unless it is an emergency.

  2. Love the embroidered jeans, as Joe says they are cute. You are lucky to enjoy so many holidays, we had our last in August and now Christmas is the next.

    • Tania Reply

      Goodness, we still have a couple of holidays to go. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas for the BIG ones. But, there are still a few small ones thrown in for good measure besides those.

  3. Christine E. Falk Reply

    Tania, I’d love to know where you got those jeans. What is the brand? I love hunting around on the internet to find things and maybe I could locate a pair of them for me! 😊 Thank you!

  4. Enjoy your day. Your outfit is ready for anything that comes your way. Barbques, shopping, etc.. I love the innocence of a grandchild. They remind us how they take what we say to heart. I got a good laugh over hooker pant.

    • Tania Reply

      I agree, Connie. This outfit could be worn for almost any day of the week. I laughed and laughed over her statement. She is a mess.

    • Tania Reply

      I would talk, Miss Cutie Pie! I loved that blush dress you had on the other day. It was too cute!

  5. Cheryl peffer Reply

    Leave it to the little ones, you know they don’t miss a thing. Hooker jeans is pretty funny.

  6. Yes, I was thrilled to get your newsletter this weekend and I love this outfit! Have a blessed day!

    • Tania Reply

      I am so glad that it worked!!! That was a big learning curve for me!

  7. Laurie Hannus Reply

    Hilarious!!! Out of the mouths of babes!! ThtsTh a krrpek of a story!!
    Love the brights and I’m going to keep wearing summer colors until it’s 50 degrees…I’m not ready to let summer go. I love fall too but summer is brcbecom a favorite.

    • Tania Reply

      It reminded me of Art Linkletter. Remember, he used to say, “Kids say the darndest things.”

    • Tania Reply

      They were from Cato Fashions, Holly. Unless you can find them on a resale type page I have no idea where you could find them.

  8. BeeeBeee Allen Reply

    You are glowing! That shade of pink is incredibly flattering on you and the earrings compliment the top perfectly.

  9. Adorable outfit! But as it is still in the 90s with high humidity here in NC, it will be awhile before I put on a pair of jeans. Still shorts and tank tops here!

  10. Hooked pants! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! I just tried signing up for your newsletter a third time. Not sure what I’m doing wrong but would love to receive it. Thanks!

  11. Hooker pants!! hahahaha I’ve seen some Barbie clothes that fit the bill. LOL

  12. OK, lesson learned and note to self: Do NOT read Tania’s blog with a mouth full of hot tea or any other drink because you may die by choking due to uncontrolled laughter!!! That Emersyn is something else, I’ll tell you – HOOKER PANTS!!! I’ll be giggling all day on this one!

  13. Pink is your color Tania and I love those jeans too!! Emerson story
    is so funny….love it!!

  14. Love those shoes! It may sound funny, but they make your feet look so slender. 🙂

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