50 IS NOT OLD | BACK TO BRIGHT AND COLORFUL | FASHION OVER 40Thanks to all of you for asking about Emersyn. She is feeling better today although if you ask her how she is feeling she will still declare that she is sick and doesn’t feel good. I figured out what is wrong with her……she has a case of the “man flu!” Lol! She came over to spend the afternoon with me and she was bouncing off of the walls. I think that she had been feeling so bad for the past few days that she was trying to make up for all of the downtimes.50 IS NOT OLD | BACK TO BRIGHT AND COLORFUL | FASHION OVER 40 She came over with a tub of orange sherbert and she ate on that for a while. When her eyes spotted her 3 pounds of Slime she quickly decided that she was full of the sherbert and wanted to play with the slime instead. Let me just say right now, if you have grandchildren who want to play with slime, buy it for them and then send it HOME with them. Lol! Everytime that Emersyn comes to my house she has to leave with something in her hand. But for some reason, she will NOT take the Slime home with her. Lol! She played with it on the dining room table for a little while until she got it on her shirt and on my chair. I threw her shirt in the wash and made her get in the high chair instead which was a smart idea. The tray of the high chair is made with a lip so none of the Slime could ooze off into the floor. She could have gotten away with anything today though since I was so glad to see her feeling better. And, just in case you were wondering, yes, she went to school today.50 IS NOT OLD | BACK TO BRIGHT AND COLORFUL | FASHION OVER 40 I agreed with you gurls yesterday. I didn’t look the best in the top that I had on, I think it washed me out also. I love wearing bright colors so today I am back to that look including wearing lipstick. LOL!!! This cute little top looks all festive and like an island oasis with all of the plant prints. I bought this the other day off of the clearance rack at Cato Fashions and I initially meant to wear this with a pair of white cropped pants. With this type of top though you can wear it with a ton of different things. I would have liked it better without the little lace details at the top but I can live with it. Here is the link to this top but since it is on clearance I don’t know how long it will last. I will link to a few more tops just in case this one sells out too fast.

50 IS NOT OLD | BACK TO BRIGHT AND COLORFUL | FASHION OVER 40The top was so vibrant and had so much going on that I decided to wear just a small pair of stud earrings. I must be the one sick instead of Emersyn. Lol! These, even though you can’t see them very well, are the Anika and they are a cobalt blue color. These are only a 1/2″ round, so they are not big at all. I wanted to let everyone know that any of the retiring jewelry can be purchased until the 6th and after that, they will go away. If you want a list of the retiring jewelry just let me know and I’ll send the list to you.  Keep checking out the specials and sale items on the page. Go here to place orders and pick a party with my name in it. 50 IS NOT OLD | BACK TO BRIGHT AND COLORFUL | FASHION OVER 40The Alina Pull-On Ankle Skinny Jeans by NYDJ are fabulous!!! I got these in my last Trunk Club shipment and I really like them. I have always been partial to darker washed jeans but this pair has me going to them all the time. I am not sure if it is the fit or the color that I like so much. These are my normal size, which is a size 10, and they fit perfectly. They do have that curve-hugging stretch so they fit like this all day long and you don’t have to worry about the saggy butt or knees. Lol! Here is the link to this color and here is the link to the darker wash pair if you are not ready to hop aboard the lighter jean train. The plus size Alina’s don’t come in the pull-on but here is the light version and here is the dark version. 50 IS NOT OLD | BACK TO BRIGHT AND COLORFUL | FASHION OVER 40I didn’t tell you about my brightly colored bracelet. It is a bakelite vintage bracelet that I bought at a vintage fashion show. I thought it matched great! Because I had on so much color, I went with neutral shoes. These are an old pair from Aerosoles that I have had for a couple of years. The thing that I really like about the Aerosole’s brand is that every pair that I have ever tried have felt great on. This pair has a nice cushioned sole so I can walk in these all day long.


I told you yesterday how much I am loving the new Active Hydration Body Replenish. Below I am showing you a few of the comments that I have received from my customers who have tried the product. I am placing an order for some other ladies and if you would like me to order you a jar just let me know. I am going to be offering the jar at the Preferred Customer price of 59.00 and I will pay the shipping. Orders will go out by the end of the month so let me know if you would like one or take my advice and get two. Lol!!!

“I feel it is helping my aging hands and chest already. I love it. Wonder if it will help “chicken skin” on legs. Not looking for a miracle but Hey! A girl wants to look and feel her best at any age for herself!”

“I use it all over including my legs. It’s only been a couple of days but I like it. Like you, Tania, my skin is very dry and this is helping more than any other moisturizer I’ve ever used.”

“Received my Active Hydration today.
I’m sending you this comparison because you’re my consultant  and I want to share it with someone just not everyone lol…because neither pic of my arm looks great, heck I’m 65 what do I expect. Anyway, there is a noticeable improvement in the second pic  and to be honest I really did not expect to see that  these pics were taken an hour apart.
Woohoo! this stuff really works!”

When I asked her if I could share (no name mentioned) she replied, “Go ahead and share. I am truly amazed by this product.

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  1. Love this outfit! Going to Cato today, I hope. Cute bracelet, too! Yes, please, I would appreciate a list of retiring jewelry.

    • Tania Reply

      Nancy, I hope you find some great deals today at Cato!!! I’ll send the list to you right now.

    • Tania Reply

      Janet, that is about the ONLY thing that I have near me. Lol!

  2. Glad Emersyn is feeling better! Such a happy and colorful outfit. I really like NYDJ. I have two pair of a cuffed version and boy are they comfy. I have been buying Aerosole shoes for years now and I totally agree they are the most comfortable. You can never go wrong with beige, it goes with everything! Just an FYI , Naturalizer has some really stylish and comfortable platform sandals.

    • Tania Reply

      Carol, I had never tried the NYDJ jeans until about 6 months ago and now I am hooked. They are amazing! I have a few Naturalizer shoes also but I haven’t been able to find any close by lately that are stylish. I need to check them out again.

  3. Kathleen Siebert Reply

    I would like to order the Active Hydration Body Replenish. How do I do that?


    • Tania Reply

      Kathy, I’ll order it for you and then send it to you. You just need to email me your shipping address and then you can either mail me a check or pay by Paypal.

  4. I was in Cato a couple weeks ago…why didn’t I see this top..even on the regular priced racks?? I am such a terrible shopper. I feel like I just wander, not knowing what I’m looking for…LOL This top definitely gives you more color then yesterdays 😉 and what a good price on it. You are so lucky to live next door to your grandchildren…even if it can get “messy” !!

    • Tania Reply

      I know that wandering feeling all too well. Once while I was shopping in Cato, there was this lady who was looking over the racks right in front of me. She walked off to the next rack and I continued looking. I pulled out this gorgeous white lace top and she about died. She said, “where did you find that, Is there another one?” You have to look at each item and go slow. Lol!

      • Tania…that’s my problem…always in a hurry and really don’t know what I’m looking for so just shop aimlessly. I need a lesson on “how to shop” …LOL

  5. Cheryl peffer Reply

    Replenish is the miracle worker.You see results in one application. I’m 68, and I was impressed.

    • Tania Reply

      I agree with you, Cheryl! I think this product is going to be more popular than Lash Boost!!! That is saying a whole lot!

  6. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    Well, I liked yest. top, but it did appear very pale. This one has so many cute details and bright colors. That bracelet is SO unusual and perfect w that top! Cant wait to try my new body butter! Ooh, slime is so gross! You ‘re a great Grandma!

  7. Yea! You’re BACK and Missy Emersyn is feeling her oats, again! It’s just NOT in me to tell you if I like or do not like what you wear. You’re MY fashion guru.

    Hey, BTW, I’d love to know how much your R+F body cream is, GF! I’d love for my chicken skin to fly THIS coop!

    ❤️Annie L.

  8. Pamela Hudson Sola Reply

    Liked this top so much I ordered it for myself! Looks so pretty on you. Thanks for keeping us gurls updated on fashion.

  9. Carla Parham Reply

    Tania. I love the top but what really caught my eye was how slim you look. Not that you needed to lose weight but you mentioned your diet a week or so ago and it is really working. Good for you.

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