50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BLUE IN THE FALL OF THE YEAR | FASHION OVER 40Today was a long, long day. I had a couple of scheduled phone calls where I was talking to some ladies about blogging and my other businesses. Then I got dressed and went to Walmart to get some supplies but I forgot to get my printer cartridge so I’ll need to go back again tomorrow. Lol! Then I was off to one bank to deposit some money and another bank to put some things in the safe deposit box. Then, I topped it off by having to stop at the Insurance agency to talk about some bills that I had gotten. How is that for an exciting day of a blogger?50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BLUE IN THE FALL OF THE YEAR | FASHION OVER 40 When I got to the house, Joe mentioned that Emersyn was sick and didn’t feel well. I called to check on her and then I saw her outside so I went over to see her and baby Beckham. She was feeling some better but she had the “look” in her eyes that said that she was sick. They took her to the doctor and she was running a fever, had a headache, and had an irritated throat. She tested negative for pneumonia, which is going around in her school, so they gave her some antibiotics and told her to rest. Here is where it got crazy. Apparently, unless I have misunderstood the new rules, we now have a very strict attendance policy at her school. If you miss more than 12 days the entire school year, they can hold you back and not let you go to the next grade. If you are tardy 3 times that equals an absence. If you leave early 3 times, that equals an absence. Today, when they called from the school to say that she was running a fever, my son and DIL had to discuss whether or not they should go and pick her up. Are you stinking kidding me? No wonder there are so many kids getting sick since the parents are being forced to send them to school even when they are sick and don’t feel good. BTW, a doctors excuse doesn’t matter, an absence is an absence. Am I the only who thinks this is crazy?50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BLUE IN THE FALL OF THE YEAR | FASHION OVER 40 The other day I went to a local boutique in town called Elaine’s Boutique. Elaine is a sweetheart with the softest voice you have ever heard. I went in to look for a formal dress to wear to the Convention, it is a masquerade gala, and I picked up several different items that were on the sales rack. I love Karen Kane but I love Karen Kane better on sale. Lol! I loved the city scene on this top and I loved the colors, but when I tried it on I wasn’t wild about the rounded hemline in the front. I would have liked it much better if it was straight across. Anyway, I decided to take my photos and see how it looked. Things look different in photos than they do when you are looking in the mirror. What do you think? Keep or send back?

50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BLUE IN THE FALL OF THE YEAR | FASHION OVER 40I only picked a pair of filigree earrings to wear with this look and no lipstick. This is my version of being dressed down and casual. The new fall line from Plunder will be launching soon. I know the new fall kits that are available to consultants will be shipping on September 7th. I can’t wait to see the new items. Keep checking out the specials and sale items on the page. Go here to place orders and pick a party with my name in it. 50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BLUE IN THE FALL OF THE YEAR | FASHION OVER 40These Zuma ankle jeans are also from Karen Kane. I love the blue color of these jeans and even though I first thought of this color as a spring and summer color, I still can see being able to wear these in the fall. I especially like wearing brown with this color blue which would look great in the fall. 50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BLUE IN THE FALL OF THE YEAR | FASHION OVER 40

If you know me at all, you know that I have always had terribly dry skin. It got worse when my thyroid decided to quit working (with a little help from a radiation pill they gave me) and then having menopause on top of that just put my skin into, “I give up” mode! I tried everything. Lotions galore, baby oil in the shower (you can kill yourself when you step in afterward,) homemade potions from Pinterest with coconut oil and vitamin E and shea butter, to the highest dollar products that a celebrity would mention and endorse. Nothing………..still the cracked miserably dry skin. I had hoped, in fact, I was pretty excited when I heard that Rodan + Fields newest product launch was going to be a body butter type product. I order two jars the minute that it was available and slathered it on my arms and legs. They felt great and I was encouraged to keep on putting it on every day. The instructions say apply daily but I ignored that and went straight to 2x a day, morning and night. I have already gone through my first jar, and these things are huge. (No comments about how big my body is) Lol!

The results are amazing! For the first time that I can remember, my skin is starting to feel soft. For the first time, I am actually seeing my body starting to look normal, without all of the crepey individual looking scales.

Today, I just received 2 more jars in the mail. I don’t want to run out any time soon! I am placing an order for some other ladies and if you would like me to order you a jar just let me know. I am going to be offering the jar at the Preferred Customer price of 59.00 and I will pay the shipping. Orders will go out by the end of the month so let me know if you would like one or take my advice and get two. Lol!!!I hope that you are signed up for my daily email that will alert you of my post. It only takes a second and I would really appreciate your taking the time. To sign up you simply insert your email address in the box that says “Subscribe To Blog Via Email” and then be on the lookout for a confirmation email. It might get sent to your junk or spam folder so be sure to check there as well.

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  1. I hope Emersyn is feeling better soon. Yes I think the attendance policy is verybstricv, however, I’ve seen families plan vacation when they want and not around school holidays… maybe that’s one reason for a strict policy. I’m sure the school has reasons.

    The top is not a favorite. I don’t like landscapes on my shirts…more as a framed picture! Lol. It’s also washing you out. Take back is my vote 😉 I like you best in colorful clothing!!

    • Tania Reply

      I took the top back, Laurie for some of the reasons that you mentioned.

      • I believe you should love how you look and feel in your clothing…and I’m so impressed by your ability to not take offense to others opinions. That’s an excellent quality. 😊😘

  2. Karen Thurston Reply

    I love the rounded hem tops its slimming in my opinion and looks great on you!

  3. No way would I keep a child in school with a fever. I would be fighting back agsinst that policy.
    I see what you mean about the rounded bottom. Maybe it would be better against another colour?? I do like the top though so either try it with something else, take it back or send it to me. 😁

    • Tania Reply

      You should have mentioned sending it to you sooner, Janet. Sorry, I sent it back. I do think that there is going to be a lot of fighting back about the policy.

  4. The attendance policy indeed seems tight. But schools must balance what the student needs, the parents, the teachers, the other kids…it’s tough. I doubt anyone there is malicious.in the end they have the kids best interests at heart. And, are you ” wearing” Venice? Fun!

    • Tania Reply

      Nancy, I “think” the issue is that the funding for the schools comes from the attendance records. I could be wrong, but to make a child attend school who is sick is just crazy. They get others sick and when you feel bad there is no way that you can learn.

  5. kkruger1220@gmail Reply

    Cute top Tania. i like the rounded hem. its a little different! its so sad what is happening in schools anymore! so glad my son is done with that! my husband just read an artcle yesterday about a little boy responding to his teacher, yes ma’am and was removed from the classroom! he was switched to another class! im thinking he coukd have said 100 other things that would have offended her! all i can say is wow! Anyway, cute outfit and i look forward to your blog everyday!

    • Tania Reply

      I heard about that case also. I think common sense is going out the window these days. I just keep reminding myself, when I read things like that, that I was not involved and I might not know the entire story.

  6. i say keep the top. i like the rounded beeline, gives the top visual interest.

    I’ve been teaching for 37 years, and I’m being in the school handbook there’s a line about exceptions. if a child has a Dr’s note or thithe like for absences, I’m being some can be excusedby the school board or superintendent. And is it 12 a year or a semester?

    • Tania Reply

      Supposedly, Traci, if they have a Dr.’s excuse they have to go before the school board to get the absence approved. The policy says that if you are out so many days, dr. excuse or not, that you need a homebound teacher. I can see that if you have a broken leg or something like that but if you have the flu or a sickness that makes you feel like crap there is no way that you can think in order to learn. Besides all of that, she is in kindergarten!!!

  7. I love the top in it self, but I’m with you and not feeling the rounded hem. Could you do a half tuck and see how you like it? You also threw me by not having lipstick on. 🙂 I hope Emersyn feels better soon, that is a very strict policy, I can guarantee I would of never have left any one of 3 boys at school with a fever. Hope you have a Wonderful Day Tania!

  8. I hope Emersyn is feeling better! I taught school for 30 years. The absence policy is very similar here, although, if a student kept their grades up and the only issue was absences not due to truancy they could go on to the next grade. I’ve seen sickness run through my class because sick children came to school. Not only do sick children infect others but if a child is running a fever s/he is more susceptible to catching something worse because their immune system is compromised. Enough of my soapbox.
    I don’t like the rounded hem line. I have a tiny waist and very wide hips. The rounded hemline just makes my hips look even bigger.

  9. Debbie Percivall Reply

    I love the top!!! I think it might look better with a darker wash jean or even black.

  10. poor Emersyn. Policies are frustrating and seems like it is punitive to add up leaving early etc when are you supposed to see a doctor? they have basically the same hours. It would be sad to see a child held back that is not academically challenged. I also struggle with the rounded hemline. it looks cute on you but I know I dont like it on myself either.

  11. I don’t care for the top as it seems washed out and even though I don’t care to wear a landscape on my shirt, I think it would look better with darker bottoms. That is really a strict policy at school. I know if I had kids in school I wouldn’t want a child there spreading whatever they had to my kids and would prefer to see that child go home. They must have parents abusing the “sick” policy and therefore had to put in some new guidelines.

    • Tania Reply

      I didn’t care for the top either, Sandy! I did feel washed out but I thought it might have been because I wasn’t wearing lipstick. I should have put some on and then taken another picture to see the difference.

  12. Tania, that doesn’t sound quite right about the Medical excuse, if that’s correct then they’ll be alot of students held back. I just retired from a school in SC where attendance was one of my many duties. Unless things changed this year, in SC if you have a medical excuse, the absence is excused and doesn’t count against the student in the overall total. I think I’d contact the district office and get clarification on the attendance policy. No one wants a sick child with a fever in school, teachers or other parents. If the school requires that, well pretty soon no one will be there, evetybody will be out sick, teachers included. Poor little Emersy, hope she feels better soon.

    • Tania Reply

      No, even with a doctor’s excuse the absence still counts. I think that you can go before the school board and try to get it approved but that is a little ridiculous. If they have to be home for multiple days then they need a homebound teacher. If you have the flu, pneumonia, or strep throat I can tell you that no child will be able to concentrate and study while at home. I sure wouldn’t want to be going to a home with a child that sick if I was the homebound teacher.

  13. Not loving the top; it’s washing out your pretty face. 😊 Working in education, a doctor’s note should be an excused absence. No one needs a feverish child in the classroom.

    • Tania Reply

      I agree, Lori! I would be so mad that a child went to school because of the attendance policy and then made my child sick. That is just crazy!

  14. It’s absolutely ridiculous to keep a sick child in school!! Sometimes you wonder what the school system is thinking. I hope Emersyn is feeling better soon!! I’m going to be brutally honest, here goes… When I opened the blog up i was quite surprised!! I thought the whole outfit washed you out. I think it lacked the Tania burst of color we have all gotten used to. Perhaps what was missing is your signature lipstick color you always wear. I like the outfit as separated pieces, perhaps darker jeans with the top?? I’m no fashionista by any stretch, just my humble opinion. Look forward to your daily blog. Have a beautiful day and stay cool. 😊

    • Tania Reply

      The addition of lipstick would have really helped but I just felt washed out also. Wow! It was a real eyeopener to see the difference that lipstick makes. It went back!

  15. I like the rounded bottom on the top! I think it is slenderizing… is that a word? Prayers for Emersyn to feel better soon.
    We stayed at Rosemary Beach for a week and came home refreshed and relaxed! Love that area with its cute little shops and gorgeous beach.

  16. Maybe the top with a different color bottom? And lipstick! Had no idea what is going on in schools these days. Hope Emersyn feels better soon!!

  17. That school policy is rediculous and totally unfair! As far as the top, no….it really washes you out! Please wear lipstick!! 😉

  18. Nancy Steinke Reply

    I love the top and usually like the rounded look but not on this top. If I don’t absolutely love a piece of clothing I take it back. I am through trying to make a piece of clothimg work, so if it were me I would send it back. Love the jeans and the color!

    • Tania Reply

      Nancy, that is how I felt. I didn’t love it and I have way too many clothes to keep something that I didn’t love. It went back.

  19. How do we order the R&F? I have the same problem due to the same reasons…thyroid and hormones.

    • Tania Reply

      Kara, I’ll email you. You can either have me order it for you or you can go to my website and place the order yourself. The website is http://www.tstephens5.myrandf.com. However, to get the price in the blog post and free shipping, the order would have to be placed as a Preferred Customer.

  20. I like the top and the hem line. I say keep. And like others mentioned a little lip stick would brighten your face. I have those earrings in a tan color and love them. Poor Emersyn. That school has gone little over board if you ask me. I’d never send my kids to school with a fever. For their sake & the others children’s.

    • Tania Reply

      Johnna, I agree about the lipstick. I just look sick without it. Lol!

  21. So if the child is an advanced learner making top grades and unfortunately has an extended illness, the school will still hold them back if they miss more than 12 days?? That is absurd! I’ve spent many years in the school system with my children and my mom worked in the school system. Parents have a strong voice if they choose to use it. I’d say that policy could be overturned with enough force. But anyway…I actually think the top is fun😉

  22. Love the jeans. They are nice break from regular jeans. I agree with you about the hemline of the shirt, straight across would be better. It is still cute. Our school district adopted a similar attendance policy when sons where at the end of elementary school. It does seem a bit strict but I also knew of few of families that would take the kids out school just because the kids wanted to and then complain that their kids where not at the same level as the rest of class. Sorry to hear about your thyroid deciding to retire early. Thyroid issues are no fun. My best advice is to follow the directions for your thyroxine replacement medication. It may take some time to get the dosage right but once you do you should feel good as new. As far as dry skin, body butters as soon as you are out of the shower. Makes a difference.

  23. Hi Tania! I so enjoy and look forward to your posts every day! I personally think the shirt looks great on you! It really makes your gorgeous blue eyes pop! The rounded hem line does not detract at all from how great it looks on you, and the jeans are fabulous! Have a blessed day!

  24. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    Wow, what a crazy day! Poor Emersyn and her parents! That is one crazy rule @ school! I hope shes better today! I love that feminine top! Keep it! Id love a jar of the body butter to try, but how do I pay you?

  25. I think the top is pretty, but it’s just not “you”. Does that make sense?

    I’m going to be the devil’s advocate here – but I don’t think the attendance policy is all that restrictive. Where I live, the high school students are only allowed to miss 5 days per semester. It’s obviously not meant to encourage parents to send sick children to school, but to discourage parents from pulling kids out of school for any little ol reason. And believe me, there are parents who do! Children also can’t learn if they’re missing school. Excessive missed days means missed instruction time and more than 12 missed days is a decent chunk of the school year missed. Usually, if a child is missing that much school for legitimate documented medical reasons and has good grades otherwise, there is an appeal available to override the attendance policy.

  26. I use to be an administrator in a school office and it is such a shame how much pressure parents are put under to make sure their child is in school. Yes – illness can be rife when a child is attending and unwell, also the staff pick up the germs and they are under the same pressures to stay in work!

  27. I like the top and pants, both are pretty on you. I can’t wait to see you in browns this fall as brown is my go to fall colour. The school absence rule doesn’t make sense. Remember the devestating flu last winter. Schools loose funding when children are absent. Maybe parents who take their children out of school for a holiday should be billed for the absence?

  28. Summer H Hartzog Reply

    So sorry to hear Emersyn is sick. Yes, I agree some school attendance policies are crazy these days. When our son was in 1st grade we told his teacher we were taking him out of school for 3 days due to a family emergency out of state. She said fine. A week later we received a letter from our city DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S office threatening us with up to 60 days in jail and a huge fine (I forget the amount) if we didn’t produce an acceptable excuse within three days for our son’s absence. Turns out we’re supposed to get a special permission form signed by the principal BEFORE taking a child out of school for any reason other than illness – even a family emergency (too bad we didn’t plan my BIL’s accident better.) It’s in the school handbook, which we now read cover to cover every year! I understand they’re having to take a strong stand against truancy, but yikes! On a brighter note, I love the rounded hem on the top – very slimming – but I agree you look better in brighter colors. 🙂

  29. Love the top and the jeans. Such soft lovely colors. I really like this outfit on you, particularly with your blonde hair and blue eyes. I think a mauve or pink lipstick and pink or blue earrings instead of the gold would make this outfit perfect. Go back and repurchase the top! (The rounded hem is different, yes, but it makes your legs look long.)

  30. Lori Konarske Reply

    Although I’m not crazy about the print of the top, I do love the rounded hem. I love the coverage that length offers.

  31. BeeeBeee Allen Reply

    I really like this outfit on you, I think the softness of the palette is very flattering to you. Once we’ve reached the age of needing to cover our gray hair, we forget that our skin also loses pigment which will require a shift in the shades of colors that we wear. Colors that used to flatter may look harsh or wash us out, an adjustment is necessary. In this case, I think a repurchase would be something to consider.

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