50 IS NOT OLD | INCREDIBLE LASHES AND RED LIPSTICK | FASHION OVER 40Some of you have been commenting that I look like I have lost some weight. First off, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Losing weight is one of the hardest things that I have ever tried to do. I can just think about food and it seems like I gain 5 pounds. If I watch a commercial for food then I gain 10 pounds. Don’t even ask what happens if I smell McDonald’s french fries as I am driving down the road. Lol! The saying about a minute on your lips and a lifetime on your hips is sooooo true!50 IS NOT OLD | INCREDIBLE LASHES AND RED LIPSTICK | FASHION OVER 40 Let me start by telling you that what I am doing is blah, boring, and mundane. I bet all of you are dying to join me on this diet. Lol! Let’s start by saying that you drink NOTHING but water. You eat no bread, no sweets, or anything else that tastes good. You can only eat chicken, white fish, salmon, or turkey burgers for the meats. No seasonings except Mrs. Dash. The only vegetables are green beans, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. Throw in a protein shake and you have pretty much what I have been eating for over a month. Over and over and over again, day after day after day. I was trying on a formal gown the other night that I knew was too small for me but I wanted to see if I thought that I would be able to fit in it by the time that I am going to be in New Orleans. I asked Joe to zip me up and he finally got it to zip. It didn’t look the best but he announced that another 5 pounds and it would fit perfectly. I told him the problem was that is was my ribcage area and that was harder to lose than the belly area. He pronounced that it wasn’t my ribs that were the problem, it was my “back fat” that was the issue. Yes, he is still alive because I had to agree. Don’t you just hate the whole “tough love” thing??? 50 IS NOT OLD | INCREDIBLE LASHES AND RED LIPSTICK | FASHION OVER 40What is not to love about a blond girl with incredible lashes and red lipstick on! LOL!!! I used that line on Joe but he didn’t find the humor in it. I, on the other hand, found it hilarious. I love this Marilyn Monroe graphic t-shirt that I bought on clearance a couple of years ago at Walmart. I am partial to Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Those two ladies always make me smile for some reason. Marilyn seems young at heart and Audrey seems reserved and refined. Isn’t it funny how you can make judgments based on photos?

50 IS NOT OLD | INCREDIBLE LASHES AND RED LIPSTICK | FASHION OVER 40The only added jewelry I put on was this pair of large red stud earrings. These candy apple red earrings were a Christmas or Valentine special purchase. I have forgotten which it was. There are several colors in this style earring available but the red was a one-time thing.

50 IS NOT OLD | INCREDIBLE LASHES AND RED LIPSTICK | FASHION OVER 40I have on my leather Tory Burch sandals. I love these because I can slip them on with almost anything and they look fine. Just the fact that they have that little gold logo on them makes them more acceptable than if they were plain. I know that it shouldn’t be that way but that is the truth. It elevates them to a higher status just because you know they are leather and that they were not cheap. Actually, for me, they were free since I bought them with a shopping spree that I earned but I don’t tell that to people walking down the street. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | INCREDIBLE LASHES AND RED LIPSTICK | FASHION OVER 40This is probably one of the first times that I have worn shorter shorts this year. Last year I was in them all the time but this year, I have been all about jeans. Your style will change from time to time and that is alright, just go with the flow. These shorts are a dark denim in the crosshatch type design. I think this style short is called a city short. I want to show you the brand of these shorts. If you can figure it out then you are a better woman than I am. What is wrong with designers? It is like they don’t want you to know who made their item. How can you tell others about it if you can tell who it is?

50 IS NOT OLD | INCREDIBLE LASHES AND RED LIPSTICK | FASHION OVER 40Do you ever get excited about life? I am almost vibrating with excitement but I couldn’t tell you why. I just have this wonderful feeling that good things are coming for me and others around me. I am the opposite of Pig Pen on peanuts. I don’t have the rain cloud over my head, I have sunshine and rainbows all around. I am going to be singing, “Blue skies smiling at me. Nothing but blue skies do I see.” What is your song for the day?

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  1. Good morning from France. In fact at the moment we are in the capital of the Champagne region. You find it hard to follow any diet our here. Nearly every meal comes with chips (fries). Of course you can’t eat out without a glass of champagne or wine. How come French ladies are so slim? That aside love the T-shirt. Without the name it could be a selfie 🤗

    • Tania Reply

      I am so jealous!!! I have never traveled abroad but France and Italy are two places that are on my bucket list.

  2. You are looking great – I love the back fat comment your hubby is a brave man.

  3. Is the brand Sane Jane, Tania? That’s what I see. Lol Anyway, I love hearing that life is all rainbows for you. That’s wonderful! ❤️

    • Tania Reply

      Tara, I know that the rainbows won’t last forever but I believe in enjoying it when it is here.

  4. Aimee Spencer Reply

    You look Marvelous in your post today! And I loved the Blue Skies song. I am so thankful to be signed up for your emails. Many more good things coming to us sounds good to me 😇

    • Tania Reply

      I love that song! It is time to expect that we will all have blue skies!

  5. I seldom wear shorter shorts, but those are cute! The brand is “One 5 One”. Thank you for your blog – I’ve learned a lot about styling my “changing shape”!😜

    • Tania Reply

      That could be it, Sharon. Crazy people! Why would they make it so hard to read?

  6. You look great but not sure about the shorter shorts.
    You do look thinner so the diet is working.
    Cutting carbs is the Key.

    • Tania Reply

      I am cutting out most carbs but the ones that I am eating are slow to digest.

  7. Love the shorts! I enjoy the way you make even a tshirt and denim look finihed and polished! Could be the red lipstick.

    • Tania Reply

      The lipstick and earrings pull it together, Nancy. You are right, you can look polished with a t-shirt and shorts with just another step or two.

  8. Debbie Dawson Reply

    Cute outfit! Love the jean shorts. The brand as others have mentioned is “One 5 One”.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Debbie. That is what I was thinking too but I have never heard of that brand before.

  9. You mentioned eyelashes in your title. Yours look great! Since you sell Rodan & Fields skincare, can I ask if you use the lash boost ?

    • Tania Reply

      Of course, I use Lash Boost, Vicki! I apply a very tiny amount every night before I go to bed. I started using it in October of 2016 and you should see my pictures before then. I had NO lashes at all.

  10. You look great! I would love to get a copy of the diet you are following.

    • Tania Reply

      No real diet, Wendy. I just eat the same things over and over. I eat very small portions and try to eat every 3 hours.

  11. I have lost weight the hard way this summer, I had complete knee replacement in July. I am down 17lbs. But with that said, I have lived in shorts and find that they are comfortable if you have the right fit. Colorful and fun tees always make a good match. I am in Michigan and it is still in the 90’s.

    • Tania Reply

      That is the hard way, Sandy. I hope you are doing better now!

  12. You look fabulous darling. 🙂 I am 61 and had gone through menopause 15 years ago (surgery induced). So hard to keep the weight off the back and middle. For me it’s carbs, protein and veggies is pretty much all I eat and it helps keeps the weight off. Tania love your blog, love your style, and your inspiration.

  13. You look lovely! Very fresh and age appropriate. Could you please give me more information about your lash products ( Mascara, eyeliners and seeums you may use as well as your lip products. I have similar colouring to you.

    • Tania Reply

      Karen, I use Lash Boost from Rodan + Fields to have lashes. I never had any before I started using this product. I use Huge mascara by Stila and I just use eyeshadow as my eyeliner. I use the Lip Renewing Serum from Rodan + Fields on my lips.

  14. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Congratulations on the weight loss. I need to follow your diet but I have no willpower. Bad for me. What is your shade of fabulous red lipstick?

    • Tania Reply

      I blended two different shades of red to get this. I know I started with the Blu-Red shade from LipSense but I am not sure what else I added. Lol!

  15. I too have been wearing more jeans and bermuda shorts this summer and feeling comfortable doing so. I have to agree that your diet does sound a little boring…LOL I believe that after trying so many different “diets”, that moderation and including all food groups is the way to go “for me” because I want to make it a “lifestyle” change and giving up certain food groups just does not work for me in the long run. It’s nice we can each find what works for our bodies.

  16. Marceline S Miller Reply

    Love your sunshine and rainbows! I feel that way, too! I think it has to do with my recent retirement (wink). I guess that label says “One 5 One” but they sure try to make it a big secret! LOL
    I’ve been wishing for a pair of Tory Burch sandals — what s you feeling on t heir sizing? My feet are wider. I would need to order – I also love in a rural part of Virginia, so no going to try them on…

  17. You look great! It’s hard work for sure!
    Could you please tell me what kind of protein shake you drink? Most of them have a lot of sugar.

  18. I see Gregore on label but that is without my glasses. 😄 Very cute look today. Won’t be able to wear shorts too much longer, sad to say.

  19. Dana Buckingham Reply

    Tania, I also like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, especially Marilyn. Such a tragic loss. I’m an Elvis fan too. I like this outfit – it looks great on you!

  20. Kathie/ SCMom Reply

    Love the shorter shorts on you! Looking good, gurl! I put on shorter shorts too and strut around in them when I have our 4 year old grand with me. Much better than bending over in a dress!! I am 65…But hey, 60 is the new 40! I’m short and long shorts do not work well on me. I do try to find the 4 or 5 inch inseam.

  21. Elizabeth Conte-Vitullo Reply

    You look good. Congrats on doing a good thing for yourself, health-wise, and losing weight. The added benefit is you look good!

  22. Kathy 🇨🇦 Reply

    I think you look great Tania! I love the shorter shorts, apparently shorts are suppose to be the length to the thickest part of your leg…. I agree with that! Lol….also I have a tip for you with the back fat, every morning when I’m waiting for my Redefine face cleanser to dry , I do 200 waist twists….it really works at taking away that back fat….even my hubby told me he sees a big difference, it’s almost gone! Try it! 😉

  23. I am so glad you have a pair of shorts! You were killing me (sweating me to death) with those jeans. The jeans look great but I love the shorts!

  24. Congratulations on your weight loss! I am glad that it is working for you but……if you ever wanted to look into another way, you will have to check out a book by Gin Stephens called “Delay, Don’t Deny”. It is a way of doing Intermittent Fasting that is all the rage right now. She also has a group on Facebook where people ask and answer questions and share photos of their results, etc. I will say I am LOVING it and have lost around 15 pounds so far! What I like about it is that no food groups are off limits. You don’t DENY yourself you just DELAY when you are eating! Anyway, check her book or page out if you are interested in more information! You look fabulous! 🙂

  25. Tania, I love the shorts and tee shirt. You always look good. I enjoy enjoy your posts.

  26. Victoria Elliott Reply

    In June I went to my oncologist (just a follow up, I am clear of cancer cells :)) But I weighed 183 pounds! It had to be all the steroids they pumped in me!! I am eating very low carb and protein and good fats. I am at 170 today!! So, I know what you mean! It is so hard to lose!! But I want to feel good about myself and feel good in my clothes! I have not seen a pic yet that you didn’t look marvelous. And yes I said that in my best Billy Crystal!

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