50 IS NOT OLD | BLUSH PINK WRAP TOP AND DARK WASH JEANS | FASHION OVER 40Oh my goodness, gurls! I am super excited!!! I know that you have heard me talk about the book “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis. If you don’t know what I am talking about then go here and here. I listened to this book on the Audible app and I loved it from start to finish. In fact, I loved it so much that I ordered it as a hardback so that I could keep it and have it to look back at later. So, why am I so excited?50 IS NOT OLD | BLUSH PINK WRAP TOP AND DARK WASH JEANS | FASHION OVER 40 Today was the day when I got to register for some training and sessions when I attend the R+F Convention next month. Rachel Hollis is going to be hosting a session and I signed up to get to hear her! I remember when I first ordered her book and I honestly did it because I thought she was a consultant and that she had written a book about R+F. NOPE! It had nothing to do with R+F but was instead all about self-development and growing as a person. I couldn’t have been happier because the book is perfect just the way it is. I am crossing my fingers that I get to meet her, maybe get her to autograph my book, and of course, I want a picture with her. That might be asking a little much but I can always dream. I strategically signed up for the last session of the day thinking that she might not have to be in a hurry to get ready for the next session. Sneaky, sneaky. Lol! Be sure to check out the rest of the post because I will be having a giveaway for her book toward the end.50 IS NOT OLD | BLUSH PINK WRAP TOP AND DARK WASH JEANS | FASHION OVER 40 This blush pink color is not one that I normally gravitate toward. Blondes (natural or bought) look good in pink colors but sometimes the blush color can be tricky. If the color is too light then I feel like I look washed out. I liked this top in the store, (I bought this when I was at my sister’s house) because of the style. I took it to her house and tried it on and loved it. She really liked it too so she tired it on to show her husband. He immediately gave it a thumbs down for her. She said that he would because he never likes pinks. Lol! At least she knows her husband really well.  The brand of this says, Excuse me I have to be awesome, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the stores I normally look at. I did find it HERE except the sleeves are different but it looks almost identical otherwise. 50 IS NOT OLD | BLUSH PINK WRAP TOP AND DARK WASH JEANS | FASHION OVER 40I love the Tatiana necklace and even though it has lots of rhinestones, it still looks great with jeans. This necklace has the palest pink stones and pearls along with the rhinestones. This is a shorter necklace (19″ to 22″) so it fits nicely in the “v” of this type top. The Olga earrings (on sale) are the ones that match this set but I chose to add the Mason earrings today. I am wearing at least 6 bracelets today. My mom always pokes at me when I wear these many bracelets. Lol! Here is a list of the bracelets that I have on: PamelaRylieWhitley, Broedrick, and the Kayson. If you haven’t already taken advantage of the SALES section on Plunder, be sure to go HERE now. Go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens to place an order. Just pick a party that has my name in it.50 IS NOT OLD | BLUSH PINK WRAP TOP AND DARK WASH JEANS | FASHION OVER 40 I just received these cute sandals c/o of Nina Shoes. These have a cushioned sole which makes them very comfortable. I love that these have lots of bling on the straps but that they are a flat sandal. I love wearing high heels but I know that some of you shake your head when it comes to wearing them. I thought that these sandals would be a good alternative. They come in silver as well as this rose gold shade. Just go here to check them out. BTW, they are on sale and are VERY affordable! 50 IS NOT OLD | BLUSH PINK WRAP TOP AND DARK WASH JEANS | FASHION OVER 40This gives you a better look at the back of the top. It covers the “hiney” portion which is always a plus in my book! I am wearing my dark wash Diana jeans from Kut From The Kloth. Last year I hardly wore any jeans but this year I have worn jeans almost daily. It is fine for your fashion and your tastes to change from year to year. I was hanging up some jeans today and I was amazed at how many pairs that I now own. I need to go through them and thin them out. A lot of them are hand-me-downs from my daughter and they don’t fit be great. Her inseam is at least a 36 or more and even with my high heels, they can still be too long for me. Lol! The girl has got very long legs!50 IS NOT OLD | BLUSH PINK WRAP TOP AND DARK WASH JEANS | FASHION OVER 40 Little Miss Thang decided to join me for my last picture of the day. She is my doll baby and she loves to have her picture taken. You should have seen some of the poses that she was doing for me. Lol! I will be giving away the “Girl, Wash Your Face” book on Monday. Just comment how you found my blog. I am always interested to hear if it was Pinterest, Facebook, or maybe a friend that told you about the blog. I will have “Siri” pick a random name as a winner.

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  1. That is a lovely transitional top you are wearing. Has it got a stud fastening on the crossover? I struggle to wear crossovers as I have a small bust and they do not sit well on me.

  2. Love the blush top and dark jeans! And your little sidekick is a doll!!

  3. Following your blog Tanya even while on vacation in Switzerland! Originally Found it through Pinterest. I just celebrated my 62nd bday here and believe that 60 is the new 40 keep up the great work !


    Love your sidekick! Somehow I found you on Facebook. So glad I did. I’ve listened to the book but I would love a hard copy for reference.

  5. Hi Tania. The blush color looks great on you.😊

    I found your blog a couple years back when I was desperately searching for a blog with style from a woman over 20!🤣. Your blog has been my favorite since that day.😊

  6. Elizabeth Raymond Reply

    It’s been so long but I’m pretty sure I found you on pinterest. I enjoy your style as well as your wit! Beautiful top!

  7. I found you on Pinterest. Love this look on you! Your grand baby is adorable.

  8. I love that top! I found you shortly after you started your blog by Googling “blogs for women over 50”. I’ve been a daily reader ever since! I really enjoy your posts.

  9. I am normally not a “pink person” but I really like the blush top with the dark wash jeans. Looks great on you. I originally found you on Pinterest.

  10. Ooo, love the pink top! I discovered you on Pinterest and now follow your blog.

  11. Lol!! Our styles ave very similar, I styled a wrap Monday on the blog and styling the color blush pink today! Wink!! Love that little Ms. Mini Me!! What a cutie!! Have a great weekend Tania!!

  12. Karen Daniel Reply

    I feel like I’ve been following you for so long I can’t remember but possibly a link from another over 50 blog. I love today’s outfit and I have to go through all my jeans to weed them out too!

  13. Love that top! I’ve been reading your blog since the beginning. I think that I found it when looking for over 50 blogs on Google.

  14. You look so pretty in pink. I found you by googling “modern clothes for women over 50”. Thank you for helping me know what’s in style, what’s a classic look and what works for certain body types and all about accessories. I appreciate all the time you spend helping us. 🙂

  15. I too love the top! Found you on Pinterest. As for the bracelets – the more the merrier!

  16. I love the top and just bough two from JCPenney very similar to wear this fall. I found you on Pinterest very early in your blog because I was desperate to find some inspiration for mature women. All that I was seeing was 30 year old models at best. I wanted to see someone like me….you are the best! Love your nlog

  17. This is a nice outfit. I found your blog when you did a Collaboration with jolynne shane and Cyndi Spivey.

  18. I found you on Pinterest. Always looking for fashion trends for my age. Love that shirt. Xo

  19. So pretty in pink today. I wish I could remember how I found your blog but can’t. I think I was randomly looking at blogs and yours caught my eye with our vintage finds. Have been a fan and followed ever since.

  20. Karen Miller Reply

    I found you on Pinterest! I read your blog first thing every morning! Cute top..I love pink! And I also love wearing lots of bracelets!

  21. Good morning Tania! I love this outfit head to toe. Its the perfect mix of casual and beautiful. I found your blog by searching how to dress over 50 about 2 years ago. I was searching for an appropriate Easter dress, when Pinterest popped up with a pic of you in a Polka dot Easter dress. I clicked on your pic, and I’m still clicking today. : ) Keep up the good work. Love your blog!!

  22. Maxine Bower Reply

    I had foot surgery a couple years ago and spent lots of time looking on Pinterest. I kept noticing these cute outfits and just happen to click one one never knowing you were a blogger and the rest is history.Love reading you every day since.💕

  23. I found your blog through a link up on someone else’s blog and now I read you daily! Love that top!!

  24. I have no idea where I found you but I am glad I did! It was very early on within 3 months of the beginning and I then went back and read from the beginning. I subscribe to email so I do not miss a day. You have expanded my thinking on fashion, clothes, jewelry and RF. You are an inspiration!

  25. Tammy O'Neal Reply

    I found your blog via Pintrest and love getting your blog posts daily.

  26. The pink has enough colour that it doesn’t wash you out. Very pretty! I think I googled fashion for women over 50 or sonerhing similar. I wasn’t looking for blogs but look forward to yours daily.

  27. Love the pink and style of this top! The jewelry bring it all together. I found you on Pinterest and so glad I did! You have helped me change my style and laugh along the way! You are an inspiration to everyone😊

  28. I googled “blogs for women over 50”. But also found that I had pinned some of your outfits while on Pinterest.

  29. Cutest little mini! I found you on Facebook. I have three of those bracelets and love them.

  30. Cathy Michel Reply

    Morning, I found your blog via Pinterest and I honestly look forward to reading it everyday, Love your fun sense of style.

  31. Debbie Percivall Reply

    I found you on Pinterest and have followed you everyday since. I even enjoy going back to old posts and reading them. I love your humor!!! And I love your style!!!

  32. I found you on Facebook. I was looking for style help from someone closer to my age. I feel like I know you. You are so down to earth and refreshing.

  33. Your blog was mentioned on another blog I was reading for women over 50 and I started following you!

  34. Love this comfy cozy outfit. Can’t wait to read the book! Found you first on Pinterest and have enjoyed following you ever since. ❤️

  35. Kathy Hamed Reply

    Love the outfit! I’m a jean wearer almost daily! I first came across you on Pinterest and started pinning you to one of my boards. There’s a lot of you on that board lol. Then I started following you on fb and I enjoy reading your daily posts and seeing your outfits!

  36. Love the top and your sidekick! I honestly can’t remember how I found you, but I’m glad I did!

  37. Robin Staley Reply

    Tania. I won the book last time and reading it over again now. It is very good. I also bought another one to give to a friend of mine. How exciting that you get to hear Rachel speak. Have fun and thanks again for her book.

  38. Glenda Gordon Reply

    Like many others, I found your blog on Facebook and I love it! And I love this look – it is exactly the type of outfit I wear when I want to be comfortable but still look chic and stylish. Hope you have a great weekend!

  39. Love your blog and I found you Pinterest! You are so down to earth and I LOVE your fashion style!

  40. Love this entire look! I found you on Pinterest also. Magazines were all targeting a younger group and I wanted ideas and found you. Love following your adventures.

  41. I found your blog when looking for clothes for older women. I love me some clothes…BUT, I’m almost 50 and didn’t know what is acceptable and what is not. I’m so glad I found you!

  42. jacqueline hopfensperger Reply

    I found your blog after pinning some of your outfits on pintrest jacqueline

  43. My daughter recommended your blog. I love the top with jeans. I am a very casual person and this is perfect. I save the newfound “looks” on Pinterest.

  44. Sharon Harper Reply

    I found you on Pinterest. And I’m sure glad I did. I love reading your blog every day.

  45. I think I found your blog through either JoLynne Shane’s or Cyndi Spivey’s blogs or a collaboration. You are beautiful and funny. Enjoy it. Thanks!

  46. Nadine Waslosky Reply

    I found your blog on Pinterest and its been such fun to see the many outfits you put together! Thanks for sharing!

  47. Bev Ridenhour Reply

    I absolutely love that top!!! I’m sorry you couldn’t find it online because the sleeves are my favorite part!!! I found your blog on Facebook. I look forward to reading it every morning. Thanks!!!! 🙂

  48. Sandra Schuettinger Reply

    Love your look today especially how well the jeans fit. I found you on Pinterest last year and look forward every morning to reading your posts and seeing your outfit of the day. I had never shopped Cato or Old Navy until I read your posts. I am now a huge fan of Old Navy pixie pants.

  49. Carrie Wallace Reply

    Thanks for your daily blog Tania. I put in the search engine “fashion ideas for women over 50” on Pinterest one day and found your blog when you had only been blogging for a few months and have been with you ever since. I enjoy you much.

  50. Regina Silverman Reply

    Love this outfit and necklace!! I found you on Pinterest.

  51. I love the blush top on you. I think I found your blog when you linked up or were featured on Jolynne Shane’s blog. I have been a daily reader since then.

  52. Lori Trivett Reply

    I found you on Pinterest and then started following you on Facebook. Now I look forward to reading your bog each morning when it lands in my inbox. Thank you for sharing your life and fashion sense.

  53. Sherry Jackson Reply

    I also found you on Pinterest ! Feel like I’ve known you forever!! I really enjoy starting my day with you !!

  54. I love that style of blouses and usually buy one when I can find one that isn’t such a deep V or it falls off my shoulders. Do you know what color of jean you have on? I found you when you were doing a series with another blogger and read your post as I drink my morning coffee!

  55. Cute outfit today. I pinned a lot of outfits that I like on Pinterest and noticed that a lot of them were yours! So I then went to your blog to check it out and I’ve been hooked ever since. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  56. Found your blog through Facebook and so glad I did! I love reading your posts and checking out your fashion every day!

  57. Love that top. I have a hard time wearing crossovers because they top side falls between the girls and won’t stay crossed. The book sounds interesting. I found you through JoLynne Shane and also a friend.

  58. J'Laine Bradley Reply

    Love the top! I first saw your pics on Pinterest and felt we had the same style. I noticed that most of the looks I was pinning all featured YOU. I decided to look farther and see if you had a page or anything. That is how I stumbled in 50 Is Not Old. I have been a devoted follower ever since!

  59. Teresa Bolling Reply

    Love this color top on you. Love your style – you are always so stylish and put together. I found you on Pinterest. I look forward to reading your blog on a daily basis. You are a very inspirational lady. Have a fabulous weekend.

  60. Michle Machala Reply

    I found your blog on Facebook. Look forward to it each day.

  61. Love the color and style of the top. It looks great on you. Also, the sandals are darling. Can’t wait to purchase a pair. I found you when I searched for fashion for women over 50. I read your blog every day and really look forward to it and seeing what cute outfits you have styled for the day. Thanks so much for all you do!

  62. Lori Fletcher Reply

    I first saw your blog on Facebook!! So glad I did. Your advice has helped me gain confidence in what I wear and trying different things to wear.

  63. I found your blog on Pinterest. I’m glad I did , I read it every day. Love this top.

  64. I found you through a link from another blogger, maybe Cyndi Spivey

  65. Alicia Stokes Reply

    I found your blog on Pinterest and loved it from the start! Your blog is so much more than fashion advice, thank you!

  66. Pinterest! I love that book. I listened to it because of your recommendation!

  67. On the internet searching for fashion for women! I enjoy reading your blog everyday! Love all the outfit ideas too!

  68. Saw one of your cute pictures on Pinterest a couple of years ago and have been checking in with you every morning since. Love your style — similar to mine. I am a 70 year old version of you and most of your clothes still work for me. While I am careful to dress in clothes that are age appropriate, I refuse to wear “old lady” clothes! Love your outfit today!

  69. Love the outfit and the sandals. Super cute! I believe I found you through a link with Jolynne Shane’s blog!

  70. You look absolutely amazing! Love this outfit. I first found you on Pinterest when I was looking for fashion ideas and have been following you since. Thanks for ALL of your inspiration, fashion and otherwise❣️

  71. I don’t remember exactly how I found your blog – it’s been awhile! I do recall something you did with Jo Lynn Shane – that may have been it?
    I notice many repins on Pinterest when I pin your outfit or hair!

  72. Debra Ann Foster Reply

    Found you completely by accident on Pinterest and now you’re one of the highlights of my day!

  73. I found you on Pinterest. I was looking for fashion over 50. Loved your outfits, so I signed up for the e-mails. I always love your fashion tips and the fact that you style different price points. I especially love your Sunday posts. They are always so insightful. Love the pink!

  74. I found you on google when I was looking for age appropriate and “fun” clothes. Love the cute combinations you come up with!

  75. I honestly can’t remember how I found your blog. Maybe Pinterest? I enjoy reading it every morning.

  76. I searched fashion over 50 on Pinterest and Voila, there you were! We’ve been friends ever since… You just didn’t know it,😉

  77. A friend introduced me to your blog and I’ve been following you for over a year now. I enjoy your stories and look forward to your Sunday devotions. Your style is easy and very doable for women. I love the tips and tricks. Thanks Tania for what you bring to women. I recently retired as well. Congratulations.

  78. I found you on instagram and love reading your blog every night before I go to bed. It’s your stories I love – you should write a book it would be a best seller, you tell a good story and you have great insights and style. All the books now are from millennials – we need a over 50 inspirational book.

  79. A friend introduced me to your blog. I love your style, stories, and devotions on Sunday. I recently retired as well and want to say Congratulations to you. Keep on keeping it real. Linda

  80. Karen from Como Reply

    I found you on pinterest. I don’t facebook, twitter, or instagram. I already have enough people that know my business. LOL! Do not love the blush color on you but the style is fabulous.

  81. Found you on facebook. Somehow you “popped up” in my feed. But I love your blog.

  82. Cute top! I like that style. The v-neck works for me. Like you, I’m a blond and can wear pink, although my husband really likes me in blue. Haha I found you on a google search for “what to wear to a college graduation.”

  83. Kim Dambach Reply

    Love that style top! Perfect for fall in NH! I found you on Pinterest!

  84. Hi Tania, I found you when I googled for fashion ideas for women over 60. Since I found your blog I’ve shopped in my closet a lot more, putting together outfits similar to yours. Thanks!

  85. Melesa Garrison Reply

    Good morning, Tania! I know what you mean about pinks. I can wear hot pink all day, but the more muted pinks wash me out. you look lovely in this pink top. I really don’t remember how I came across your blog, but I’m sure glad I did. I’ve had a lot of funny visiting your blog. I feel like we are good friends…Isn’t it funny how this can happen? God Bless and Have a Great weekend! Oh and Emersyn looks so cute with you in this pic.

  86. Happy Friday! I 🌺you in Pink! ❤️ Your shoes! Could Emersyn be any cuter? NOT!!?

  87. Laurie J Daniel Reply

    I found you on PINTREST. Loved the outfits and started following.

  88. Lesli Obenschain Reply

    what brand and where does ashleigh buy her jeans? my 14 yo daughter has 36 inseam and we are struggling to find jeans for her.

    • Lesli, I am 6’ tall and also have a 36” inseam. With skinny jeans, I can get away with a 34” inseam or so. I buy most of my jeans from Old Navy (but some of theirs have changed from 34” to 32” in skinny jeans) and I have GAP jeans that are 36” long. The Buckle carries 36” inseams (theirs are often too distressed for my liking but your 14 yo might like them better). Long Tall Sally also has numerous tall options in jeans, and quite a few in 36” inseams. Hope this helps!

  89. I found your blog through JoLynne Shane’s blog. I LOVE your honesty & your awesome sense of humour. You bring a smile and laugh to my day. I also love your sense of style too…very inspiring.

  90. My sister told me about your blog. Now I follow you on all of your social media sites!!

  91. Love the blush with the dark jeans. I found you on Pinterest searching for fashion for women over 50! 🙂 I’ve been following you ever since.

  92. Kristi Tandy Reply

    I was looking for fashion ideas for women over 50 on Pinterest and yours was the first to pop up. Your style is exactly what I was looking for so I signed up for emails and to follow you on Facebook!!

  93. Jeannie McBride Reply

    Can’t remember where I found your blog. Probably while looking at something else. Love this top & jeans! I don’t wear a lot of paler pinks because being blond, I think it just washes out any color I have. I’m very, very pale. But I like deeper pink.

  94. Great outfit! I was actually following another blog but it didn’t quite “fit me” (pun intended) and you were referenced in her blog. I checked yours out and have been following you ever since!

  95. I love that top! I really like blush pink and navy as a color combo. I don’t wear the blush pink much though. I’m so pale that it just washes me out even more.

    I have to be completely honest and tell you that I can’t remember how I found your blog! 🤭 I think it was probably pinterest, but I can’t say for sure

  96. I have been following you from near the beginning and I found you by googling fashion for women over 50. This outfit today is similar to what I wear a lot!

  97. You always look so lovely. You and your granddaughter look so cute together. Love your look today. I found you on Pinterest I believe!

  98. A long long time ago, I had searched ‘fashion blogs over 50’ in Google search bar. And I can’t recall if your page came up directly, or if it was linked by another over 50 blog? Anyway – I Love the pic of you and your ‘mini me’.

  99. Pamela Brewer Reply

    I don’t even remember where I found you. I think it was on Pinterest. But it may have been Bloglovin. I am always on the lookout for what I should wear. You have helped with some of my outfits. And I appreciate it. Thank you.

  100. Tammy Kocher Reply

    Love the look! I found you on Pinterest. Would like to win the book! 😊

  101. I love the top and the bling!! A friend recommended your blog to me. I’m so glad she did, I check it everyday!!

  102. I love the blush top. I’m a blonde too and wear more pink the older I get. It just warms up my skin tone. I’ve been following your blog almost from the beginning. I wanted to find a blogger my age who wore COLOR!

  103. Marceline S Miller Reply

    Hi I think I found you through Jolyne Shane’s blog to maybe Jodie’s Touch of Style.

  104. Melinda Gould Reply

    I found you on Facebook and I found Rachel Hollis when I was looking for a recipe for a lava flow drink! I’m looking forward to reading her book!

  105. Julia Purtill Reply

    I found you on Pinterest and I still have that picture on my fashion board. It was a British Khaki jacket, white shirt, jeans, and lots of pearls! I still look at that picture because I Love that outfit.

  106. I somehow stumbled upon your blog several years ago (must have been in a Google search of some sort!) and when I saw your adorable, edgy asymmetrical haircut, I loved it and started following you. By the way, your hair in today’s post looks shorter to me – it’s cute, aa is your spunky little granddaughter! What I appreciate most about you is your authenticity. You’re someone I can relate to!

  107. finallymefirst Reply

    I found you on Pinterest. I just love your style. Your pictures show up on my style board many times.

  108. Jill Severe Reply

    I found your blog by searching in google “fashion for older women”. I’m a young 60 and recently lost 55 pounds, Your blog has given me so much inspiration and enjoyment. God bless you!

  109. Love that top on you!!!!! I can’t remember how I found you, but probably from another blogger. But I’m glad I did!!!!

  110. Lisa Lofgren Reply

    Your Blog is a daily fix for me. Thank you for showing me how to use pieces of clothing that I love in different ways. You have helped me change my style and not look old. I was delighted when I found a pin on Pinterest and have been following you for months now. Keep on doing You gurl!!! You are a blessing!!!

  111. I found you while searching all things 50, been reading your blog ever morning since then. 💝 👡👜👚💗

  112. It has been a couple of years but I think I Google clothes advice for women over 50 and you came up! I truly love your blog, your fashion advice, humor, Plunder and love of God. 💕

  113. Carla Palmisano Reply

    Love your style! Ive been following you for a long time time now and I found you when I googled blogs for women over 40.

  114. I found you from Google when I was searching for a Louis Vuitton Noe bag last year, you popped up with your older Louis bag and I started reading and have read your blog every day since!!! Love it! You are so Inspirational and fun!!

  115. Shawn Roberts Reply

    Found you on Pinterest and now I follow you on FB. I have a trip to Austin coming up and I’ll be rockin’ several of your styles. Thanks for keeping it beautiful!

  116. Leona M Jaeger Reply

    I found your blog via Pinterest. I L O V E your fashions and jewelry pairing. You always look so well put together. I love hearing what new things you have tried, even those not really in your comfort zone. You are so inspiring to women!

  117. I’m brand new to your blog, but have been pinning your outfits on Pinterest for awhile now.

  118. I found your blog last year when researching on clothing for a cruise. Been checkin in ever since! 🙂

  119. I really like your sense of style. This outfit looks great! I found you on Pinterest.

  120. I didn’t realize that you actually had a blog, I follow you on Pinterest because I love the style of clothes you wear! You always look great!

  121. Found you on Pinterest then Facebook. I just love your blog.very inspiring, now I need to go back and start reading from the beginning! Do companies give you items to try? Is it bad to say I want to dress like this?

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