My youngest grandson, Beckham, turned a year old on the 9th and we had him a birthday party on Friday. He is a living doll and sweet as can be. The birthday theme was centered around baseball. There was a beautiful cake and then all of the food and snacks were all baseball themed. There was popcorn, peanuts, and crackerjacks and no baseball party would be right if you didn’t have sunflower seeds and big league chewing gum. Lol! 
It was a pool party so all of the kiddos brought their bathing suits and had a wonderful time. My Energizer Bunny Friend (EBF) brought her daughter over and she ended up spending the night with Emersyn afterward. They stayed at my house and had a blast playing with slime. If you have not been introduced to slime yet then you have no idea what you are missing. Lol! The problem was that Emersyn’s slime was broken. Lol! It came from the store melted and was headed for the garbage can when EBF’s daughter said that she could “fix” it. She added hot water and some Borax powder to it in what looked like a mad scientist laboratory. She would knead it, add more of the solution, and then knead it again. I can tell that she is going to be a great bread  🥖 maker when she gets older. Gurls, I hate to say it but I am starting to feel in the mood for fall weather. I love fall decorations and the fall colors. I even like the coolness of the mornings and evenings, but I know what is coming next and that is the thing that I don’t like. I have started to do several transitional outfits lately in preparation for the upcoming fall season. Today I am styling one of this fall’s hottest colors, olive. I have on a draped waterfall vest in Olive. I bought this the other day at Cato Fashions and I couldn’t wait to wear this. This vest is 100% rayon which helps it to hang nicely and also makes it machine washable. There are slant pockets on this vest and you can see them better in the last picture. I love this style vest because I think it is very flattering and makes you appear thinner.

The jewelry that I have on today is PERFECT for this outfit. The Judith necklace has the beautiful long olive leather fringe and a small amount of leopard print. This will be a necklace that I will probably get a lot of wear from in the coming months. I chose to add the matching Juanita earrings with this look. If the necklace is too big or bold then opt for the earrings instead. They make a statement without being so “in your face.”  There is also a matching bracelet but I thought that the two-piece was plenty for this look. It is getting that time of the year when Plunder is getting ready to discontinue a lot of pieces to make room for the new fall and winter collection. If you would like a list of the retiring pieces then just let me know and I will email you the list. If you wish to make a purchase then go to and pick a party in my name. You are going to love these pants!!! QVC reached out to me to see if I would be interested in styling these pants from Women with Control. When I first looked at the email I was interested but when I looked closer I was all in. So, here is what makes these pants sooooo cool. They are REVERSIBLE!!!! That means 2 pairs of pants for the price of one. Can you imagine how great this would be for packing for a vacation or a weekend getaway? I chose to wear the printed reptile side to give you a look at what the print is. The pants reverse to a solid olive color. It is the same olive that is in the reptile print. I love the pull-on waistband and the way the pants hug you for a slimming and shaping style. I have on the medium which fit nicely. Go HERE to see the pants and the different styles. I added a dark gold sleeveless top to the look. I thought that the top added a much-needed brightening to the outfit. The vest and the pants are in the darker tones so I added a lighter tone with the top. This top is one that I have had for years and I wear it a lot in the fall of the year. This color is perfect in the fall and reminds me of the color of the leaves that will soon start changing.
I hope you enjoyed today’s fall transition outfit. I can feel fall in the air!!! 🍁

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  1. What a great idea, reversible pants, and at a great price point! I’m also loving the earrings! Might have to add those to my fall wardrobe! Your style is such an inspiration! Have a great day Tania!!

  2. Janet Batchelor Reply

    ILove this outfit. The blog was extra interesting today because your photos were giant (could see detail really good) but the words were teeny tiny lol!!

  3. Tania, although I dont usually love gold or olive, I Love this outfit. super cute and fun, but most of all looks soft and comfortable!

  4. I love Fall and I love that outfit! And I have to thank you for reintroducing me to Cato Fashions. I haven’t been there in years but seeing you in such cute clothes from Cato’s I decided to hunt a store down and shop! I found 3 tops and some ankle pants. I’m so excited and will be going back again and again.

  5. Love the outfit! We’ll be in summer until December in South FL. Will dream of fall 🍁🍂

  6. Really like this look. And the pants are so flattering. I like olive & gold so this look is for me. Reversible pants – that’s an idea!

  7. Cheryl peffer Reply

    Those must be the ones on Todays Special. Cute. I’m so ready for fall. Enough of this heat. I love the fall colors and wearing sweaters.

  8. Love the transition outfit! Especially the pants…definitely going to check them out. Are they skin tight like leggings?

    By the way, where is your watch? Yesterday through Zulilly they had replacement bands for Apple Watch and it’s so easy to change bands. Thought I’d give you heads up on the bands.

    Do you have the sport model or 2…it is water proof when you turn on the lock. You could where when you’re in the pool with the grands.

    Love your blog and seeing different ways to wear what I already have in closet.

    Thanks Tania!

    • Tania Reply

      No, Tricia, these are not skin tight. They are heavyweight because of the butt lifting technology. More like a skinny pant.

  9. Sally L Bauman Reply

    I used to make Ooblick for my kids….cornstarch and water mixture…such a tactile thing for them and it was food safe as well if they decided to eat it! Easy cleanup as you let it dry out and just throw it in the garbage! I would put a plastic sheet or tablecloth down and let them go at it!

  10. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Love this! Fall is my favorite time of the year for clothes and decorating and everything! Maybe would have picked different shoes though. JS

  11. Tania, You are as cute as can be but please get rid of that ugly necklace. Not a good look! Please don’t be offended because I like you, but not the necklace.

  12. I think that necklace looks terrific with the outfit! The necklace is definitely a different style but this entire outfit is a win-win! (I can’t wear those colors very well but they are attractive on you!)

  13. Noooooooo. Don’t give up on summer which is my favourite season. Autumn can be nice but gets far too wet here in the NW of the UK.
    I LOVE THE REVERSIBLE TROUSERS what a great idea. The olive and navy colour looks great.

  14. Fall is my favorite season. I love, love, love this outfit and it looks great on you! I’m ready for fall now!!

  15. I Love this outfit ! I just ordered the pant from QVC and I ordered the vest from Cato. Although you look great sleeveless, I’m not so inclined to try. I will pair the vest with a T-shirt. I’ve already forwarded this blog to 2 friends today. I Love the colors and the jewelry.
    If you ever come to South Louisiana and see a brunette twinning you, uh that would be me🤪
    Thanks for the inspiration

  16. Where can I find the necklace?? I searched for it under your party but it is not there. HELP!!!

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