50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A TIE FRONT BLOUSE | FASHION OVER 40I had a fantastic weekend and I hope you did also. Sunday was spent with my little blonde headed mini-me and that is always a lot of fun. Her mom and dad were going shopping at Sam’s Club and she told them that she would rather stay home with her NeeNee. My son can never figure out why she wants to stay home with me because he says that we don’t actually do things that are “fun.” Silly boy, he has no idea about the wild and crazy things that happen at my house. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A TIE FRONT BLOUSE | FASHION OVER 40 The first thing we did was take a nap. Lol! Okay, that might not fall under the wild and crazy heading but it was sure fun. I was tired after I got home from Church and she said she was tired also. I really think that she might have just “watched” me sleep. But, after that, we got down to the fun. We played in the pool, we ate cake and played with slime. I don’t think that she heard the “N” word the whole time she was at my house. You know the one, “NO.” Lol!  50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A TIE FRONT BLOUSE | FASHION OVER 40I am loving this tie front gray and white striped top that I bought while I was in Georgia. I am not a huge fan of gray but the style of this top just spoke to me. I liked how all the stripes confused the eye and how the tie draws the eye inward. Guess what that does? Ding, ding, ding, you are right. It helps you to appear thinner!!! This top is by Umgee which is a popular boutique brand clothing.

50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A TIE FRONT BLOUSE | FASHION OVER 40I added my Plunder Posse today. This was last month’s Posse and is no longer available. The Posse is a monthly subscription service which cost 25.00 (including tax and shipping) and you will receive from 1 to 3 items. There is no enrollment fee and no cancellation fee. I did add a couple bracelets called the Morgan and the Ramona. I really like Plunder Design jewelry, not because I sell it. I bought it and loved it and THEN I decided to sell it. Lol! I wear my Plunder jewelry even when I am not taking pictures. It is trendy, great quality and affordable. It is getting that time of the year when Plunder is getting ready to discontinue a lot of pieces to make room for the new fall and winter collection. If you would like a list of the retiring pieces then just let me know and I will email you the list. If you wish to make a purchase then go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and pick a party in my name. 50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A TIE FRONT BLOUSE | FASHION OVER 40BTW, I did a random pick from my email subscribers for a $25.00 Ulta gift card. The winner was picked and I will be emailing you shortly. I didn’t know if you would want your email address published online so I will send you a message privately. I have been in a mood lately to wear the longer shorts. I get in these moods occasionally where I will wear the same style or color for weeks at a time. These long shorts seem to be the style of the moment. Also, I am really loving jumpsuits all of a sudden. I have several that I have purchased that you will be seeing in the coming weeks. White can be worn ANYTIME so do not be afraid to wear it after Labor Day. As long as the weather holds out I will still be wearing shorts. Now is a great time to buy them since almost everyone has them on sale.

50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A TIE FRONT BLOUSE | FASHION OVER 40Thanks, everyone who signed up for the daily email notifications from me. I am thrilled that you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on a thing. This week will be crazy because I am heading out of town again later in the week. Rosemary Beach, here I come!!!

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  1. As always you look fantastic ! I always look forward to seeing what you have on your blog. Please email me the Plunder retiring pieces if you could.Have a great week.

  2. That is awesome that Emerson will take a nap!🤣🤣🤣. My daughter will be 9 in a few days, and we still have trouble getting her to go to sleep and stay asleep. She never slept more than three hours at a time as a baby, and it is a struggle every night still. She has taken two naps in 8 years, one after tubes were put in her ears and one last year when she had a mild case of flu.😞🤣. I love this child of mine, but I sure wish she liked to sleep once in a while. She was wandering around at 10:30 last night because she could not sleep. We make her go to bed at 8:30 during the school year and 9-9:30 in the summer. Nonetheless, kids are an amazing blessing.❤️

    • Tania Reply

      They are all different and each child has their own way of doing things. Emersyn would never fall asleep without a huge ritual and Beckham will fall asleep anywhere at all.

  3. I love that top, and your right a top with a front tie always makes you look thinner! I love everything about this outfit from top to bottom!

  4. Tania, I love the gray top! Looks great with the white shorts. Please send me a list of the Plunder pieces that will be retired. Thanks for your fashion inspiration!

  5. I I love this beautiful top, just my style! I clicked on the Umgee name but could not find it at all (sigh). You accessorized perfectly! I found you on Pinterest and am now a follower. Love seeing your daily post.

  6. Annie Lazar Reply

    You’re such a beautiful gal! You look out of this world in this outfit! WOW!!

    Sweet, sweet story about Miss Emersyn! 👸🏼

  7. What a great ensemble! Everything–your outfit, shoes, jewelry, hair, nails–just everything!

  8. Victoria Elliott Reply

    That outfit is right up my alley! Love it. Also, I would like a list of the jewelry being retired. Thank you.,

    • Tania Reply

      Just sent you an email with all of the retiring pieces listed.

  9. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    That is a really cute top! And I agree about the stripes. Perfect stylin of the Plunder Possee! I would love to get the list of discontinued Plunder items, please.

    • Me too…particularly the white necklace with gold you wore today … do you think it will ever be for sale today?. You look great in that outfit.

      • Tania Reply

        I don’t know if they will bring it back, Judy. There is a turquoise version for sale right now but not the cream. It might come out in the fall items.

  10. I love love your look today! I may just have to take trip to the Marietta square this week! I have a problem with tie front top making me look bigger in the belly but this one looks slimming!

  11. Dana Buckingham Reply

    I love this outfit today! The bracelets too! You look really cute!

  12. Love the outfit, Tania. You look great! Please email me the list of the retiring pieces along with info about subscription service.

  13. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Love this top! My grandbabies never hear the N word either! They are just too sweet and precious to use that bad word.

    • Tania Reply

      There are some words that grandmothers just don’t use. Lol!

  14. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Tania, please email me the list of retiring jewelry. Thank you!

    • Tania Reply

      I bought it at Glitzy Chicks, a little boutique in Acworth, Ga. It is by Umgee but I couldn’t find it online anywhere.

    • Tania Reply

      Michele, I bought this in a boutique in Acworth, Ga named Glitzy Chicks.

  15. Linda Bunger Reply

    Love the top and longer shorts! You look FABULOUS! Please, please tell me where you bought the shorts!

    • Tania Reply

      Goodness, Linda, those shorts are probably 10 years old. I have no idea where I bought them.

  16. I love, love love this top and tried to find it but…no go. This whole outfit from your hair to your jewelry, to make up to nail color is great and wish again that I could duplicate it.

  17. Such a pretty picture!! You look fabulous!! Gray and white is another winning combo!

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