50 IS NOT OLD | WEEKEND CASUAL OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40Happy Saturday and welcome to the weekend!!! I wanted to style weekend appropriate clothing today so I knew that the nice folks at Anthony’s Ladies Apparel were a fantastic place to find just what I wanted. My weekend can involve grocery shopping (no fun) or golf (lots of fun) and they had the perfect items for either.50 IS NOT OLD | WEEKEND CASUAL OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40 I have been wanting a pair of navy Bermuda shorts and this pair by Tribal was exactly what I was looking for.  They are a 13″ short so I do not have to worry about them riding up when I bend over which is something you do often when you golf or garden. 
50 IS NOT OLD | WEEKEND CASUAL OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40They have a very comfortable 2 1/8 pull-on waistband. They are made to look like they have a zipper but that is just for looks. They also have pockets which is something I look for in shorts especially if I am going to be golfing in them. You need something to put your tees and extra balls in. 50 IS NOT OLD | WEEKEND CASUAL OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40I am also a big fan on the knee vent. I have had shorts before that did not have that vent and you felt like they were cutting off the circulation in your legs when you sat down. These are made of 76% Rayon / 21% Nylon / 3% Spandex and are machine washable. I ordered a size 10 which I normally wear but ended up sending them back for a smaller size. As one of my favorite sayings says, they are “Practically Perfect In Every Way!” Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | WEEKEND CASUAL OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40 My sleeveless top is also by Tribal. I was initially drawn to this top because of the color and the print. I feel like this top is a cornflower blue color but the website calls it blue fog. I like my name better. Lol! Although the color is what I was drawn to initially it was not the thing that I ended up liking the best about this top.50 IS NOT OLD | WEEKEND CASUAL OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40 My favorite thing about this top is the feel of it. It is made from 97% Rayon / 3% Spandex and is machine washable which is all very nice. But, it feels so silky on that I even made Joe feel of it. I am all about things feeling good against my body. I love a v-neck design, I think it is the most flattering neckline, and I like the tie with the tassels. They add an element of fun to the top. I am wearing a size large which is my normal size. 50 IS NOT OLD | WEEKEND CASUAL OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40Be sure to check out ALL of the clothing by Tribal because there is a lot to choose from. Anthony’s Ladies Apparel carries many brands and they have a wide array of clothing. They have everything you might need from printed pants to bathing suits. The last time that I worked with them I got the most amazing loungewear outfit. I wore that all winter long!!!


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  1. I like the printed top. Looks cool for a hot & humid day. I’ll have to check out Anthony’s Apparel. Happy Saturday

  2. I’m always looking for dog-friendly fabric. Do you think fur would easily brush off the material of those cute shorts? Thanks, Tania!

  3. Connie O’Rourke Reply

    Love the printed top so much that I ordered it (and a few other items)! I’m a new subscriber to your blog and look forward to your posts!

  4. Hey Tania—I miss seeing and hearing stories of what you’re up to with your two dear friends. Once in a while you would also have their pictures on the blog. Why has that changed?

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