50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO USE A SCARF TO CHANGE THE LOOK OF ANY OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40When I was a small child we were involved in a car wreck and my father experienced a very badly broken leg. I can remember him having screws in his leg and him being on crutches. I also remember him being able to go all the way down to the floor with his leg sticking out in front of him and then he would be able to raise back up. That is crazy! Just try doing that and see how hard that is. The problem is that now he has a lot of pain with the leg, especially his ankle.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO USE A SCARF TO CHANGE THE LOOK OF ANY OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40 My father is not like me in the fact that he NEVER complains. You can tell that it is hurting him by watching him walk but he never says anything. I tried giving him Essential oils to rub on the leg for pain and he tried for several months but he never found any relief. Sooooo, here is my question to you. Have any of you ever used the CBD oil and what was your results? This is the latest, hottest pain treatment that I have been reading about. It is from the marijuana plant but is not supposed to have the THC drug in it. If you are not comfortable leaving a comment you can privately email me at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com. I just hate to see him in pain and I would love to find something that would help him if I can. Love you, Dad! I know he is reading this today. 😘 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO USE A SCARF TO CHANGE THE LOOK OF ANY OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40Here is look number two from my t-shirt series. Once again I have on my plain navy v-neck t-shirt. This has short sleeves which makes it easy to wear alone or under a jacket, cardigan, etc. Even though I am wearing a navy t-shirt for all of my outfits, you can choose a t-shirt in the color of your choice. If you have a white one, a black one, or even a gray one you could do basically the very same thing. You can also choose whether you want a v-neck, round neck, or a crew neck. Fashion is about wearing what makes YOU feel good about yourself.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO USE A SCARF TO CHANGE THE LOOK OF ANY OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40 It is a good thing that I have already gotten a fresh manicure since I took this picture. Look how bad my nails look, they are so grown out. Lol! I wanted to show you my bracelets. I have on my normal assortment of Alex and Ani bracelets and a brand new one that came in the mail as a surprise gift. It is made in the same style as my Alex and Ani bracelets but it is stamped #50ISNOTold. How cute is that???? Thanks so much, Julie from Kay and Star. Be sure to check out their Etsy account when you need a cute and personal gift. 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO USE A SCARF TO CHANGE THE LOOK OF ANY OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40The color is hard to see on this post but the pants that I have on are the palest of pink. These are a pair of pixie pants from Old Navy that I have had for years. I don’t think they are faded, they were always this light color. Light pink seems like a summer color, and it is, but you can wear these all year long. I love pink and navy, brown, and gray together. When you wear those color combinations and fall/winter accessories you can extend you wearing seasons.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO USE A SCARF TO CHANGE THE LOOK OF ANY OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40This accessory is very much a spring/summer accessory. I bought this tasseled scarf at Cato Fashions early this year. I love accessories because they can change the look of an outfit for a small amount of money. The scarf has vibrant colors in it as well as pastels. The pale pink color in it is why I chose to add this scarf. Because the scarf is such a statement piece, your eye is drawn to it and not to the top. People will not even think about you wearing the same top that you just wore last week. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO USE A SCARF TO CHANGE THE LOOK OF ANY OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40If you missed yesterday’s look then be sure to check it out here. Also, I am having a GIVEAWAY!!! Sign up for my email and be entered into a drawing for a $25.00 gift card from Ulta! Comment below that you signed up to be entered. It is super easy, just put your email address in the “Subscribe To The Blog Via Email” box at the top right.

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  1. What a lovely scarf. The tassels make it unique and such lovely colours.
    I have no answer as to pain relief for your dad but do hope he feels better soon. Love Jill x

  2. Loving this series. It is so interesting to see how accessories can change an outfit. I am already subscribed to receive your emails but I love Ulta so I hope I win. I hope your dad finds some relief from his pain.

  3. I have used the CBD cream for my hands. I say give it a try. I do lots of golf and gardening and it does help with the soreness. I have RA.

  4. Love three simplicity of a t shirt with some eye catching accessories! Great series! I’ve been a subscriber for year now…it’s my morning routine….coffee with Tania! 😘

  5. Maggie Fieger Reply

    My husband uses the cod pain cream on his leg and it has helped when nothing elsemhas

  6. Sorry to hear of your dads pain. Unfortunately I don’t have any answers. Staying mobile helps me deal with rheumatoid arthritis pain. I also take a weekly injection. Let his doctor know.. there may be some new treatments he doesn’t use. Still love your blog! What a gift the ultra card will be for someone. Your heart is so loving to see dads pain and want to fix it. Looking forward to next shirt look.

  7. Get cbd oil for your dad! I use the drops and it really helps with the pain. It won’t be instant relief, it will take a few days. And you can put a few drops on your hands and rub it directly where it hurts. I have arthritis, also, and it helps. That and I walk every day to keep mobile, yes it hurts but then it goes away. Prayers for your dad! Love your posts!

  8. I love to see what you are wearing each day, everything is so fun and cute and you seem so happy. Please post about the CBD oil if your dad tries it, I would love to know if it helps. I am already subscribed to receive your emails and I do love Ulta!! Wish me luck. 🙂

  9. Sondra Koons Reply

    Really sorry to hear about all of the pain your dad is in. YES, YES, YES….tell him to try the CBD oil ASAP! I had lower back surgery a year ago. What was supposed to take 2-3 hours, took 7 hrs. I had a pinched nerve which took my surgeon 5 hours to straighten. He put it two rods & six screws and fused three disc’s. I also have scoliosis pretty bad and a bad case of arthritis. Heard about the CBD oil 4 months ago. Started taking it and I am SO much better. It takes about 2-3 months though before you notice much difference so tell your dad to be patient. I take the water soluble kind that I buy from The American Shaman store. You have to take it in a juice of your choice though. It’s pretty bitter but Tania, I can’t emphasize enough how much better I am. I thought I was going to be a cripple for the rest of my life and now I can do just about anything I want to and NO MORE PAIN! Sorry for the long message. Love you!

  10. Nancy Gaddy Reply

    Love, love getting all your tips and your stories each day! Thank you!❤️

  11. Karen Miller Reply

    Love the scarf! Planning on going to Cato this week once our 15year old starts back to school tomorrow! I already subscribe to your emails! Love Ulta too!

  12. Love your outfit today. The scarf is stunning! I have already signed up for your emails and let her getting them and reading them every morning.

  13. I like when you do a series of one piece of clothing or outfit worn different ways. I do have the CBD oil as I got it when it first came out(not sure I can mention on here what company mine is from but it is a reputable one) as I got it hoping it would help my hubby with his leg pain but I can see from reading the previous posts that I did not give it time to work. I would put it on him one day and he didn’t feel any difference so then I would quit using it on him. I’m thinking I need to mix up a spray bottle and have him use it every day and see if he begins to notice the difference. My biggest problem is not knowing how much of the oil to mix with the carrier oil. I will follow this thread and maybe learn something. I hope you can find something that gives your Dad some relief.

  14. It’s made from hemp plants, not marijuana- it doesn’t have the THC that causes psychoactive issues- but does show positive results as a cannabidiol for people & pets with a wide range of problems. Pain, anxiety, even some hyperactivity disorders. The quality of what you buy matters- there are a wide range of companies & I would caution you to be discerning. My daughter works for a wellness company & they have been bombarded with questions lately. If you’re interested in the names of reputable products of CBD, I am happy to email a contact for you to call/ email. As a nurse myself, I know that the reason for such uncertainty in the medical field addressing it- is like supplements, they are not regulated- so you need to trust the source. All vitamins/ supplements are not equal- but some are really cheap & people tend to choose based on price which- like with skincare, isn’t always a good idea.

    • As I noted in comment by Dad suffers from back pain and would love info on this oil. Can you point me in right direction?

      • Yes, I’m in WI- the business that sells reputable products & can give you an idea about the concentration/ dosing – https://apple-wellness.com
        Check it out if you wish- call them, they do free shipping- but they will provide you with some education before you buy. My daughter works there & I feel confident referring you for advice. All the best!🙏🏻

  15. My Dad suffers with back pain. I would love to know more about this oil. If you find out please pass on info. Pretty scarf. Enjoying this series.

  16. Sooooo colorful and fun!! I do love Cato and wish I had one close to me 😉
    Have an awesome day and enjoy retirement (but your really not as you do the blog which is a lot of work).

    All the best,

  17. Brenda Noble Reply

    I LOVE the pop of color that the scarf adds to this outfit! Regarding the oils, there is a lot of research and testimonies from people who have amazing results. Your dad’s case is unique however and each person’s success will be different. I do know that you need to carefully explore the “claims” and the products, just as you do in using and promoting R+F. There are high quality CBD/ Hemp oils but there are also many that are not. I personally know people who have had amazing success with one brand, and not success with another. Not all Hemp Oils are created equal, just as any other product.

  18. Brenda Noble Reply

    Hello Ladies. I use and distribute Zilis Ultracell Hemp Oil. It is a very high grade, highly researched oil that yields wonderful results for anxiety, pain, immune system support, insomnia, memory loss and more. It is organically sourced, water soluble and 85% absorbable. Please feel free to contact me if you want more information. It has truly been a “life changer” for many. nobleb1673@gmail.com

  19. Melesa Garrison Reply

    My husband uses CBD oil and he really likes it. He is a diabetic and gets neuropathy from it and it seems to help somewhat. Now, it’s not been a miracle worker and work immediately, but it has helped some. Make sure you get a good quality oil bc there are those out there that aren’t what they claim to be.

  20. Tania, I use hemp oil (cbd) from Highland Pharms to help with sleep; it works well for that but I can’t vouch for it’s effectiveness relative to pain.

  21. YES!!! He needs try the CBD cream or a combination of the oil (oral drops) and lotion or cream. I have a friend who suffers from knee and foot pain, facing surgery and debilitating to the point she could barely walk… a year ago, while visiting our beautiful state of Colorado, I suggested she give it a try (both cream and oral drops). This combination has given her SO MUCH RELIEF! Immediately she started to find it helpful, and has since reordered several times, and uses mostly the cream on a daily basis…she hasn’t had surgery, and finds that the pain is so much better it’s tolerable….just make sure he’s using the 100% pure CBD and not a diluted variety…rub it into pulse points, (like they tell us to do with estrogen creams, as it will absorb into the blood stream quicker) and not like my friend, who was initially lathering it onto her foot and knee like body lotion! 😂

  22. Mlissa Allestad Reply

    I have known several people who have used cbd oil for pain, from back injuries to cancer, and they have all found relief. There is a stigma, but I think it is decreasing. There is so much benefit, it is natural, and it really helps! Good luck to your dad, I hope he gets relief from the pain. And you look fabulous as always.

  23. I get your email. First thing I read each morning. I have learned a lot & apply a lot of what I have learned. I also love Ulta & use R & F. Thank you for being you. 😊

  24. Victoria Elliott Reply

    Yes, I just discovered it over the weekend from my niece who is in a wheelchair. She has shoulder pain and is using it and says it is working for her. So I am going to get some for my husband who has leg pain I believe, but has not been diagnosed, is neuropathy.

    And I love the scarf you used with the navy t!

  25. I recently read a true story, Driving Miss Norma (excellent book, by the way) and Norma, who had side effects from cancer, finally agreed to use CBD cream. It was a game-changer for her pain management. It made me a believer in trying it if I am ever in pain and can’t find relief elsewhere. I say GO FOR IT for your dad, Tania. Life is too short to live any of it in pain if we can find help to relieve it. And…that scarf is gorgeous with your outfit! Love the casual-classy look!

  26. J'Laine Bradley Reply

    I just started using CBD oil Saturday. A couple of drops under the tongue. My pain is slightly better but my mood has been better and according to my Fitbit, I got the best nights rest I’ve had since I have been keeping up with it. I’m hoping for great results. BTW, love the scarf with the navy.

  27. I’m very fortunate and blessed not to have pain, but certainly sympathize with those who do. Hopefully, one of these thoughtful suggestions will be very helpful for your dad.
    Each morning I look forward to my coffee and Tania! I love seeing your “style of the day”, your jewelry selections and your pretty face. You have such a kind and generous heart, so giving and helpful to all of us style conscious ladies.
    I’m sure I speak for COUNTLESS ladies….we consider you “our special consultant and friend”!
    By the way…..congratulations on your retirement and your hair color is very becoming.
    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication keeping us gurls looking our best!

  28. Oh I have that same scarf! I had forgotten about it till I saw your picture, looks great on you and I will have to hunt for mine now!

  29. Hi Tania
    I would encourage your dad to at least try the cdb, it can’t hurt and it could really help a lot.I use both the cbd oil you can use orally and the balm that I rub into my hips and hands. I have gotten a lot of relief from these products. I hope he gives it a try. P.S. you look adorable as usual.

  30. I have some CBD cream that I loaned to my brother-in-law for his arthritic ankle. Sadly, it didn’t work. Like your dad’s injury, he had endured surgery and hardware a long time ago. CBD seems to work better for external pain. Good luck with finding something and please share with us when you do! Your Roanoke friend.

  31. I haven’t tried that but my husband used Australian Dream It’s a histamine type cream that brings blood flow to the area and seems to assist with pain ( you can get it at the drugstore) . A Tens Unit is also helpful for pain- Amazon. .

  32. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    What a lovely scarf and it totally changes the outfit! Our poor Daddys…so strong and enduring! Much to be admired! I hope the oil helps him. I have friends who say it helps.

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