50 IS NOT OLD | ROMANCE AWARENESS MONTH | FASHION OVER 40August is here! Can you believe that we are already starting the 8th month of the year? I have no idea what made me get interested in looking up trivia about August but that is just how I roll. So, for your enjoyment and amusement, I spent hours (not really) looking and doing research (aka Google) about the 8th month of the year. The first little tidbit for you is that on this day in 1790, the first United States Census was conducted. There were 3,929,214 people counted that year. 😮50 IS NOT OLD | ROMANCE AWARENESS MONTH | FASHION OVER 40Probably the most important fact about August is that it contains Shark Week in it. Lol! I know that is my daughter’s favorite thing about August. I already knew, and I bet most of you did too, that August was named after Augustus Caesar. But, I didn’t know that it contained 31 days because he wanted as many days as Julius Caesar’s month of July had. Almost everything else I read about this month was weather-related. Maybe the weather stuff is just what I found interesting. Here are some quotes that I found on the internet:

“If the first week in August is unusually warm,
the coming Winter will be snowy and long.”
– unknown

“If a cold August follows a hot July,
It foretells a Winter hard and dry.”
– unknown

“For every fog in August,
There will be a snowfall in Winter.”
– unknown

50 IS NOT OLD | ROMANCE AWARENESS MONTH | FASHION OVER 40One more fun fact about August, it is Romance Awareness Month. See how I led into talking about this cute summer romantic dress? Lol! I tried this on and went into the kitchen to find some shoes to wear with it. Joe saw me come through and stopped dead in his tracks. “I love that!” I told him that it had just come in and he said, “you are definitely keeping that.” I guess that solved that question. I really like the beachy feel of this dress and I can see me wearing this at the beach. Hopefully,  I will see me wearing it there real soon. Lol! I love the print, the colors, the ruffles, and the romantic vibe to this dress. The neckline was a little low so I tied the halter up higher to make it acceptable for me. It really ties behind the back but the ties are very long so I decided to just see how it would look tying them like an empire waist instead of letting it hang freely. Another concern that some of you might have, the back is very low. You would need to wear a no-show type strapless bra because it is so low. I was only taking pictures today and not going anywhere so I didn’t have one on like that. You can look at the website to see the back there. I am wearing a large and it fits me great.

50 IS NOT OLD | ROMANCE AWARENESS MONTH | FASHION OVER 40With a dress like this, I thought that I need my boho style jewelry on. I started with my Sydney earrings. I am loving these navy fringe earrings, probably because I lover fringe and I love blue. They are a win, win in my book. The Quinn necklace was perfect for this look. It was the right color, the right length, and it has the right “feel” to it. I always end up liking something that I put off ordering because I didn’t think that I would like it. I am evidently a bad judge when it comes to my jewelry. Lol! Finally, I added the Rhonda and the Violet bracelets. It may look like I only have on one bracelet but there are actually two. Both of these have pull strings to adjust them and I love that feature, it is new to Plunder this year. If you wish to make a purchase then go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and pick a party in my name. 50 IS NOT OLD | ROMANCE AWARENESS MONTH | FASHION OVER 40How many of you thought that I was barefoot today? This clear lucite style shoe is the rage right now. I love this look but this pair is a little high even for me. I am talking about the heel height since it has to be around 4″ tall. Mine is by a boutique brand called Call It Spring but I found so others that don’t look quite as tall.

50 IS NOT OLD | ROMANCE AWARENESS MONTH | FASHION OVER 40FINALLY, today is the day that ANYONE can purchase the newest product by Rodan + Fields. I don’t know when I have been more excited about a product. I was not excited about Lash Boost, I was not excited about Active Hydration, I was not excited about the Intensive Renewing Serum or the Bright Eye Complex. I was happy and I wanted to use the products, but I wasn’t excited. BUT, when your skin is so dry and crepey, you get excited for a body replenish from the most noted dermatologist in the world. This is a HUGE jar, I will try to take a better picture of my holding it in my hand next time to give you a better idea. It is thick and creamy and it goes on very smoothly. I have used it for three days, morning and night, and can honestly tell you that I love it and can already feel a huge difference. If menopause has taken its toll on you then this is the answer. Or, if you live in a dry climate then you should think about giving this a try. Exfoliating before applying the lotion will help your results. So, the next 10 who order this product will receive a free microdermabrasion paste sample from me so that you can try them together. Go here to check out the new product and as always, I appreciate your becoming a Preferred Customer. I try to show my customers lots and lots of love. ❤️

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  1. Is this R and F crepe erase ? I cant find your link to your r and f account

  2. That is such a pretty dress and once again the blue really suits you. Floaty material is so femine to wear. You will feel fabulous when you wear it. Have a nice day x

  3. Lovely romantic feminine dress Tania and I thought you were going back to the “60”s with your bare feet flower 🌺 😂 love the sandals

  4. Love the dress!! The color is gorgeous! Shores are cute but I can’t stop thinking of the blisters I’d get!! 😁

  5. I looked this dress up on the link you provided and I must say that it looks much better on you than the model! I would never have looked twice at it based on the ad but it looks great on you!

  6. Rebecca Purdie Reply

    If I could wear the sandal I would get the multi color ones.
    These look cute on you.

  7. It’s gorgeous on you -love the fact that it turned Joes head but I have to ask ….. Do you always keep your Lucite heels in the kitchen ?????

  8. Kristi Tandy Reply

    The moment I saw you in this dress, I loved it and said I must have it!! It looks great on you. I think it is so special how Joe notices what you are wearing. You chose well. (Dress & husband.)

  9. Wow! You look great in that dress. You are rockin’ the maxi dresses this summer. I see why Joe liked it. Also liked the tidbits about August and the weather. Happy Thursday 😊

  10. Hi Tania,
    There isn’t a direct link to buy the “big jar”. I want to buy it and pay for my tan lotion. what is the best way to do it?

    • Tania Reply

      Julie, I hope you like the sunless tanner. Here is the link to the Active Hydration Body Replenish. It is not enough for a qalifying PC order so you will need to add a sunless tanner or sunscreen, etc. to reach the 80.00 qualifying volume. Those smaller items can be found under the Essentials tab. Message me if you need help. You can just mail me a check for the other tanner that I sent you.

      • Sorry to bug you again. What is qualifying volume? and what is the price for the tanner. It worked great – funny thing is i kind of just applied it to my lower legs (just above the knee) and i gave myself a “farmer tan” on my legs. it was funny but no one noticed since i wore shorts or ankle pants (no pool was on the cruise ship, it was a river cruise). LOL

  11. Oh, my goodness! You are SUCH a beautiful lady! Your shoes are to die for! Hope you have a fun and romantic day! ❤️🌺💋🌴👸🏼🌸🧚🏻‍♀️

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Susan. Things that are really cute do tend to sell out fast.

  12. I can’t wait to try this new R&F product. I apparently missed my email to get it early but I ordered this morning.
    I say all the time I have “Merle Haggard” arms and I won’t wear sleeveless anything, so this will be the test.
    Love your info about it. and of course the picture.

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