50 IS NOT OLD | DOES SETTING GOALS WORK | FASHION OVER 40I want to tell you gurls that I am a huge believer in writing down goals and saying them out loud. But, I will be honest and tell you that I used to think that was bull hockey but I am now a believer. I can kind of see why it helps because if you write something down it is like it imprints on your mind and then saying it out loud reminds you to do the effort to make the goal possible. It is like when I was in school studying for a test. I would write down the questions and the answers and I would remember them much more than if I just read them in my mind.50 IS NOT OLD | DOES SETTING GOALS WORK | FASHION OVER 40 I was working on a big goal last month in my RF business, one that we had never gotten even close to before. I wrote down the goal, I posted the goal for all the members on my team to see, I envisioned me making the goal, basically, I thought about it daily. I also thought about the story of the old man who drowned in a flood even though he had been offered a canoe, a rowboat, and a helicopter. He turned them all down saying that the Lord was going to save him. When he got to Heaven he asked the Lord why He had let him drown. Of course, the Lord replied that He had sent the canoe, the rowboat, and the helicopter. In my case, I decided to do everything in my power, I canoed, I rowed, and I flew in the helicopter and then I knew that I had done everything that I had been given to work with. Does anyone else write down goals? Do you think it helps?50 IS NOT OLD | DOES SETTING GOALS WORK | FASHION OVER 40 This flowy tunic will get you in the mood for fall. I love all of the deep tones and especially the mustard color, it is one of my favorite fall colors. This is made oversized and is supposed to have the swing motion and lots of fabric. I am wearing a medium. The sleeves are a bell design and even though this is a long sleeve top it is lightweight and not hot. This is the type top you want for that transition phase when it is hard to know what to wear. This was in my Trunk Club shipment and the black color has already sold out! WOW! That was super fast but the good news is that it is still available in red and that is probably even cuter than mine. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | DOES SETTING GOALS WORK | FASHION OVER 40I have on a couple of new Plunder items on today. The Jo necklace is a red marble acrylic stone on a gold chain and it is adjustable 20-23″ long. The Danella necklace features textured pearls and gold rings with a faux horn and it is 33-36″ long. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the faux horn detail but I do like it. I think that I will wear this a lot more this fall. The large gold cuff is called the Muriel and it is 8.5″ but it does have a few links that you can take out to make it smaller. The Ciara earrings are gold filigree metal and they are a 3.5″ drop. These are probably my favorite earrings from the new line. 50 IS NOT OLD | DOES SETTING GOALS WORK | FASHION OVER 40The faux yellow satchel is a great size. It is like the baby bear of purses, not too big and not too small. Hahaha! It is also versatile which is a plus. It has two different handles so you can wear it on your shoulder or just carry it by the short handles. BUT, it also has a detachable clutch on the inside that you can carry separately if you choose. Consider this two for the price of one. Also, the texture on this purse makes it really really hard to tell that it is not leather. I had to look at the tag when I got it out of the trunk to figure it out.50 IS NOT OLD | DOES SETTING GOALS WORK | FASHION OVER 40 I didn’t even mention the black dress jeans from Karen Kane. These are super old but I still love to wear them occasionally. I really would normally have worn white with this top to make it POP but I had just worn white pants the day before and I hated to wear them again. There are times when what I wear in person is different than what is on the blog that day.
50 IS NOT OLD | DOES SETTING GOALS WORK | FASHION OVER 40Can you believe it is already August? We will be talking about that on tomorrow’s blog. Let me know what plans you have for the upcoming month. I think that I might have a trip to Florida coming up in August, I am still trying to decide whether to go or not. I am afraid Joe is going to really look at changing the locks if I don’t start staying home some. Lol!!!

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  1. Oh no! Please don’t talk Autumn. We are having such a lovely summer here in the UK it is such a change to wearing a raincoat and boots, long may summer reign. I love your trunk club items and the top is super cute. I don’t think we have anything like a trunk club here. Would be great if we did.

    • Tania Reply

      It is funny, I love Spring, Summer, and Fall. If I could have three seasons a year then I would be fine with that. Lol!

  2. Love, Love, Love, the flowing top!!! It checks all the boxes for me. V-neck, flowing sleeve, and tunic length! Congratulations on your well deserved promotion!! Honored to be a business partner with you!!

    • Tania Reply

      I am with you, Susanne. I love the top for all of those reasons but I should have gotten the red. I like it much better. lol!

  3. Oh how I love a list! And putting things on the calendar! Some days my to do list is so structured it even has times on it, like 8-8:30am: Eat breakfast, 8:30-9: Wash dishes and straighten kitchen, etc. I can’t do THAT everyday but when I do I REALLY get a lot accomplished!

    Loving this bold black floral tunic.


  4. Melesa Garrison Reply

    I love your flowy top! I love your yellow bag too 💜 I do write down things I expect to do. I have a new goal. I broke my ankle Monday night and I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to be independent and get to work and hobble around on crutches and so forth. My poor husband has been so wonderful, but I don’t want him to resent me after the next three months. Yes, 4 weeks in a cast and 8 weeks in a boot. 55 yrs old and I have to walk with one leg, but God is good and I have two legs that will walk again. Sorry I bent your ear, but I needed to cry for a minute 😂

    • Tania Reply

      Oh my goodness, Melesa. I haven’t been on Facebook much lately so I must have missed that you hurt yourself. It will just be a short adjustment period and before long the time will have passed. Keep positive thoughts and give yourself a little Grace if you need a good cry every now and again.

  5. Ginger Powell Reply

    Love your daily emails! If you join Plunder Possee can the jewelry be retuned if it isn’t your style?

    • Tania Reply

      Ginger, you asked me a question that I don’t know the answer to. I know that they announce the jewelry on the first of every month so you have time to view the items. If one month is not your style then you can log in and un-enroll. Watch for the next month’s posse and if that one is more your style then you can enroll back and all with no charge.

  6. WOW I don’t know what it is but this outfit makes you look so young – perfect combo
    I pick just three daily goals each day. It’s the perfect amount for me. I know I can get 3 done and then anything more is icing on the cake. It also helps me to focus better or I’ll start doing dishes and end up cleaning the broom closet.

    • Tania Reply

      Hi, Julie! I try to write down 3 things that NEED to get down and then there are the other 100 things that I would like to get down. Lol! I hope you had a good vacation.

  7. You are looking fab Tania! Love the top it’s so pretty!
    P.S. – I think you should go on your trip. You only live once and should enjoy every moment!!!

  8. I’m not a big fan of florals but I like the cut of this tunic. Looks so comfy and as you said a good transition piece. I love that bag. Nordstrom may break me!! I have to make a list of things I need done each day or I get off track or forget. I’m reading Unglued, Making Wise Decidions in the Midst of Raw Emotions. It talks about repeating words, actions making brain traces each time we say or do something. The more you do it the deeper the traces. So repetition can help remember and ingrain words/actions in our mind.

  9. Dana Buckingham Reply

    I love this tunic, though the mustard and orange colors are my least favorite. I don’t care for either one but the rest are great and I love the style. I loved your story yesterday about your granddaughter spending the night and the lights that kept you awake!

  10. Dana Buckingham Reply

    I forgot to mention that I try to set goals for each day in order to get a few things accomplished. It does make me feel better.

  11. I would have sworn those pants were blue denim! Not sure if it’s my phone or what is distorting the color. I love tunics and anything with flowy sleeves. Except sometimes it’s hard to eat without getting them in your food!

  12. A to-do list is the best way to get things done. And as you check off what you’ve done, you feel such a sense of accomplishment. There is a great app called Wunderlist if you’d like to use your iPhone or Android. You can also share it with others if needed. Love the purse and the top. I had a dress in a similar pattern and wore it for years and years! Still love the colors!

    • Tania Reply

      Vicki, I need to check that app out. I am great at downloading apps but I am not as good at using them.

  13. Im hoping that setting goals and writing them down does work for me. Last time i had a weightloss goal it didn’t work out so good. Im taking a different approach this time. I love the top super cute

    • Tania Reply

      Nicki, weight loss is a constant struggle. I am down 6 pounds but I have a long way to go. Good luck with your attempt.

  14. I. Love. That. Top.!!!!! And I wouldn’t have thought to pair it with the yellow handbag. Looks great!!

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