50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO LOOK LONG AND LEAN | FASHION OVER 40It sure is good to be back home again. I slept soooo good in my own bed. Although, the first night I was back from visiting my sister I did not sleep in my bed but instead slept in one of the other bedrooms. No, Joe did not lock me out of the bedroom, instead, it was because Emersyn decided that she wanted to spend the night with me. She and I always sleep in Ashleigh’s old room because little Miss thang kicks and she wakes up the sleeping bear (aka Joe.) 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO LOOK LONG AND LEAN | FASHION OVER 40Because her parents live right next door she is bad to want to go back home when it is time to go to sleep. She knows that it is easy to walk back home but this time I wasn’t having it. I told her that they had already gone to sleep and she needed to close her eyes. Then she told me to try and call them or at least to text them. I said, “Nope, you wanted to spend the night and you are going to spend the night.” There might have been a few tears but she soon started watching a video and before long she was out like a rock. My night wasn’t quite as good but it had nothing to do with her, she was an angel. Joe installed some outside lights around the pool to light up the place at night and boy did it ever! It looked like daylight all night long and I kept waking up to see what time it was. Lol! We sleep on the other side of the house so the lights never bother us. I may need to buy some blackout curtains for the other bedrooms if we ever want our company to be able to sleep. Ashleigh would feel right at home since it never seems to get completely dark in Alaska. 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO LOOK LONG AND LEAN | FASHION OVER 40I wore a maxi dress last week that was like this but a different color. Several of you mentioned that since you were Petite that you couldn’t wear a maxi dress but I am here to tell you otherwise. Petite women can wear maxi dresses but you have to do things a little differently. 1. Buy the dress in the petite section so the length is correct. 2. Pick a solid or a smaller print like this one. You always want to pick a print that is in proportion to your body. 3. A platform shoe will help to make you appear taller. 4. A dress with an empire waist will make you appear taller. See, easy – peasy! This one is by Everly and runs true to size. It has a halter style neckline and a fabric tie belt. You could choose to let it flow without a belt or belt it down with a belt of your own.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO LOOK LONG AND LEAN | FASHION OVER 40Today’s necklace and earrings are a set that is this month’s Plunder Posse. There is nothing like waiting until the last minute to show you the special. Lol! The Posse is a subscription service where you get 1 to 3 pieces of jewelry each month for the flat rate of 25.00 which includes taxes and shipping. It is a wonderful deal! Plus, there is no sign on fee and no cancellation fee and that makes it even better. I added the Mary Ellen, the Ramona, and the Morgan bracelets. If you wish to make a purchase then go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and pick a party in my name. 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO LOOK LONG AND LEAN | FASHION OVER 40I added this cornflower blue crochet vest that I bought at Cato’s the other day on the sale rack. I do not have a lot of vests but I loved the color of this one and I thought it matched the floral design in the dress great. By adding the longer vest it also makes you look taller. I also like it because it hides my sides from your view which helps me to appear thinner. Long and lean is something I strive for in my outfits. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO LOOK LONG AND LEAN | FASHION OVER 40TODAY is the last day to take advantage of my Rodan + Fields BELOW COST sale. The deadline is 12:00 midnight PST but please don’t wait to the last minute because the websites get really, really backed up on the last day of the month with lots of people placing orders. Email me at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com with questions or go here to place your order (must be as a PC) if you are ready. 

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  1. Daria armstrong Reply

    You have a lot of beautiful costume jewelry, where do tou keep it all. I have both gold and costume jewelry and I’m running out of space in my jewelry amore where I keep my expensive pieces.

    • Tania Reply

      Daria, my expensive stuff is in a safe deposit bank since an old housekeeper decided to rid me of all of my 14kt gold. I have a huge jewelry chest (an old printers cabinet) that I refurbished but it only holds my vintage jewelry in it. I bought an over the door jewelry organizer from Amazon for all of my plunder.

  2. Another lovely maxi dress. I can’t get enough of them. And petite women can wear them. I’m 5’3′ and my daughter is 5’1′ and we wear them a lot. Thanks for link to this one.

    • Tania Reply

      I know, Johnna. I was surprised when I started getting the comments that petite women couldn’t wear them.

  3. Me again. I was surprised by the price of this dress. Especially since it’s from Nordstrom. They have typically more expensive items

    • Tania Reply

      Johnna, Nordstrom actually has several lines of clothing that are very reasonable, especially with the free shipping and returns. I hate going to a store to try on clothing and with Nordstrom, you don’t have to.

      • Like you I live 2 hours away from any real shopping so I do most online.

  4. Kathy McClintock Reply

    Thank you Tania. At 5ft I am going to try that look. You always look great in everything. I told you I always wanted to wear jumpsuits but since I am not working anymore I don’t have a good tailor since I have moved. I just haven’t looked for one. I take care of my disabled husband and time is limited. I am trying to do better when I have help. Lol. No one can tell when I leave the house how exhausted I am. I even sleep when I get my nails done or my hair. Lol. I would love to join in on getting the jewelry every month. I never buy a blouse without having jewelry to match. I just haven’t mastered the necklace thing yet. Yours are always look great, my problem is I am trying to match with the earrings but that’s not the way I want the look. I like things that make a statement like yours. I too have to sleep with my granddaughters. But the oldest one is 12 now and she’s a foot away from me. Lol. Thank you I am going to try and get in on the monthly jewelry before hubby wakes up. Sincerely Kathy. PS have a blessed day. I am also going through all my things I don’t need after reading your blog after Church. It struck close of things I don’t need. Lol

    • Charlcy Green Reply

      That is a really cute outfit! Thx for the tips on how to appear tall & thin! Great story about Miss E.! Im glad you put your foot down and she was happy. I know what you mean about the lights! Maybe those eye masks would be easier than curtains. And I apologize for not sharing your posts but everytime I try to, I can not get it to log in to my FB! And I don’t do Twitter. But I love your blog!!

  5. Kathie/ SCMom Reply

    I’m 5’2″ and wear maxi dresses and jumpsuits. Love them and I feel they make me look taller. I’m 65 and darn if I want to look like an old lady, so I always ask my daughter and grand daughter what I should but…They can’t accept that I am older either, so they always want me to be trendy!LOL! My 4 year old grand daughter saw a portrait of me on our wall and said Nana that was you when you were really young and I said yes, not I”m old and ugly. She replied no you are not, don’t say that anymore. She went on to say I think you are beautiful. Well, that was the sweetest thing I ever heard, so in her eyes I am beautiful…the mirror tells me otherwise, but she owns my heart.

    • Tania Reply

      Kathie, that is a wonderful story and so true. Beauty seen though love is way better than the mirror!!!

  6. Love the maxi dress and especially the halter style. You look darling in it! Quick question -I have a maxi that is very thin and almost see through from the waist down. Who knew? Do you have any suggestions for something to wear under it that isn’t bulky or looks like something my grandma would have worn? Thanks for all that you do to keep us women over 50 stylish and confident!

    • Tania Reply

      Jill, what a weird maxi. Is it not lined at least part of the way? I have seen some that are lined to look like a mini skirt under the long skirt. If not, what about a pair of leggings that maybe are printed? Something crazy. It is hard to say without seeing the dress.

  7. Luv your tutorials!!!
    How about a scarf tutorial “how many ways to style a scarf “

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