50 IS NOT OLD | LET'S GO ON AN ADVENTURE I am not sure how you view me or where you think I come from. Maybe you have never even given it any thought at all. I am from what I would call Middle-Class America. We were not rich and we were not poor. I wanted for nothing and if you would have asked me when I was younger if I was rich or poor I would have thought more toward the rich side. Now that I am older and understand how things really were I can see that was not the case. We camped, stayed at the lake, had horses, motorcycles, and had more toys than you can imagine.

50 IS NOT OLD | LET'S GO ON AN ADVENTURE The adventurous spirit of going to the lake and camping landed smack dab on my sister. Also, the buying something old and working on it and making it better landed right beside it. She and her husband J.D. recently bought an old 1985 C-Class Motorhome and are planning lots of renovations on it. They have already started some of the projects but have a long list of things to do. Their plan is to take a 3-week trek across the country and to stop and see lots of the National Parks along the way. 50 IS NOT OLD | LET'S GO ON AN ADVENTURE They wanted to give the camper a test run to Tennessee to see how it did before heading out west. Also, because the camper is new to them they don’t know how to work all of the parts, like the generator, and they knew that daddy could help them with all of the systems. So, we had no air-conditioner on our trip from Georgia to Tennessee since no one knew how to turn it on while we were going down the road. I was sitting beside the window so this was what I looked like for the biggest part of the trip. 50 IS NOT OLD | LET'S GO ON AN ADVENTURE My niece and brother-in-law got the “good” seats. Lol! My sister and I sat beside each other at the table so neither of us was facing backward since we were afraid we might get car sick. Things clanked and jarred the whole trip but the funniest part was when this tiny birdhouse (3×5) fell off the wall and hit my sister on the top of the head. She screamed, “OUCH” and then started saying “something hit me in the head.” I told her that the sky was falling but the other three of us was laughing so hard that I thought I was going to pee on myself. Speaking of the bathroom…………..One of those things that was a “first” for them was the dumping of the tanks. They call it gray and black water which is a really nice term for what it really is. I was very grateful once the tanks were dumped since I was the one right beside the open window. YUCK!!! Anyway, the water was not turned on in the camper so when it came time to use the bathroom I told J.D. that we needed to stop. My sister told him where the nearest bathroom was and we were all on the lookout for it. When it came into view my sister and I started telling him to turn but he said that he didn’t hear us in time. Instead of pulling off at this really nice, up-to-date gas station, he pulled into this really old and run down station. Oh, my goodness, it was horrific, but when you have got to go, you have got to go. We used a ton of hand sanitizer when we got back to the RV. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | LET'S GO ON AN ADVENTURE BC and my sister claimed the good seat on the way back to Georgia. I wonder if they figured out how to turn on the air-conditioner as you go down the road. All in all, we had a BLAST! Life is all about adventures and family. It is not all about perfection and stressing if your shoes have mud on them. Am I the only one who comes from a crazy loveable family that this?

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  1. What a fun outing you all had. My dad bought an old Bedford Van 50 years ago. It still had seats in from transporting workers. He had previously found a old camper with good interior. Him and a friend transferred all the interior from one to the other including the concertina roof for which they had to cut a big hole in the newer van roof. What fun we had in it. Every time we drove down a big hill I had to hold the roof down or it would fly up. Lol. You wouldn’t get away with it now. That was 50 years ago. Happy memories

  2. Great family story Tania 😊 we drove our first car (banger) across the country to stay with family and along the way the windshield wipers and the driver door broke so we superglued the door you had to get in the passenger side and shimmy across the gear stick 🤣and every time it rained we had to pullover ans stop and it rains a lot in Ireland ! It took us forever to get there but it was a great old car and when it finally gave in it stopped right beside the only pub around for miles 🤣🤣🤣

    • Tania Reply

      Love this story, Bernie! I can just imagine having to stop every time it rains. Lol!!!

  3. Great story and looked like great fun. I have large family and we do enjoy when we’re together since several live far away. We are a loud and rowdy bunch and always good for a laugh. It’s nice to have sisters/brothers who are your friends as well. And you and your sister seem to be that just like mine. My Dad turning 80 this week and we’re all gathering to celebrate this weekend and I can’t wait. I grew up in era when seat belts were not required and Dad would make bed out of back of station wagon for long drives to the beach with 5 kids in tow. Wonderful memories.

    • Tania Reply

      I am right there with you, Johnna. I can remember us putting a mattress in the back of the pickup truck and riding to Kentucky from Tennessee laying on that thing. Lol!

  4. Love the post today……yes, we too have a crazy family. Lol. Would love for you to do a “later” post when the camper is all fixed up!

    All the best,

    • Tania Reply

      I will do that, Holly! BUT, knowing my family, we have a lot of great ideas but not great follow-through. Lol!

  5. Tell your sister there is a Facebook group called “How to RV for newbies”, Very helpful and no snarky comments.

  6. Dana Buckingham Reply

    I really enjoyed reading this today, Tania! When I was growing up my family’s idea of camping was a cabin in Estes Park, CO, although my sister elected to sleep outside of the cabin in a sleeping bag. My husband and I have camped quite a bit and did go some when our two daughters were young, but we never had a camper like the one in this story.

  7. Charlcy L Green Reply

    Oh my gosh, I laughed & laughed & LOVED that story! Reminded me of an old RV we had as a kid & how much fun we had going cross-country int hat thing! Luckily my Daddy was an Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Business Owner, so our cooler ALWAYS worked! But my Daddy would hardly ever stop for you to go to the bathroom so you had to hold it! I’ve seen some of those lovely bathrooms tho! And a little wind never hurt anyone! We too had horses, boats, campers & lots of toys and were very blessed to have loving, happy parents! Rock on, girlfriend!

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