Last Sunday at church my preacher spoke about greed. He talked about worldly possessions and how we have way too much of everything. One of the points that he made was all of the storage buildings that have been popping up over the last few years. We now have to pay to have all of our stuff stored. Lol!

Then he asked how many of us had garages or attics that were filled to the gills with stuff. He started out by asking for us to think about each area in our home and to think what it was filled with. We were told not to raise our hands but to internally go over each area as he mentioned it. He started with the basement. Smugly I thought, nope, because I don’t have a basement. Then he went on to the attic. Once again I was able to shake my head because mine only contains insulation. If he had stopped right there then I would have been fine but unfortunately, he continued on. The garage, outbuildings, spare bedrooms, and cabinets were all on the list and then he got to the one that might have put the arrow through my heart………….the closet(s).

He said that ALL of that could be categorized into two areas, stuff and junk. Then he asked if we knew the difference. His answer was different from mine. He said that junk was stuff we could live without and stuff was junk that we thought we needed. My answer was stuff was my things and junk was Joe’s things. Lol!

Why do we feel the need to consume? Is it because we actually have a need? Is it because we are greedy? Or is it because we are envious? I honestly can’t say for certain which it is for me because I have a “reason” for everything I have. Don’t we always have a perfectly good reason to do what we do?

I am pretty certain that my needs could be met with MUCH fewer things. I could get by with a couple of pots and pans for cooking but I have 2 cabinets full even though I am not one who even cooks a lot. How many sheets do I need for each bed in the house? In theory, I could wash and dry the set that is on the bed and put them right back on instead of having a linen closet packed with multiple sets of sheets. Don’t even get me started on my coffee cups in my cupboard right now. We could drink coffee for 2 weeks or more without having to wash a single cup. Obviously, I have a lot of “stuff.”

Luke 12:15

Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.”

I blame television and the internet for all the stuff. I can be perfectly happy with my living room or kitchen and then I will catch the latest episode of the Fixer Upper and suddenly I feel like my house was the before one. I NEED to upgrade it because now it is not good enough. Scrolling Facebook can really send you into a buying spree. “Did you see John and Mary’s latest vacation? Susie and Joe just bought a boat, doesn’t that sound like something we need too? Joanne’s husband bought her a huge diamond ring for her anniversary present. My husband never buys me nice things like that.” Those are not needs and they really are not even wants. Those are just examples of envy. We see something and we want it too. I think it is called “keeping up with the Joneses.”

Ecclesiastes 5:10

Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless.

Money is a whole different issue. I may spend freely but do I give as freely? Here is where greed can be found. Every time I tried to even type a scenario I would find myself hesitating. No, I don’t give to the poor as often as I should. The thought will pop into my mind, “I work hard for my money, could they not work too?” I don’t know people’s circumstances and I can only judge by my life. In my life, they should be able to work. But, I am not privy to their story so I must give on faith that there is a true need and not a scam or just laziness on their part.

Proverbs 3:27

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.

Proverbs 22:9

The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.

How much money do I need in my savings account? When it comes to this, I feel sort of like the squirrel putting acorns into the tree for the long winter ahead. Retirement is looming and the lack of income coming in weekly can be scary. The thoughts of outliving our savings are probably the biggest fear of retirees. So, why would you give away the money that you might need later in life?

Matthew 6:26

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

In all honesty, I think there is a fine line when it comes to all of these things. I do not believe that you will be punished for enjoying some of the fruits of your labor. I know that the Bible talks about being smart and working like the ant to store for the coming months ahead so working and planning for your retirement is smart. I believe that the problem arises when it is the “love” of the possessions and the “love” of the money.

Be thankful for all that you have been given. Celebrate with your friends instead of envying their good fortune. Be grateful for your income and any amount you are able to give. Remember, the Lord blessed you and He wants you to enjoy all He has given you.

Have A Blessed Day!



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  1. Gosh! I don’t usually read your Sunday post but today I have. This set me thinking on each room in my little house. Although I am a minimalist in most rooms except the kitchen the loft is full of memories all stored away in suitcases. Treasures my daughter made. Trophys and books never read or looked at. My wedding dress now 29years old and suitcases of old photos over 100 years old. Yes it is full of stuff, junk and memories. But what a good point he has – that must have been a sermon worth listening to. Yes I donate to charities also but having read this post will now try to practice being more charitable. Have a lovely Sunday. Jill x

    • Tania Reply

      My home is “stuffed.” Every closet is full and every cabinet is overflowing. How much of that do I need? Very little! I think I will start the process of cleaning and clearing out. It can get ridiculous!

  2. Your possessions are stuff and Joe’s is junk….that cracked me up!!! The Lord has gifted you so beautifullu Tania and you have chosen to step out in faith and share your gifts. Your generosity is felt by us all. Have a wonderful day!

    • Tania Reply

      I wish that I could take credit for that statement, Sally. It was actually Joe who would say he was going to clean out his garage and get rid of a bunch of junk. When I asked what was the junk that he was getting rid of, he would say, “everything that is yours.”

  3. What a wonderful post! I love your daily posts, but I think I “needed” this one. I am always feeling like I do not have what others have, so maybe I am just greedy. My life is much different that most of my peers, so instead of complaining, I need to be thankful for what I have and work harder to change my circumstances. Thank you for sharing.😊

    • Tania Reply

      It is hard to change the mindset about comparison, Gina. I know that I find myself falling into the trap way too often myself.

  4. Wow , I think this message was just for me. Lol
    Think I’ll read it again and let it Soak in.
    Have a Blessed Day!!

  5. Thank you for the verses from Luke & Matthew. I’m writing them down and putting where I can & my family can see each day. Good reminders that our Father will take care of our needs when we trust Him. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  6. Yes, and yes again! Thanks for posting this. My husband and I just downsized and it was mammoth for sure, but the best thing we’ve ever done. We aren’t retired, but truly am glad we did it now. Well, actually we are still working on a few areas yet! I just read an article that said “Your Kids Don’t Want Your Stuff”. So I carefully review my ‘stuff’ that needs a new home and show it to the kids first (just in case), and then off it goes. No regrets.

    • Tania Reply

      I love the part about “your kids don’t want your stuff.” That is sooo true!

  7. Isn’t it interesting how just when you feel things are really changing in the right direction for you and the “world is your oyster”, God starts working on your heart! ❤️

    • Tania Reply

      God is very interested in our attitude and how we treat others around us.

  8. I have been following you for quite sometime and I believe this is the best one yet for me. I will look at my life a little different in the coming months. Awesome post! Hope you have a relaxing Sunday.😀

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Karen. I hope to have a better appreciation for all that I have been given also.

    • Tania Reply

      Not often, Janice. I do give them away though to family and friends.

  9. Love this. Now if I convince my hubby to get rid of his junk. I mean stuff lol

    • Tania Reply

      If you figure out how to make that work please share your secret. Lol!

  10. Charlcy Green Reply

    As Ed & I are clearing out my cluttered garage before we marry and taking stuff to our new storage shed this lesson is so appropriate

    • Tania Reply

      It is amazing how much stuff we can accumulate over a few years.

  11. Bettie Tinnell Reply

    Oh Tania this hit me right in the chest. While sitting here waiting for the plumber to access our AC unit and thinking what now Lord, it’s hot, i am missing church service and wondering how much will this cost. I got a sermon reading your blog today. So glad the Lord gave this thought to you and led me to read it. Be blessed.

  12. Dana Buckingham Reply

    This message spoke to me too, Tania. We don’t have a basement or attic (flat top house) but my closets….oh boy. That’s the hardest thing for me to do and I need to be in the right mood to

  13. Dana Buckingham Reply

    Well I was right in the middle of my comment and I lost it! I have a hard time cleaning out closets. If I haven’t worn something in a while and still like it plus it fits, I have a hard time rationalizing why it should go. Since retiring I don’t have as many places to wear the clothes I wore to work but I don’t want to get rid of them. I always ask the Lord to help me part with stuff, since I know I need to. Thanks for this reminder, Tania!

  14. Lori Duncan Reply

    Oh my goodness… this post hits a little too close to home. My husband and I will be moving next year so I’ve started the “declutter” process.
    As always, I love your words. Thankful for you!!

    • Tania Reply

      I dread starting the decluttering process but it is something that I really need to do.

  15. Debbie Pollock Reply

    Love your Blog, Tania. Also 50’s and living in VA. You’ve made me feel “not old”- LOL. After spending nearly a week of cleaning out “stuff” in my in-law’s home after they passed, my husband and I are determined not to do that to our kids. It is tougher than it sounds, as a lot of our “stuff” is sentimental from those who passed before us, and filled with memories. I like your blog about dressing from your closet. Since I started following you, I’ve stayed out of the stores (well better than I used to be – haha) and work with what I’ve got. Thank you! And if you ever get to Richmond, let me know. Would love to meet you.

    • Tania Reply

      Cleaning out all the stuff is my nightmare and one that I don’t want to leave for my kids. It is super hard to get rid of things though.

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