50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT SUMMER DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Happy Saturday, gurls! This week has flown by and it is hard to believe how much fun I ended up having. Living your life doing things you love with those you love is amazing. Of course, eating and paying your bills is amazing also, so I guess it is time for me to head back to good ole Virginia. I think Joe and Lucy have missed me just a little bit but I have missed them terribly.50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT SUMMER DRESS | FASHION OVER 40 Talk about an adventure, I can’t wait to tell you all about it on Monday. Instead, today I will tell you about a little experience that I went to on  Wednesday. I went and got a spray tan the other day. You should be able to see the difference when I take get back home and start taking pictures again. It was one of those machines where you stand inside and then do four different poses and the machine moves up and down spraying you all over. I hadn’t done a spray tan in about 15 years. Lol! I was surprised that things haven’t changed very much in that span of time. I love the look of a tan but my skin does not get that pretty golden brown color when I get a real tan or even when I use tanners. This, however, looks really nice and natural. I may have to start making the hour-long drive that I would have to do in order to get a spray tan (in a machine) near me. All we have in town are people who will use a spray gun and spray you. NO WAY that I am going to do that! I did it once with my hairdresser who I know and love but it was still a humiliating experience. NEVER again!!! Lol 😱50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT SUMMER DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Blue is my favorite color. Just sing this to the tune of the Aerosmith song, “Pink is my favorite color” and you will experience how I feel about blue. I especially like this bright turquoise shade of blue because it not only looks good with my eyes but it elevates my mood. It is what I would call a happy color. Hey, if Bob Ross can call them happy little trees then I can call colors happy also. I love adding a cardigan to an outfit for lots of reasons. 1. They add dimension to your outfit. 2. They cover your arms if you are not willing to share that part of your anatomy. 3. They provide a small amount of warmth for chilly offices, restaurants, or nights. 4. They trick the eye into thinking you look thinner. Really, do I need to say anything more?50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT SUMMER DRESS | FASHION OVER 40 I could have added peach, purple, white, or black accessories but I decided to stay in the blue family. Let me tell you about the Susan bracelet first. It is 7 strands of light blue beads on an elastic band and attached to a 7 strand rhinestone centerpiece. This is 7″ and it is snug to put on. There is not a lot of giving in this bracelet so if your arm is over 7 inches then I wouldn’t recommend it. The dainty Quinn necklace is strung on a black cord that has black and white beads and then has a marbled turquoise stone drop. I have really become fond of this necklace because of its length, it fits nicely in the void that is left by v-necks and rounded neck tops. Even though I never take off my wedding band or my black opal 10-year wedding anniversary ring I still like to add a ring on my pointer finger. I ordered a size 9 which is plenty big and I could have worn a size smaller. The ring that I have on today is the Verna which features a very pale blue large stone. 50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT SUMMER DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Now for the dress! This is a dress by Maggie London and it is ultra feminine. It is a chiffon sheath dress so it is flowy which adds to the romance. It is lined thought so you don’t have to worry about it being see-through. Then there are the swoon-worthy ruffles which coordinate with the large flowery print border. It is 100% polyester meaning that it is machine washable which is always a plus. This is such a cute summery outfit for any occasion. I added the belt but it does have an elastic waist. The dress was part of my recent Trunk Club shipment ad if you are interested in having a personal shopper then here is the link. 50 IS NOT OLD | THE PERFECT SUMMER DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Speaking of a personal stylist……I am thinking about offering a similar service as Trunk Club. For a flat fee (yet to be determined) I would send you my recommendations (and links to the items) based on a profile that you would fill out. While I can’t physically go shopping with you each month, I could go shopping FOR you monthly. Comment if you have any interest at all so I can see if it is anything worth pursuing.

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  1. Yes I think the shopper service would be awesome. I love the clothes you wear, and to have the opportunity to have you pick them and show me how to get them would be a great service! I look forward to your email every day! It’s the first one I open in the morning! Keep up the good work! 🙂


  2. Anne Haslam Reply

    I would be interested in you shopping for me monthly for a reasonable fee.

  3. Cherry Messer Reply

    Wow! I love that dress! The change in base color from white to blue, then blue to white, visually tricks the eye, giving a younger look of a lower cut top and shorter skirt while really there is complete coverage and modesty. Those of us with shorter legs and longer torsos need a short skirt to balance our bodies, but it isn’t typically appropriate except for sports or vacation wear. This design is the answer! Thanks for sharing and I love your accessories too

  4. Beautiful colors in that dress. I have always thought that shopping malls needs a little booth where gals are just waiting for you to walk up and they can go shopping with you. They can do a brief survey to find out what you do and don’t like, what you are looking for and know which stores to “take” you to and then see you try things on or put an outfit together for you and see how things fit to change sizes or whatever. I’ve never tried Stitch Fix or Trunk Club to actually see how on-line styling actually works after filling out a profile!

    • I use Stitchfix and love it but Tania’s Trunk Club items are very nice too. I’d give it a try especially since you can set your price point on everything.

  5. Cheryl peffer Reply

    Hey, great idea. Where do you find the time girl ? I have a .question about Plunder. Is there any way to get retired pieces ? I saw an older post and loved the Bella Rosa necklace. I think there was a bracelet too. Maybe you can let me know.

  6. Beautiful dress. It could be worn to so many events or just because. I love dresses and this is a winner that gets pinned. The necklace is my style too since I don’t wear much jewelry and like small pieces. Your idea for shopping for us is interesting idea. Keep us posted on details.

  7. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    That sounds a fun idea, Tania! Can ‘t believe you want to take on MORE jobs, but we ‘d love it! Cute outfit and jewelry!

  8. Yes, yes, yes. I’m interested! I just joined trunk club and I love the concept. You and I have similar styles so I think it’d be great to work with you.

  9. Marceline S Miller Reply

    Tania, I would LOVE to get shopping done by you because I love your style. I’d like “head to toe” outfit direction – jewelry, shoes, bag, everything! ! I’m a plus size — hoping you could include the possible service to include plus sizes
    I once got a spray tan in a booth – it was great! Was a hot summer day so that fine must they have was delightful. Would like to do it again.

  10. Hi Tanya! Love the dress and it looks great on you, but I have a suggestion. It’s great to see what it looks like with a cardigan, but do you think you could maybe show a back view or another front view without a cardigan to get a better look at the dress or top. Thanks and like another lady said your’s is the first email I open every day!

  11. I would be interested in learning more about your shopping/ shopper service you are considering- intriguing idea😀

  12. Melesa Garrison Reply

    You look lovely as always . I have never gotten a spray tan, but only bc I would be humiliated for somebody to see me in all my glory!!! I would love a machine spray tan though.

  13. Victoria Elliott Reply

    I have recently happened upon your blog through pinterest and look forward to the emails. I love your attitude and in turn it has helped me find a new passion in my closet! I would definitely consider your trunk club as I have started thinking like you when I put my outfits together. Thank you!!

  14. Sharon Harrison Reply

    I might be interested in your shopping service. I’d like to hear what you have in mind! I love your style!

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