50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BERMUDA SHORTS | FASHION OVER 40Yesterday was my dad’s birthday. I am not going to say exactly how old he turned but since I am 58 I am betting you can do the math and get pretty close. Anyway, my sister who lives in the Atlanta Georgia area and I decided to drive to Tennessee and surprise my mom and dad. We tried this one time 30 years ago and someone told that we were coming so this time we kept our mouth shut. 50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BERMUDA SHORTS | FASHION OVER 40We timed it so that we arrived at the same time and my mom was floored when we walked in. Lol! It was fun to have me, my sister, and my brother plus some grandkids and some great grandkids all together. We had pizza, cake, and ice cream so a perfect birthday party. I was laughing and telling Joe that I can remember when I was growing up and started getting older. When we would go to the beach or other places like that he would say, “Just don’t call me dad, people would never believe I am that old anyway.” Lol! He never looked his age and he still doesn’t. I showed Joe his picture back then and he said that he looked like a tomcat. Yep, that was a pretty good description. HahahahaThis was probably him in his forties.50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BERMUDA SHORTS | FASHION OVER 40 You know that I love a gingham print and even though I have a blue one already, I don’t have one like this. The other one is a button up and this one has the sweetest little ruffles. I am not normally a ruffle person but I really thought this was cute and flattering. This does run a little large according to the website but I am wearing a large and I didn’t think it was too big. This is a hand wash and a dry flat and I can deal with that. I love blue because of my eyes but this top also comes in black and white which is equally as cute. It is on sale so it is extremely affordable. Go here to check it out.50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BERMUDA SHORTS | FASHION OVER 40 I didn’t add a lot of jewelry, at least by my normal standards. Lol! I only added the gold Misha earrings which I have never put on the blog before. The long gold Pearl necklace is one that I will wear often. I like that it can go with almost anything and be doubled if you need to wear it shorter. The bracelets are also new and they are the Morgan and the Ramona and they are both an elastic style so they are easy on and easy off. 50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BERMUDA SHORTS | FASHION OVER 40Bermuda shorts are perfect if you are not comfortable wearing shorts that might be shorter. Ankle pants and crops are my go to but I am always on the lookout for bermuda shorts. I first started wearing bermuda shorts when I started playing golf and then I realized just how cute and comfortable they were so now I like to wear them for other activities. I only have a pair of white ones and a pair of beige ones but I need a pair of black and navy also.

50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BERMUDA SHORTS | FASHION OVER 40The bright blue tote is one that I picked up at a craft fair one year. I like having bright handbags but don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that I won’t carry often. This is not leather but I can live with that. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING BERMUDA SHORTS | FASHION OVER 40Last night was a big night for R+F. A brand new product was announced and if you have read my blog for long at all you will understand how excited I am about this product. It is Active Hydration Body Replenish and for someone like me who has skin like the Saraha Desert, this will be a true blessing. We are talking about total body hydration on those who live in a dry climate will really love this. The product is available for consultants only for now and will be released for Preferred Customers sometime in August. Join me in business to get your hands on this product right NOW!

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  1. Gosh you look good in Bermuda, you have good legs and knees to carry them. I find I need shorter shorts leaving a few inches between the hem and my knees. I would say my knees are the thing I like least about myself. It is hard to find a pair which sit just below the knee here in the UK

  2. Oh my goodness, you look adorable!! You know I love gingham too, and what a super deal on the top!!
    Enjoy your time with your mom and dad! great surprise!! xoxo

  3. Brenda Lusk Reply

    What is the brand of Bermuda shorts you are wearing? Really cute!!
    Thank you!

  4. You’ve heard it before, but BLUE is your color! Makes the eyes really stand out!

  5. What a special birthday surprise for your Dad! This outfits looks like it would be comfy and cool. I love Bermuda shorts as I’m just not comfortable anymore in shorts that are more then 2″ above my knee.

  6. Where is everybody? No comments?! Love anything you wear blue. My favorite color. I love how you style high end with less expensive items. It always gives more versatility to classic pieces. Have a great day!
    Happy Birthday to your dad. Now we see where the good genes come from. LOL.

  7. Linda Bunger Reply

    Love your outfit. The blue top is so cute and looks great on you. I love the shorts too. Where did you buy them? That length is hard to find.

    What a great surprise for you parents. Your dad is a good looking man. Sure wish my dad was still alive.

  8. Good morning! SO sweet for you and your sister to go to Tennessee to see your Daddy on his birthday! I think you look like your daddy! SO cute! YOU look beautiful as usual! Safe and happy travels! XO

  9. Traci Fuller Reply

    I’d love to know the brand of your shorts or where you purchased them.

  10. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    So glad you could all be there for your Daddy ‘s birthday! Cute cool, outfit and as hot as its been here, I’m only wearing shorts! I’ll have to check out the body hydration product!

  11. Happy Birthday to your Dad! That was a great surprise for your parents.

    I know how much you love gingham,but I’m not crazy about the neckline and little sleeves in this blouse. For some reason it totally takes away from the outfit and all you see is the neckline and little ruffles. I love Bermuda shorts and feel they really flatter us older chicks.

    Love your blog.

  12. Pretty summer outfit! I have recently started wearing bermudas. I love the length. Somehow they make my legs look longer. I have a white and blue pair. They need to be fitted to your legs to keep a slim silhouette. Keep up the variety of outfits you show.

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