50 IS NOT OLD | DRESS TO IMPRESS | FASHION OVER 40There are just times when you really want to look your best. One of those times happened to me when I ran into Joe’s ex and let’s just say it was not my finest moment. I wrote about this on the blog a l-o-n-g time ago so I will give you a brief summary of the event for those who might not have seen the post. Joe and I had been married about two years and we were living in Georgia at the time. We came back to Grundy to visit his mom but the morning that we were going to leave I woke up with an eye infection. I went to the eye doctor and he told me that I had to put drops in my eye every 4 hours and not to wear any makeup. Well, great, at least they were all family and had seen me looking bad before.
50 IS NOT OLD | DRESS TO IMPRESS | FASHION OVER 40 My eye was swollen and I was constantly having to wipe it because it was watery. The day after we were there, his mom and sister wanted to go to a tiny little store and they wanted me to go with them. I figured since I didn’t know a single person in town what would it matter. No makeup, swelled eye, and a constant watery ooze coming out of my eye was the look. While we were there they chatted with a couple of people and introduced me as Joe’s wife and then we went back home. Later they mentioned to Joe that we had run into Toni and he looked at me and then bust out laughing. What? What is so funny? He could barely quit laughing long enough to tell me that Toni was his ex. He knew that I would be mortified and for some reason that made it all the funnier. Lesson learned, you never know who you will run into when you leave the house so always be prepared!!!50 IS NOT OLD | DRESS TO IMPRESS | FASHION OVER 40 All of that to say that I think this black and white jumpsuit would be a perfect outfit for wearing somewhere when you want to impress. The first thing that comes to mind for me is a class reunion. I would much rather go to my reunion in this then I would in jeans and a top. There is nothing wrong with jeans and a top but everyone wears those things. This jumpsuit is trendy, fashionable, and it screams, “I am not old and I am not going to start looking like I am!” I plan on taking this with me when I go to New Orleans in September to an RF Convention. There will be thousands of gorgeous (they all use RF) young women there and I want to look my best. 50 IS NOT OLD | DRESS TO IMPRESS | FASHION OVER 40I went with some statement necklaces but went tiny on the earrings. I wanted the necklaces to be the focal point. The large wire knot necklace on black leather strands was one that I received from Purple Poppy. Did you know that she had accessories also? The long silver chain necklace with the large marbled ivory stones is called the Janalee. I only added My Alex and Ani bracelets along with my Ezra bling bracelet. I decided to keep my jewelry simple with the exception on the necklaces.50 IS NOT OLD | DRESS TO IMPRESS | FASHION OVER 40 I like the vertical stripes on the jumpsuit, they help you look long and lean. This is by Leith and I am wearing a large so it runs true to size. This is partially lined, like shorts but not all the way down the legs, and is 100% polyester. It is machine washable (yay) and line dry. I like the dolman sleeve and the plunging neckline but if that is too low for you then I would add a little white lace camisole under it and it would look fine. You all know that I am build like a ruler so I don’t have a great definition on my waist. This is really supposed to tie in the back but I brought it around front to try and distract from my thickness in my waist. Here are a few more jumpsuits that are sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

50 IS NOT OLD | DRESS TO IMPRESS | FASHION OVER 40This jumpsuit was part of my latest Trunk Club shipment. I love getting my trunk in monthly because I don’t have any shopping opportunities in town and I love the free shipping and returns. It is like trying things on in the privacy of my home instead of having to go to the store. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, then go here to sign up.

I haven’t done a giveaway in a while so let’s have one today! I will be giving away TWO Sofia bracelets. Go here to see how I wore the bracelet. To enter, comment if you have ever had an embarrassing encounter with an ex. Lol! This should be fun unless I am the only one who ever had something like that happen. 😱

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  1. That jump suit is so flattering it certainly gives you length. As always you look fabulous. We don’t seem to have anything like a trunk club here so you are lucky to have your mystery parcels. Very exciting. As for embarrassing moments well I have too many but the worse time was when at 10pm at night I sat next to this man on a bus travelling home. We chatted as if we had lots to catch up on. Well as he got off the bus he said it was a pleasure to meet, we didn’t know each other and he was an off duty policeman who worked opposite to the office I worked in. Lol I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

    • Daria armstrong Reply

      Love the jumpsuit on you. I’m short so I’m afraid to wear one, thinking I would look like a weeble. The necklace is awesome. Just received the pearl jeans from purple poppy. Love,love them. What great quality. My splurge for the summer. Keep blogging. Love to hear your funny stories.

  2. LOVE this outfit!! I have a upcoming class reunion. I was thinking it’s the perfect outfit too! I cracked up when I read that comment..great minds think alike. : )

  3. I love the jumpsuit! It is spot on. I am short so I usually add a belt or I have to hem them. My worst moment was meeting my husbands high school sweetheart at a reunion. I was standing in a group of women and she came up and started talking about him to another woman…about what a cad he was. She said she pitied the woman he married. I told her that would be me! Rough moment for us both!

  4. You look fabulous in this jumpsuit! I love it! I’ve been looking for one, but have yet to find one I really like. I have no ex funny stories, probably because my ex’s wife avoids me like the plague…she seems to be very nervous around me…..lol….but now my husbands ex and I get along really well and I think that makes my hubby nervous…..haha, it’s weird! 😉

  5. Okay, here’s my story. My husband and I had been married a little over a year and had just had a baby. Our friends called late one afternoon and wanted to go to Costco, it was Price Club then. We ran out to shop with them and I hadn’t put on any makeup that day. I had on jeans and a T-shirt. While we’re shopping the men split off as they will do. My friend and I were standing in the checkout line when the guys came up, along with my husband’s ex fiancée! I just wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere! Needless to say, I don’t leave the house without makeup, and wouldn’t you know I’ve never run into her since!

  6. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    Oh what a stunning look my dear friend! Gorgeous! And perfect statement jewelry! I kept thinking the whole time I was reading your blog of the time I was helping a new boyfriend sand his boat on a very hot day in a VERY short pair of cutoffs and a white tank top w my hair in a ponytail and no makeup. He asked me to go to Walmart for some more sand paper. As I rounded the corner of an isle looking for sandpaper there I was face-to-face w MY ex and his new fiance all decked out to the nines in a beautiful fancy dress looking like she’d just came from a party and my ex looking pretty fine too! I about fainted as I smiled and hurried around the corner! Not a good day! Keep on having the last laugh girl, cause Im sure you look much better than she does now!

  7. Lori Fletcher Reply

    I met my husband’s ex-wife on my honeymoon!! It wasn’t embarrassing just awkward. I lived through it.

  8. I’ve been on the other end … I was the new wife and we ran into my husband’s ex-wife and she was so nervous that I thought she was going to shake to death (I had to say a prayer for her … it was sad!)

  9. Cheryl peffer Reply

    Well, I guess I will never have a story. He never dated anyone but me!! So no ex stories. I love to see you girls in jumpsuits. I can’t imagine wearing one myself. But I do wear Isaacs shoes. Too many, perhaps.

  10. This jumpsuit looks beautiful on you and I love the accessories you added to it. You would definitely make an impression in a room of jeans and t-shirts!

  11. Gorgeous jumpsuit. You look great! That is an outfit to impress. You’ll make those younger ladies at convention sit up and take notice. And your story today made me laugh. One of those situations that are awful at the moment but great for a laugh later.

  12. Bev Ridenhour Reply

    Love the jumpsuit!!! I have one and love it as well. I don’t have an ex story for me but one of my husband. We were at his daughter’s wedding and standing around talking with his ex and her new husband and my husband dropped his drink and it went all over his ex-wife’s husband’s suit!!! He was mortified!!!

  13. That’s exactly what we talked about lately on my blog when we got dressed up for our high school reunion. Lesley (who was filling in for my stepmom) commented how you want to look your best because of your ex boyfriends and the mean girls who might be there!!
    And you’re right—it’s the same for everyday!!
    Of course, you always looks great, Tania (barring eye problems…ha ha)!!


  14. My husband and I went to Sam’s Club with my Ex and his wife to buy some things for our son’s wedding. I had ventured off and both men were walking around the store. I came around the corner to ask about something and froze in my tracks because for a split second I couldn’t remember which one to ask. LOL! Current hubby didn’t think it was nearly as funny as I did (after I’d gained my composure!)

  15. When my husband &I started dating, his ex girlfriend was at a party. She saw that I had come with him & came up to me & said, “ You’re not going out right because he said that he would never want to date you?” He denied this, but I wonder at the thought of her actually saying these words to me- mean spirited as it was- who says that?

  16. Nancy Schouveller Reply

    Met my husband’s ex at his mother funeral. We were walking around talking with people and this woman approaches me and says “Oh look at your cute baby” and I replied, thank you and you are? My husband looks at me and says” oh this is Denise. I knew right away who she was cause we did not have any secrets and I knew of her so no big deal. It was a bit awkward but we focused on the talking about his mom and our 7 month old baby. We got in the car and my husband leaned over and kissed me and said “I made the right choice”

  17. Love the jumpsuit and your story! Mine? I went to the store in my “grocery shopping clothes” (sweats) and saw my ex-boyfriend from behind. Since he hadn’t seen me yet and I really didn’t want to talk to him, I darted in and out of aisles with my full cart hoping to avoid him. I felt like a spy on a mission. That was the longest wait in the checkout line ever! Mission accomplished and lesson learned.

  18. Caroline Spoth Reply

    One of my ex boyfriends is also my brothers best friend. When my brother comes to town to visit he and his family stay with my husband and I. My brother must have NO idea the extent of his sisters and best friends relationship because he invites the friend to our house all the time! The first time this happened my ex pulled up in front of our home during a party on his Harley. My husband had the same Harley so excitedly went out to greet him to talk bikes. Neither of them knew who the other was….I was watching and near nervous breakdown…but what could I do? My brother walked out to them introduced them to each other and it got really awkward….until my husband said ” great taste in bikes and women….come on in” I wanted to crawl in a hole. He has been to our house many times since then. It’s always awkward but civil. I think my sister and I are more uncomfortable with it than the guys are.

  19. I love your embarrassing story! I would have been mortified! I wish I had a story to share (because I would love to win the bracelet) but I believe the few times I “ran into the ex”, I think I nailed it! Hee hee! I love the jumpsuit….very flattering!

  20. Oh, how embarrassing! My husband (boyfriend at the time) introduced me to his ex before walking into church. The funny thing is that she was two years older than him and I am four and a half years younger. She probably thought I was a baby. At eighteen, that’s exactly what I was. haha

  21. Linda Burkart Reply

    I think anyone one with a “past” has had at least one embarrassing encounter. It does work both ways however. I remember when my daughter was about 6, I pointed out my husband’s ex to her. She looked and turned to me and said “well, she is nothing special”. It made my day.

  22. You look fabulous in this jumpsuit!!! I love it, and your story about Joe’s ex is too funny!! I bet she reads your blog lol, and knows now what you normally look like. I bet you’re prettier than she is too!! LOL.

  23. You look gorgeous in that jumpsuit! I don’t really have an embarrassing meeting to share, but there were awkward moments sometimes teaching with the wife of someone I used to date. We all grew up together, went to college together and she and I ended up teaching in the same district we graduated from. She would say something about her husband, and I would just sit quietly and in my head say “yep, I know”. The joys of being from small towns, huh?

  24. My awkward moment was not with an ex but equally embarrassing. As a young mother I drove my child to school and dropped him off in the carpool line. One morning when I was running behind I left on my gown with just a light jacket over it. New I could drop him and never be noticed. Boy was I wrong! My car broke down. This was in the days before cellphones in cars or on everybody. I had to get out of my car and walk up to a house as a stranger and ask to use their phone. Not only did they see me but my husband when he arrived too. Needless to say I was mortified. Thank goodness they were a trusting soul and let me in. To this day I never leave home without being fully dressed. Tania at least you had your clothes! Love you in this jumpsuit. You will make some young RF consultants jealous.

  25. Love the necklace from Purple Poppy! Love the entire look! Do you know the name of that necklace and the manufacturer? I would live to find one! Thanks much!

  26. Can’t say that I’ve ever had an experience like that with an ex. You’re a hoot!

  27. You look beautiful!! Such a cute look. My ex story is about an ex-boyfriend of mine. He was walking towards me coming down the street and talking with some people he was with. I thought he put his hand up to give me a casual wave so I reciprocated, only to realize that he was scratching an apparent itch. Ground, swallow me up now! Ugh.

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