50 IS NOT OLD | EVERYONE NEEDS A GOOD HANDYMAN | FASHION OVER 40Guess what??? The dishwasher is back up and running! Joe is such a mechanically minded kind of guy that he can usually fix almost anything. He started to doubt himself for a little while but he just couldn’t stand the thoughts of the dishwasher besting him. Lol! He started fiddling with it and before long the motor started running again. I am crossing my fingers that it is a permanent fix. 50 IS NOT OLD | EVERYONE NEEDS A GOOD HANDYMAN | FASHION OVER 40You would think that having a handyman like that would be a blessing and most of the time it is. But, there are times when it can also be a curse. Do you remember the days of the HUGE television sets? The ones that weighed a ton and carrying them or moving them from place to place required an army, those are the kind that I am talking about. I wanted one of the lastest thin screed televisions but our old set was working just fine. Then, finally, one day it had a glitch and I was thrilled. I had already started looking to see what kind of television we should buy. Dang if he didn’t come home and fix the stinking thing. In fact, he fixed it like three more times before I finally said, “but I WANT a new television!” We bought one the next day! Lol!!! 50 IS NOT OLD | EVERYONE NEEDS A GOOD HANDYMAN | FASHION OVER 40This is a fairly new top that I have purchased this year. Yes, I do wear my clothes more than once since I don’t have an entire department store to choose from. I try to mix things up and wear my items differently every time to expand my closet but it gets difficult to be creative sometimes. This flutter sleeve top with the dangling pompoms came from the Loft and I bought this when I went to Nashville earlier in May. I love the sleeves but they make it harder to wear a cardigan or jacket over them. However, a vest would work nicely with this top.

50 IS NOT OLD | EVERYONE NEEDS A GOOD HANDYMAN | FASHION OVER 40I thought a mixture of pearls and stones would be fun for today’s playful look. The Shaila large pearl stud earrings are so easy to wear with almost anything. I have them on with jeans today but I might wear them with my dress on Sunday. The 50″ long gold necklace with the oval or teardrop pearls is aptly called the Pearl Necklace. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | EVERYONE NEEDS A GOOD HANDYMAN | FASHION OVER 40The Mckensie monogram necklace is probably one of my favorite necklaces from the spring and summer collection. I didn’t even notice it on the website OR in the catalogs for a long time. Then, I saw someone have it on and I went scouring for it until I found it. I love all the different colored and shaped stones probably because it does remind me so much of my vintage jewelry. This is a keeper!!!50 IS NOT OLD | EVERYONE NEEDS A GOOD HANDYMAN | FASHION OVER 40 This is what happens when you are trying to strike a pose and you lose your balance. Lol! I said that I was NOT going to buy any more jeans this year since my closet is running over. I fibbed. I got these NYDJ release hem pull-on jeans in my last Trunk Club shipment and I couldn’t pass them up. In fact, I pulled them out and wore them immediately. These have tummy control and rear lift technology which is way cheaper than plastic surgery. Lol!!!

50 IS NOT OLD | EVERYONE NEEDS A GOOD HANDYMAN | FASHION OVER 40Talbots is having their Red Hanger Sale and yesterday was the early access to Nordstroms Anniversary sale. Don’t pay full price if you don’t have to. These stores are having fantastic sales right now so don’t miss out!

I am not a huge store but I am also offering a special this week. It is on any Regimen/Lash Boost bundle that you must purchase as a Preferred Customer. FASHION OVER 40 | COOL AND COMFORTABLE SUMMER OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40A free Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream that has a retail value of $62,00 will be your gift from me! Go to my website which is listed in the picture above and place your order. Email me at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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  1. You look gorgeous and happy! I’m crazy about your top! Blue is YOUR color! Just love your jeans, so cute! Hope you have a fabulous Friday! ❤️

    • Tania Reply

      Annie, where have you been??? I thought you had forgotten me. It is so good to have you back commenting!

  2. Charlcy Green Reply

    Its SO nice to have a handy .an around the house!! Kudos, Joe, for taking good care of my friend! I love the unposed pose!

  3. Crazy lady having fun 🤣. Back to the mundane for me as back home after t weeks away on Jilly’s Jaunts lol. Run out of clothes (nearly) and so the washing machine is now doing overtime.

    • Tania Reply

      I did lots of laundry on Saturday! Whew! It was a mountain.

    • Tania Reply

      I really love the “Thompson Hill” purse that you styled today. Lol!

  4. Love your blog. Read it everyday. Please tell us again how to pose for pictures. I just can seem to get a good photo. Could be the subject matter. Lol

  5. The “unposed” picture is great. I thought you were breaking out in song for a moment. Like the jeans and top looks pretty on you. You are so much yourself and that’s why you’re so fun to read everyday. My new son-in-law is a handyman and it’s great to have one around.

    • Tania Reply

      Johnna, I have plenty of those unposed pictures that I could share. Lol! I doubt if you would want to see most of them though, they can be brutal.

  6. I totally understand the curse of being married to a “handyman.” My husband is very talented, but wants to try to do every stinking project around the house himself. The problem is that he is so busy he is not able to get right on a project or gets it so far and then doesn’t get it finished for a while. Just this year we have started having someone mow our lawn for us because he is so busy. I absolutely love coming home from work in the afternoon and it is already done. I’m imagining how happy I would be if I came home and the house had also been cleaned that day. 🙂
    Love today’s outfit!!! I have on a new pair of raw hem jeans today also.

    • Tania Reply

      My father is a building contractor so we always had projects in progress around the house when I was young. The problem was that he would leave the project to work for someone else and then never finish it. We had lots of things about 80-90 percent completed. Lol!

  7. Carole Yates Reply

    We also had one of those big cabinet TVs for a really long time. It never would die😉. I finally got my husband to get a flat screen. He’s really good at fixing things too… it’s a blessing most of the time😜. We just had to replace our six year old washer, but kept the 25 year old dryer. Old Betsy just keeps on going 😉. Love your blog! You are so much fun! And I love the blue on you.

    • Tania Reply

      He kept fixing my washer for years, Carole, and I really was wanting one of those front load machines. I thought that I would never get to buy one. Lol!

  8. Rebecca Purdie Reply

    Good morning!
    You look so cute.
    My hubs is pretty handy as well.
    I get nervous though when he is working on something.
    Have a great weekend.

    • Tania Reply

      When he works on things I am his “hand me, give me” girl. Lol!

  9. Haha – I totally get your handyman dilemma! My husband can fix anything. We had the 50-year-old original heavy wooden garage door – so ugly! He kept fixing that dang thing! Springs and doohickeys and a heavy-duty opener because it weighed a thousand pounds! I even got trapped in the garage with the kids – and apparently you can’t use your car to push it open! Finally we both had enough and brought the garage into the twenty-first century! But I do appreciate his talents…most of the time!

  10. Love the outfit and photos!! It looks like your belting out a tune!!!
    PS – Glad your hubby fixed the dishwasher!!!

  11. You always look fabulous!! I love your S necklace!!! The necklace is perfect for me because that’s my first name initials (lol!!) The the necklaces look gorgeous with the beautiful Pom-poms blouse!! Thanks for bringing me laughter and fabulous fashion ideas everyday! Your are blessing to me and all your gurls!!!👏😊🤗🙏

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