FASHION OVER 40 | COOL AND COMFORTABLE SUMMER OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40It must be the day for appliances to break down. Did anyone else have anything go kapooie? I was talking to one of my friends down in Florida yesterday and she mentioned that her refrigerator decided to quit and that the repairman can’t come out to service it until tomorrow. We talked about what to do with the food that was in the refrigerator and then I wished her good luck and got off the phone. I think the appliances “mayhem” guy must have transferred through the phone waves because when I got home there was an issue.FASHION OVER 40 | COOL AND COMFORTABLE SUMMER OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40 Why is it that an appliance only tears up if it is completely loaded? I loaded my dishwasher earlier this morning but I was leaving for work and I didn’t want to start it until I got home. When I got back to the house I tried to start the thing and it started flashing me an error code. Joe just happens to be great at working on things and normally he can pinpoint the issue and either fix it or determine if we need to bring in an appliance guy. After some research, he determined that my keypad has a stuck key. I wonder if it could possibly be related in any way to the fact that he dropped a bowl of peaches in the floor last night right in front of the dishwasher and the juice splashed up all over the dishwasher AND the control panel. Nah, I am sure THAT had nothing to do with it. Lol! So, here is the deal, a replacement panel will cost between 75-150 dollars depending up which panel we have to replace and a new dishwasher will cost between 399 and 550 dollars. Which do you do?FASHION OVER 40 | COOL AND COMFORTABLE SUMMER OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40 I love tie dye and I wear it quite often on the blog. Here is the last time that I wore this top and it looks completely different. This is a top by a brand called LOVESTITCH and I bought the top when I was in Coronado Beach, California. I loved the pattern of the top and I loved the relaxed slouchy design. This is a top that you will find me wearing a lot when I am not taking pictures because it is so comfortable. When you are looking for a top that you want to be able to wear for almost any occasion you need to take into consideration the comfort factor. I can put up with an outfit that isn’t really comfortable for short periods of time, like going out to dinner, but if I am going to wear something all day long then I need it to feel good as well as look good.

FASHION OVER 40 | COOL AND COMFORTABLE SUMMER OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40Perched on the top of my head is where you will find my sunglasses most of the time. Lol! Joe will sometimes joke that I am not looking out of the top of my head and the glasses aren’t doing me any good on my head. I bought these glasses at the same time that I bought the top in Coronado Beach. I went to a little shop that sold Maui Jim sunglasses and they have become my favorite brand. I have other nice sunglasses, more stylish sunglasses, and even cheap sunglasses, but I always end up wearing this pair.

FASHION OVER 40 | COOL AND COMFORTABLE SUMMER OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40Cute purse alert!!! I just got this and I already can’t find this on the website any longer. This is an extremely popular style this year and the straw or rattan material is perfect for summer. Normally, I will carry a large purse so this takes me a little getting used to, especially since I carry a large wallet and a large cell phone. Those two items completely filled this purse with only a small amount of room for tiny items like chapstick or aspirins. I always travel with aspirins!

FASHION OVER 40 | COOL AND COMFORTABLE SUMMER OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40My loose wide linen pants in white are perfect for summer. They have a pull-on waist so they are extremely comfortable. They are linen so they are cool and since they have wide legs they aren’t hot.

FASHION OVER 40 | COOL AND COMFORTABLE SUMMER OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40Talbots is having their Red Hanger Sale and today is the early access to Nordstroms Anniversary sale. Don’t pay full price if you don’t have to. These stores are having fantastic sales right now so don’t miss out!

I am not a huge store but I am also offering a special this week. It is on any Regimen/Lash Boost bundle that you must purchase as a Preferred Customer. FASHION OVER 40 | COOL AND COMFORTABLE SUMMER OUTFIT | FASHION OVER 40A free Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream that has a retail value of $62,00 will be your gift from me! Go to my website which is listed in the picture above and place your order. Email me at if you have any questions.

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  1. Keeping cool is just what we are needing this summer. Temperatures are reaching 30 degree here in the UK. I love the warm weather but prefer a beach or pool to be beside in this situation. Linen is great as a keeping cool item and linen trousérs are an ideal item.

  2. Whether to repair or replace would depend on the age of the dishwasher…

    You look like a cruise-wear advertisement. Yesterday’s maxi and today’s top put me in the mind of a Caribbean cruise ! Oh, how I wish I could get my hubby to agree to one. Love the blues. Xo

  3. Another cute outfit Tania and GREAT R+F offer!! I’m using all three products that you are offering and seeing great results! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lezlie Davis Reply

    The last timE my dishwasher went out, it ended up being a $20,000 kitchen remodel. 😉

  5. Okay everyone, let’s help Tania get a new dishwasher…..
    Everybody order a lash boost today!!! 😎 Lol!!!!

  6. I struggled to find a purse like that earlier this summer, they are selling out everywhere! I ordered from Boho Bags. Love the outfit too!

  7. Love love love this outfit! As for the dishwasher I always vote for new appliances 😘

  8. Linda Thompson Reply

    I swear appliances talk to each other. You know as soon as fix one another will act up! Love the look. You look so relaxed.

  9. Melesa Garrison Reply

    Hey Tania, I think it depends on how old your dishwasher is. I would probably lean to buying a new one. I’m sure you’ve googled the problem. I’ve had to google for my dishwasher twice now and I fixed it….YAY, I love Google!
    I also love your tie dye top. I don’t buy tie dye for myself bc (don’t boo me people) but I heard my husband make the comment one time that he doesn’t like the look of tie dye at all. He always tells me that I look nice and would never say “Don’t wear that!” but I can’t help it, if I know he doesn’t like it, I have that in the back of my mind. I don’t do whatever he wants by any means and he would be shocked that I stated this on your blog and he would feel bad that I chose not to do something bc he doesn’t care for it. some things I’ve done that I’m pretty sure he wasn’t crazy about, I just let it grow on him. Lol This subject might be a good question for your followers. Who likes to try and please their spouse with clothing choices and hair,etc? Who doesn’t give a rip? Lol

    • Tania Reply

      Melesa, I am the same way. I like to please Joe, at least to some degree, and so I do take his likes into consideration when I dress.

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