50 IS NOT OLD | GRANDKIDS TAKE OVER THE BLOG | FASHION OVER 40I have loved having ALL the grandbabies here at my house all at the same time. It only happens once a year around this time because of Emersyn’s birthday. We decided this year to try and commemorate everyone being together and we decided on letting each of the kids paint a canvas in a beach theme. 50 IS NOT OLD | GRANDKIDS TAKE OVER THE BLOG | FASHION OVER 40Matti, who will be 10 in October decided on a Sea Turtle. We found some designs that had a matching theme and printed them out. Then Stephanie and I transferred the design to the canvas with a pencil. 50 IS NOT OLD | GRANDKIDS TAKE OVER THE BLOG | FASHION OVER 40Then each child picked out the colors they were using and we put the colors for them in paper plates. Huttson is deep in concentration as he started on the outlines of his Jellyfish. Hutton will be 8 at the end of September so he is the oldest of the boys. It wasn’t easy to tear him away from playing a computer game but once he started painting he really loved it.50 IS NOT OLD | GRANDKIDS TAKE OVER THE BLOG | FASHION OVER 40 Here is the finished Jellyfish project. All of the children start out being so careful and trying to really stay in the lines when they first begin. But, by the time that they are almost at the end, they start to get tired and the lines become fatter and fatter. Lol! That sounds like me, I must be just getting tired a lot. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | GRANDKIDS TAKE OVER THE BLOG | FASHION OVER 40Little Jett will be 6 on the first of October and he is really being very careful with his outlines. He picked one of the hardest pictures to paint out of all the ones that we showed him. I was a little concerned that it would too hard for him but I was wrong. This little man wasn’t about to let the difficult colorations get the best of him.50 IS NOT OLD | GRANDKIDS TAKE OVER THE BLOG | FASHION OVER 40 What do you think? Didn’t he do a great job with all the different colors? I am really loving all the bright colors that each one of the kids chose. Notice his fat seaweed at the bottom. Yep, that was the last thing he painted and he was wanting to be done with this project. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | GRANDKIDS TAKE OVER THE BLOG | FASHION OVER 40My little mini-me is a leftie. We had to rearrange all the paints to suit her. Lol! She outlined her purple Octopus in a dark purple and then filled it in with a lighter purple. I think her favorite part was doing the bubbles though. She loved the blue color and the dabber that made the bubbles.
50 IS NOT OLD | GRANDKIDS TAKE OVER THE BLOG | FASHION OVER 40She didn’t want to do the eyes and instead made Stephanie do them for her. It is amazing how short the attention span of a 5-year-old can be. It is amazing how LONG a 5-year-old will remember something they want to do and you don’t want them to do. They can rival an Elephant in that field. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | GRANDKIDS TAKE OVER THE BLOG | FASHION OVER 40

We do have one more canvas for little Mr. Beckham. It is a crab with claws and his little handprints are going to be its legs. Stephanie drew the body of the crab and its claws and tomorrow we are going to try and attempt to get his handprints on the canvas. That should be interested. Remember what he did with the sand at Myrtle Beach? I am sure one of us will have to be on guard to keep the hands out of the mouth. Lol!

After all of the canvases are finished and dry I am going to spray them with a sealer because I am going to hang them in the pool house. Won’t that be too cute????

I am super excited to see all of the artwork on display and I hope you have enjoyed the blog takeover.

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  1. This us such a darling project and your grand babies did fabulous!!! They are totally talented!! For those of us not so talented, please explain how you did the transfers on the canvas. Thank you!

  2. Why am I not surprised that on top of everything else, you’re a wonderful grandma too?

  3. Aimee Spencer Reply

    Tania, your pictures are very professional! Your grandkids are adorable. Such a good looking family and all are very talented. Thank you so much for sharing. This is a real treasure.

  4. What a fun activity. I may borrow your idea!! My children & my nieces always did Christmas ornaments every year. We saved them for the kids, then when they got married or moved out we put them in an ornament box and that was the beginning for their tree. They can have those memories for their life, and tell their children about them. Great times !! Xo

  5. Their canvases are impressive and a great idea for your pool house. We are taking our two little grands to Gatlinburg. Maybe we should try this idea since they love doing crafts. Thanks for sharing. I would also like to know how you did the transfers.

    • Tania Reply

      Debbie, we loved the project and are already starting to think about projects for the future. I printed off the pictures and then we put them behind the stretched canvas’ and held them up to a light. You could see through the canvas enough to transfer the drawing with a pencil. However, the drawings were simple so you could easily freehand them also.

  6. Daria Armstrong Reply

    What a great project for your grandchildren. A great place to put them also. Love all of your blogs.

  7. Wonderful! Looks like a fun day! Your grandchildren are all adorable and did fabulous works of art. I love Jett’s fat seaweed at the end where he was tired…,personalized with a “J”. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Maggie Fieger Reply

    What great pictures! They will remember this forever! We have an Emerson and a Jett, too!

    • Tania Reply

      That is funny, Maggie! Those are not “popular” names or at least I didn’t think they were.

  9. LOVE!!! We did something similar for my niece’s nursery. Your grandkids did a great job!

  10. Almetra Briggs Reply

    Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures! Your grandchildren are beautiful and so are you!

  11. What a great idea. They all did a great job. Priceless artwork from your sweet babies.

  12. Tania, You are one lucky lady! How cute are these?!! The grandkids will enjoy seeing them displayed in your pool house for years to come. Thank you for sharing your sweet stories with us. This just made me smile!

  13. Would love to know where to get the pics you used to print and paint.

  14. All precious! a real treasure and they will love them and the memories that go along. Good job all around!

  15. Nothing like making memories with your grands♡ They did a wonderful job and their canvases are beautiful! A few years ago, I did a similar project with my sister’s grandtwins. Brooklyn took hours and drew a beautiful cat aptly named “Sweaty Pie” which makes it even sweeter. Her twin wanted no part of this and instead rearranged my craft supplies! I would have included a picture but it hangs proudly in our Wibyer Fla home…

  16. What a great way to commemorate your time together and have something for years to come. The kids are very good artists for their age. I loved the bright colors they chose too. One day they will enjoy looking back at those and remembering their time with you. I hope I’m as good a grandmother as you when time comes. Thanks for a peek into your family life.

  17. Such a good idea! You all made some wonderful artwork and memories.

  18. Loved the idea of the grandkids painting on canvas. What a great activity with a lasting memories.

  19. Gloria Randle Reply

    i was excited today when I went to our local small town seasonal opening of the Farmers Market. There I met a Plunder Rep. She had great pieces of jewelry there. I thought of you and mentioned your blog to her. Of course I had to buy a necklace and have planned on seeing her on her next visit. Also love the pics of your grandchildren and the memories you are making.Thank you.

  20. I do love reading about you Joe and all the family. Your grandchildren are adorable and so artistic. Hope to hear more about them soon. Have a lovely time. X

  21. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    Oh my goodness, you have some amazing little artists in your family! I am shocked at how beautiful they all are and will be a great addition to the pool house! Enjoyed the blog takeover so much! Love on those babies! 😘👶👦

  22. Charlcy L. Green Reply

    My goodness you have some incredible young artists in your family! They dud a beautiful job of artwork for your pool house and you will enjoy that for a long time! Thanks for sharing them w us!

  23. What fun! Love your idea about displaying these in your pool house. You have some talented grandkids–creative like their grandmother, right?!

  24. They all did a super job and the pretty paintings will always remind you of their visit! Thanks for sharing!

  25. I love all these artistic creations and your grand babies did an excellent job! What a treasure these will be! So glad your family was able to be together!

  26. Kathy McClintock Reply

    The grandkids did a great job. Super cute. Love all your blogs Tania. 💖 Kathy

  27. Dana Buckingham Reply

    They all did a super job! All very talented! No wonder you’re so proud of them!

  28. You have very talented and also very creative grandchildren just like you!! WAY TO GO for your awesome idea!!! These paintings will be a beautiful memory for you and for them as well!😊👏

  29. It appears the octopus got into your lash boost. 😄 Hope you’ll share a photo of the poolhouse when these are hung. I think it will be too cute for words!

  30. Such a cute idea! Create memories; they’ll love coming back to see their art gallery over the years

  31. LOVE this! Of course you need to display them. I think this should become a tradition. Maybe different types of art on different years? Hmmm……so fun!

  32. I somehow missed this post. Wow…your grandchildren are great artist! they all did so awesome and how fun to put them in your pool house. It’s fun thinking of activities to do with the grandchildren and I may have to copy this idea for when we have the grandkids in August. What type of paint did you use? I’m sure it is a sad day when they all go back home.

    • Tania Reply

      Sandy, we just used acrylic paint that I bought at Walmart. I sprayed them with clear polyurethane a couple of days later to preserve them. We live by the railroad track and I wanted to try and keep them from getting filthy.

  33. Ahhh that’s so cute – I’m sure you’ll treasure those paintings. I can’t wait to do things like this with my grandson (he’s only 19 months at the moment)

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