50 IS NOT OLD | WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS | FASHION OVER 40Anyone remember back a couple of months ago when we were all wishing for warmer temperatures? After the 5th day in a row of temperatures over 90, I found myself wishing for some cooler temperatures. Lol! It would appear that we are never satisfied. I think Joe would say, “You wouldn’t be happy if you worked in a pie factory.” Actually, I probably wouldn’t want to work in a pie factory so he is probably right. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS | FASHION OVER 40 The temperature was so hot today that when we took the kids to a small park to play we couldn’t even stay. All of the playground equipment was too hot to touch so instead, they walked down to a small creek that ran beside the park. I bet most of you are already thinking, “that is probably not a good idea.” You would have been correct because they ended up in the creek with wet and muddy shoes. I am just thankful that they didn’t end up falling in the creek and getting all of their clothes wet. My car wasn’t too thrilled with the muddy shoes but it will get over it. Lol! The nail salon wasn’t too thrilled with the wet and muddy feet either but they will get over it too. Lol!!! 50 IS NOT OLD | WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS | FASHION OVER 40Emersyn and Matti getting ready for their pedicure.50 IS NOT OLD | WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS | FASHION OVER 40 I bet we have all heard the saying about when life gives you lemons, well that is the first thing that came to my mind when I say this cute top. This top by 1901 was in my Trunk Club shipment this month also. This top is a linen/rayon blend and is machine washable and line dry. I love the sleeveless halter style and especially the cute bow at the neck. This top has a pale blue background and then bright yellow and green of the lemons.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS | FASHION OVER 40The earrings that I have on was a Plunder Posse purchase but the Ingrid earrings are almost identical. They have gold circles and seafoam colored fringe on a 3″ drop. The matching Verna ring has the same seafoam colored stone in it. I like wearing this on my pointer finger, it makes a big statement. It seems liked I am always putting on the Tanesha and the Suzie bracelets. I really like these tortoiseshell bracelets and I had the Sierra bracelet but I think that I left it when I went to Myrtle Beach. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS | FASHION OVER 40I haven’t carried my cute Coach purse this year so I thought that it was time for it to make an appearance. This was a purse that I actually traded for. Lol! My friend had this but never carried it. I loved the purse and I asked her if she wanted to sell it to me. She mentioned that she liked a Longaberger purse that I had so we decided to trade purses. I am not sure if she still has her purse or not but I still love mine. This was YEARS ago so it is not available for purchase from the website. However, you can probably find one on eBay but be sure to check out the conditions before you make a purchase.50 IS NOT OLD | WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS | FASHION OVER 40 The pale blue jeggings are several years old but I love the color so I won’t get rid of them. I bought these at Maurices and I buy a lot of jeans there also. If you order from this store though remember that these are junior sizing clothing. So, I will size up at least one size to make sure that they fit.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS | FASHION OVER 40Do you want another special today for Rodan + Fields? I try my best to make it as affordable as I can to everyone who is wanting to try the products. TODAY, everyone who signs on as a NEW Preferred Customer (PC) will get a FREE Essentials Body Moisturizer or a Sunscreen. PLUS, everybody who orders as a PC today (new or existing) will get an additional 10% off your order in the form of a discount from me.

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  1. I love this top! My struggle is with what type of bra or whatever to wear underneath that is appropriate and comfortable. I’m 34DD (and not through modern science). I get depressed every summer because I cannot wear cute tops and dresses. I’ve tried strapless stuff but I end up with severe heartburn in order for the girls to not to look so old, and still within minutes the bra is shifting down and is extremely uncomfortable to constantly adjust. In addition I feel like a linebacker…I would love it if you could do a tutorial on proper undergarments! Thanks! I love your blogs!

  2. Great top. I could certainly do with that right now as I have run out of sleeveless items and with the weather we are enjoying it would be great to dress up my shorts on Jilly’s Jaunts lol. 4 weeks of back to back sunshine. However we are suffering with major water shortage now and hose pipe ban in operation.

  3. Those are happy colors!! Love the outfit and that handbag is so cute!!

  4. I Love your top! I just recently bought a similar one, it has pineapples all over it. It’s been so hot here all week, I’ve worn a sundress every day! I can’t stand wearing pants in this heat…lol…. Laurie I too have had a hard time with finding the right strapless bra, but recently bought a Maidenform and I love it, it stays up!! Have a great weekend and stay cool!

  5. Linda Bunger Reply

    I live in Mesa, AZ and yesterday it was 114°! Time to go to our cabin where it was 40° cooler!

    Love you outfit. The colors in the top are beautiful!

  6. Charlcy Green Reply

    I just love that adorable top and hope I can find one! I love wearing that style and I like that I would remember your post while styling it and think of that positive saying too! Plus the lt. blue color w those earrings and ring is gorgeous! And thank you for giving me a replacement saying from Joe about the pie factory because my ex husband’s saying for those occasions was ” You wouldn’t be happy if you were hung w a gold chain” has always made me shudder. Yours is MUCH nicer! And thank you for always sharing events of your sweet family and pucs too! Have a blessed day, my friend!

  7. You look so cute! After another month of this heat I am sure I will be ready to count down days till fall!

  8. lipstickanytime Reply

    This outfit so darling! You look beautiful, as usual. Heat-0 Tania-1

  9. Treycee Antonelli Reply

    I still haven’t seen a reply to the many questions about what kind of bra to wear with this neckline. Did I miss it?

  10. Cute outfit! Love those shoes, (I have a pair, too). I like seeing different ways to style them, I save all those on Pinterest, when you wear them.

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