50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER TOP IN PALE PINK | FASHION OVER 40I am still tired from all the swimming, eating, and sweating. It was 95 degrees yesterday and you couldn’t cool off even by getting in the water. It would feel cool for about 3 minutes and then it felt like bath water after that. It didn’t seem to phase the kids though because they swam all day long and only stopped for lunch. Every year when my son and grandkids come up for the week we have at least one meal that is always the same.50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER TOP IN PALE PINK | FASHION OVER 40 Years ago when the kids were much younger, we cooked Surf and Turf one night. They took one look at me cooking the Lobster and said that there was no way they were eating that. They watched all the rest of us devour the Lobster and finally curiosity got the best of them. The boys wanted Matti to go first and try it and see what she said. She pronounced it delicious so the boys soon followed suit. Now, every year that is the one thing they ask for. Lol! They don’t care if we eat hotdogs for an entire week but we have to have Lobster at least one night. So, last night instead of grilling out hamburgers and hotdogs, we instead had Salmon and Lobster. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER TOP IN PALE PINK | FASHION OVER 40This off the shoulder top was in my recent trunk club shipment and I absolutely love it! The colors are muted and bright all at the same time. Lol! The background is the palest pink but the floral designs are bright and vibrant. This is really made with a halter tie but I don’t like anything around my neck like that so I just let it hang in the front as a tie. I bet you wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t told you. This top is by Sanctuary and it is 100% rayon which means machine wash and lay flat to dry. I am wearing a medium and it fits perfectly.  50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER TOP IN PALE PINK | FASHION OVER 40This is the first time that I have worn my Piper earrings from Plunder. They are a very pale pink fringe but the double-decker look is what makes this pair different from all the rest. They are feminine and dainty even though they have a 2.5″ drop. I also have n a large green ring called Chanel. It is not visible in this photo but you can see it in some of the other pictures. I didn’t wear a necklace but I did add the Tanesha and the Suzie tortoiseshell bracelets. Straw, bamboo, and anything rattan are purses that scream summertime. This little clutch was a gift from R+F when I went to Cancun. They gifted me this and gave Joe a money clip that he has never carried yet.

50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER TOP IN PALE PINK | FASHION OVER 40 I have on a pair of pale pink pixie pants from Old Navy. There are a lot of colors in the top that I could have picked out to natch but the pale pink just happened to be a pair that I had. Navy pants of jeans would have looked great with this top also. I went with the pink because I felt like it has a more summertime feel.
50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER TOP IN PALE PINK | FASHION OVER 40Today I am spending my day trying to recover from the awesome but tiring 4th of July. Thanks to all of you have taken advantage of my week of the 4th specials. Today’s special is a BOGO offer. Any person who orders as a Preferred Customer (new or existing) and orders the Redefine AMP It Up Special or the Reverse Brightening AMP It Up Special on one order. Because there is no shipping on PC orders you will not pay a dime more by placing two separate orders. Then, login back in and place an order for a Lash Boost and get a refund from me of 67.50. That means that you will be getting your Lash Boost for 1/2 price!!!! Got questions? Email me at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com if you would like to talk.

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  1. Susan Fineman Reply

    Thank you, Tania. Your daily messages lift my heart! You are beautiful. And your clothing ideas are showing me how I could dress. You’re the best!

    • Tania Reply

      My family is a loving mess but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for commenting.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Katy. I like Trunk Club because it is really easy. I don’t have to be bothered with picking out the clothing and shipping is free.

  2. Your family sounds like a lot of fun.
    This top really looks good on you.
    Today my hubs and I have been married 32 years.
    True love and patience.
    Have a great day!

  3. I really like the outfit. My question is what does everyone feel is the most comfortable undergarment to wear underneath the off the shoulder tops. I still haven’t bought one mainly due to that.

    • I’d like to know that too. I can never find strapless bra that works and is comfortable.

  4. Very pretty and feminine look. I’ve been reading your blog over a year now and I’ve seen your confidence level rise over time through your pictures. Congrats on your successes. I had same type of 4th. Hot even in the pool but it was fun. Now time to clean up after the fireworks 😏

  5. What a cute, cute outfit! I still need to get to Old Navy and try on some of their jeans. Our stores are about an hour away, though. We have to cram an entire days worth of shopping into one trip and sometimes I just don’t have any energy left by the time we get to the block with Old Navy. I’ll get there – eventually!

  6. Lovely as always. Happy to see you enjoyed your family specially the children our pride n joy they keep us young as we try to keep up with them
    Thank you Tania for sharing with your followers you are an inspiration to us all,specially me,you taught me is not the years in your life that counts but the life in your years
    Have a blessed week.

  7. Charlcy Green Reply

    Ooh, I love this very feminine outfit and Im so glad to see you wearing “off-the-shoulder”! Very flattering! Your 4th sounds like so much fun! So glad you got to be w all your grands!

  8. Hi Tania 🙂
    I love this top, and you’re wearing it beautifully. I never would have known that the tie was meant to be worn as a halter, and I think it’s beautiful as a bow. I also like that you’re not wearing the top low on your shoulders. Honestly, I haven’t worn a shoulder top yet. I don’t know what my hang up is exactly. But I know I always like them better when they’re worn a little higher than lower. Somehow when women wear them really low I feel like I should look away. Ha!

    You look lovely.

    I love that your family had lobster. Yum! Get some rest, and have a great Thursday!

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