Many of you have mentioned that you love to read my blog with a cup of coffee in the mornings. You’ve said that “it feels like I am talking with a friend” and I know exactly how you feel.50 IS NOT OLD | QVC AND JAI JEWELRY | FASHION OVER 40

When my daughter was born, my husband and I moved to a town for his job and I didn’t know a single person. I had a newborn and I was a stay-at-home mom so I felt lonely and isolated during this period. The funny thing is that I found “friendship” through a television show.

That show was QVC, which stands for Quality, Value, and Convenience. QVC launched in 1986 and my daughter was born in 1987 so they were a young company when I became a fan. I would watch the program all day long and I felt like I was actually friends with the hosts of the program. I was way too shy to ever call in, but I dreamed of getting on the telephone and talking to Mary Beth Roe. This was my first introduction to being able to have anything that I wanted at my fingertips and I LOVED it.

Even though I bought clothing, kitchen paraphernalia, and some beauty products, it was the jewelry that I loved the most. Because I was a new mother and I didn’t work outside the home, the Easy Payment Plan was my best friend. Lol! I remember buying a bangle very similar to the one that I have on today as one of my very first purchases. Because I love a great deal, I always check out the Today’s Special Value to see what the best find of the day is.50 IS NOT OLD | QVC AND JAI JEWELRY | FASHION OVER 40

JAI (pronounced “jay”) is a line of sterling silver jewelry from the artisans at John Hardy. JAI first launched with QVC back in 2013 and they are still a favorite because of the quality and the intricate designs of their jewelry.

Notice the design work on my Sterling Silver and 14K gold Giraffe cuff bangle bracelet. The attention to detail is amazing and the eyes of the Giraffe look so real. That is because they are prong set smokey quartz. This is a heavyweight bracelet with over 30 grams of sterling silver and all under $300.00 since it at a featured price of $299.98 (plus shipping, handling, and tax). Remember how much I loved the easy pay plan? Yes, this is on a 5 Easy Pay plan for 59.99 so that makes it very easy to purchase.

The Basketweave carved bangle bracelet is also available in a floral design which is very popular. It has even more silver at over 36 grams, is just as intricate, is still available on the Easy Pay Plan, and it is actually just a little bit cheaper at $294.95 (plus shipping, handling, and tax).

These bangles both come in small, average, and large sizes to make it available to everyone. And, both of these bracelets also open for ease of putting on and taking off. However, I know that everyone is not a bracelet girl like me so I thought I would show you a few of my favorite items, other than the bracelets.50 IS NOT OLD | QVC AND JAI JEWELRY | FASHION OVER 40

The Giraffe Heart Enhancer (matches my bangle) is perfect for a mother/daughter/granddaughter, etc. It just pulls at my heartstrings, it is so adorable. I also like the strength and the power of the Silver Leopard Ring. Any Alabama Crimson Tide fans will love the Silver Elephant earrings with the Garnet eyesMy sister loved the Giraffe bracelet and said that she is thinking about buying this for her mother-in-law who went on a safari to Africa. She thought that would be a great reminder of her adventure and because of the Easy Pay Plan, it is affordable.

Just click on any of the pictures below and they will take you directly to the item shown. One of these has already been ordered by me, can you guess which one it is?

I will always have a soft spot for QVC and I can’t thank them enough for all of the hours of entertainment and friendship that I have gotten from them over the years. I have felt like I was a part of their family and now I truly am.

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  1. I watch a lot of the Q, didn’t know they did this, nice to see the bracelet IRL so to speak
    it’s very nice

    if you can share how did they reach out to you? if you can’t I understand

    • Tania Reply

      I am glad that you enjoyed seeing the bracelet on me for perspective. I think the jewelry looks so much nicer when you can see it against the skin, it comes to life.

  2. Beautiful are the only words to describe you and your bracelet. I’m definitely a bracelet girl, and I love QVC. I’ve received many, many gifts from QVC. When Greg’s mother was living, she was not able to get out and shop, so we received many kitchen items as gifts from QVC. She bought everything in three’s. One for her, Sissie, and Greg! Lol! She would call us at any given time and tell us to watch the mail, we had a surprise coming!!

    • Tania Reply

      Susanne, this sounds so much like Joe’s mom also. She loved to watch QVC and she and I would watch the show together when we lived with her. I remember so many QVC boxes coming in the mail, also!

  3. Love this story. In the 90’s I had purchased from QVC some really nice pearl pieces that I still wear today. It’s funny to see you write how shy you were, as you don’t come across that way in your daily blogs!
    PS. -You look stunning in these photos!!

    • Tania Reply

      That is one of the reasons that I love QVC. The products they choose for their site are high quality and will last. You should take a picture of you with your pearls and post it!

  4. I am not sure the comments are working or if this is a problem at my end as not showing when I look back. However, just wanted to say that I love the giraffe bracelet. More so as it comes in various sizes and as I am naturally large boned struggle to buy a bangle which fits.

    • Tania Reply

      I loved the giraffe bracelet also! I like the fact that it doesn’t matter if you have a small wrist or a larger wrist, you can find the size that you need.

    • I’ve had trouble with my comments also. They don’t appear after being submitted.

      • Tania Reply

        I had to call my hosting company this morning and now everything should be fixed.

  5. QVC the name says it all I love to watch the fashion,makeup and specially Josie Maran.
    The bracelet is gorgeous stands out very nicely
    Anything you put on Tania always looks good .
    Have a very blessed day Tania looking forward to your next blog.😚❤

    • Tania Reply

      You are right, Purita, the name says it all. Quality is part of their name and what they stand by.

  6. Love the giraffe bracelet. I bet you chose the “Believe” necklace. I’m also having problems with my comments coming through. Any thoughts on that?

  7. Tania,
    I have been following your blog for probably about a year now and I felt like you are a girlfriend. I looked forward to reading and seeing what cute outfit you were wearing each day. But to be honest, I am not enjoying it as much now that you have turned it into a business. You seem more focused on RF and Plunder and today QVC. I understand that you are in business with them, but I personally am not interested in buying anything. I just enjoy your blog and photos. I will still read it every day, but I really enjoyed it better before.

    • Tania Reply

      Deborah, I started the blog to help women dress better and I love doing it and I truly love all the people I’ve met. The truth is that it takes hours of time and compensated posts are a way to allow me to continue to do the blog and that I only partner with companies and products that you think you gurls will love. As far as R+F and Plunder go, it’s hard not to talk about things that I love and it’s another way to help women look better and even make money too. I do try to put the posts at the end for those who aren’t interested but I love the results I’ve had and it’s hard not to share. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of posts coming about fishing animals out of the pool and my crazy family, etc. 😊

  8. Charlcy Green Reply

    Awww, that is so funny! Cause I too moved to a new town and had no friends when my kids were young so I did the same thing and went to Walmart almost daily and just walked around w a basket so I could be around people. You look absolutely fabulous today!

  9. Tania, I too love QVC!!! Products are exceptional and I know what you mean about feeling like the hosts are your friends! I started shopping with QVC when I was unable to go to the malls due to back and knee issues. Today, it is still my favorite way to shop!

    • Tania Reply

      I had no idea that other women felt the same way about QVC that I did. Thanks for sharing, Vicki!

  10. Julia purtill Reply

    Notice that everyone on QVC is always in an Up mood! Cheerful and smiling. When I’m depressed or the mainstream news is bad and I need a lift,l tune in!

  11. kim granzella, Napa, California Reply

    As I have shared with you before, I really enjoy each day looking to see what you have on and what is inspiring to you. I also look forward to your honest, open stories about your past.
    Thanks for making my day brighter! I too was a stay at home mom after having my first daughter. It was a whole new world for me, and probably the best years of my life, as I look back at those times spent with both my daughters. So rewarding, and now I look forward to my daughters having their own babies!

    Have a wonderful Fourth of July and enjoy your lovely family.


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