50 IS NOT OLD | SAME BLOUSE AND FOUR LOOKS | FASHION OVER 40Have I mentioned that I have started the process of training my replacement at work? I am finally going to bite the bullet and really start working from home. But, before that can happen, I need to make sure that everything is taken care of and that everybody is trained. The only way that I know to do that is by looking over their shoulder as I instruct them how to do it once and then to let them do it the rest of the time. Then I just sit and twiddle my thumbs while they finish the task.50 IS NOT OLD | SAME BLOUSE AND FOUR LOOKS | FASHION OVER 40 It is a funny feeling to know that you can be replaced. I have always said that if something happened to me tomorrow that someone would have to take over but to see it in action is different. The thing that makes my job hard to train someone for is the fact that some of my activities are only done once a month or once every three months. So, I can show them this month but by the time next month rolls around it is hard to remember what to do, even with good notes. So, even though I won’t be actually “working” I am still going to have to be around for a couple of months more. The other thing that is hard is that I am now going to be dependant on “my” businesses and I will have to try and grow them. How do you gurls that have retired do it? It is a scary thought to be dependant on me and not a “written in stone” paycheck that I can depend on every 2 weeks. Yikes!!! 😱50 IS NOT OLD | SAME BLOUSE AND FOUR LOOKS | FASHION OVER 40So, today is the last day of my Same Blouse/Different Look series. I have done casual, office appropriate, smart casual, and today’s look is what I consider down-right play time. You might not think about pairing a blouse with a pair of casual shorts but as you can see, it looks just fine.

50 IS NOT OLD | SAME BLOUSE AND FOUR LOOKS | FASHION OVER 40Aren’t these the cutest earrings? These are the Kenna earrings which are a pair of tan leather earrings that are 3″ long. These do not come monogrammed, they are plain. But, I took these to my local guy and had them monogrammed which was a very small cost. I really wish that you could see this Carla necklace in person. The beading is multi-colored and they have a lot of sparkles. They are strung on a tan/pink leather cord. The Scarlett bracelet is also a tan leather bracelet that has gold disc attached. I love my Plunder jewelry because it is affordable and I can get all the latest trends without spending a fortune. Go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens to make a purchase and please pick a party with my name in it.50 IS NOT OLD | SAME BLOUSE AND FOUR LOOKS | FASHION OVER 40 Shorts are cool in the summer but let’s face it, once you hit a certain age, showing some leg is not in the top ten things that you want to do. In fact, I doubt it is even on the top 50 list!!! Lol! I don’t have pretty legs because I was stupid in my youth and didn’t use sunscreen. I have LOTS of sun damage which make my legs look motely. But, as far as I know, there hasn’t been anyone lose their eyesight after taking a gander at them. So, until that happens I will continue to be cool and comfortable in the summer months. This pair is linen and has a drawstring waist. I bought this tan pair and also a white pair from Cato Fashion’s back very early in the summer. I really never meant to put them on the blog but instead to just wear around the house on the weekends. But, I figured that you wear clothes on the weekends (at least I hope you do) and that you might like to see the outfit.
50 IS NOT OLD | SAME BLOUSE AND FOUR LOOKS | FASHION OVER 40Which style looks the most like you? Smart casual, casual, office appropriate, and play time are what I have dubed these looks.

Shy, busy, and not very social media savvy would be the way that I described myself in May 2016. So when I decided to become a consultant and the owner of my very own business, I only did it to look the best that I could. But, I can’t help to think that the Lord has maneuvered me in ways that I never could have or would have gone. While I thought I started a blog and a skincare business for personal reasons, He was molding me and gifting me the answer to some of my prayers.

He gifted me a voice with my blog. He gifted me so many new friends even though I have never met them in person. He gifted me with a platform to share my faith. He gifted me confidence and helped me become bold. He gifted me with a financial income that I could not imagine possible. And, He gifted me all of that and still gave me the best skin that I originally thought I was after.

I don’t know if you are looking for a way to look better or if you have been praying for something else. I don’t know if my business is what you need. But, I do know that it can be an answer to prayers and I am thankful every day that He gifted it to me.

From now until the end of the month you can join me on this journey and see what is in store for you. By joining me in the next few days you will be gifted a business that can take you on an amazing journey but you will also be gifted with some extra products like an additional Redefine Regimen and a Lash Boost at no cost.

I really appreciate all of the shares and the pins of my outfits that you have been doing. PLEASE continue to do that, you won’t believe the difference it has made in my number of visitors to my blog.

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  1. Exciting times ahead. I love my retirement (or holidays with pay which is how I prefer it). A whole new world has opened up to me and with your encouragement for which I am very grateful I have my blog which I love doing. Happy retirement when the time arrives xx

    • Tania Reply

      Thank you for your words of encouragement. We never know whos lives we might touch with our words.

  2. Jayne perry Reply

    I like one + two…im prob number two 😊….love yr blogs 😁

  3. Thank you for sharing your blouse series with us. It was fun watching you create all the different look’s. Congrats on deciding to work from home, I’m a believer that when one door closes and another one opens!

    • Tania Reply

      I am a big believer in that also, Susanne. I can’t wait to see the blue highlights that you will be adding shortly to your hair. (Inside joke)

  4. I like #1 & #2. On a regular basis, I am #2. Thank you for sharing…I love reading your blog.

  5. I do like all of them but would see me wearing 1 & 2. Thanks for the series of looks.

  6. It’s hard to pick one! I love them all. I don’t have a tendency to wear blouses with a casual look, but I will try it now! I love your Plunder jewelry!! It’s so pretty and steps up your outfit! Good luck in your transition.. looking forward to hearing stories of your retired life!! 🙏❤😀

  7. Love the blouse with the shorts today, Tania! You look casual, comfortable and stylish!

  8. Since retirement three years ago the second picture has become my daily look. Love, love, love retirement!

  9. I’m #1 when I’m meeting friends for lunch or going out to dinner with my hubs but mostly #2 for running errands etc. Thanks for doing this series, it’s been fun!

  10. #1 & #2 are my favorites. I love that navy skirt ( is it A-line?). I really don’t own any skirts and my shorts are always down to my knees! I have this thing about showing my arms and legs anymore, so I always try to cover them. I guess I need to get over that!!😂😂 You look great, thank you for the series and good luck working remotely!!

  11. I am definitely #2 and would put the cardigan from #1 with it on a cool day! Loved seeing this series and then having all photos side by side. Being semi-retired my winters are long as farm work and mowing are done then so this winter I want to look for something that I can do one or two days a week just to get me out. Enjoy the process of retiring from your work office so you can work from home!

  12. I loved all the looks. I’m basically dress like 2 & 4 most days. On days I’m out with friends or going somewhere with the husband, I dress like #1. I do not own a blazer. I have broad shoulders and large chest so getting a blazer to fit in those areas and not look like a tent in the middle is practically impossible. Maybe one day, if I find a blazer that is absolutely stunning, I will buy it and have it tailored. But in GA/SC area, it’s usually too warm for me to even think of wearing a blazer. I do wear the long light-weight sweaters like pic 1 but that’s about as much as I can do. Really enjoy your blog, Tania. Wish you all the success in the world in your new ventures and hope you enjoy every minute of this new career.

    • Tania Reply

      I love #2 and #4 also. The only way that you will probably ever get a blazer to fit you in the way that you want is by having it tailored.

  13. # 2 is how I roll after retiring two years ago. I love the freedom it affords me to spend time with my granddaughters, garden, volunteer and paint.

  14. Outfit #2 is my go to look. All look nice though. And I too have enjoyed this series. I’m sure it’s little scary to leave that paycheck but as you noted look what happened when you changed 2 years ago. You’ve been a blessing and encouragement to me. Best of luck for your future. I think it’s looking bright. 😊

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks for the encouragement, Johnna. You gurls might have to keep reminding me of that in the upcoming couple of months.

  15. Hi. Outfit #2 is my favorite because it’s what I wear most days. I enjoyed this series. Any change is scary but look what happened when you took a chance a few years ago. You’ve been a blessing and encouragement to me. Your future is bright.

    • Didn’t think first comment went through so sent another. Sorry for sending twice.

  16. Thank you for this fun series, Tania. I enjoyed it! Glad you’ll have more time to focus on you’re own successful businesses.

  17. All four are such good looks! i am always looking for ways to style the same blouse. You always come through!

  18. Im not retired i have a long way to go. But my good friend is. We love to go out to eat and shop do fun stuff. Its not always possible for her because she is retired. So she Supplemented her income bu getting a very flexible part job working an Appraisal company. I try to pay for our meals as much as i can and use my car instead of hers but its hard sometimes.

  19. I really enjoyed this series. Smart casual was my fave, but I also loved the shorts and jeans.

  20. Great looks! I retired last year year and love my life! Congratulations to you, ☀️

  21. Nancy Steinke Reply

    I love all the looks, with number 2 my favorite, Love your blog, found you on Pinterest. Look forward to your blog every day and the looks you create, Also enjoy your youtube videos, so informative. You rock!

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