50 IS NOT OLD | SAME BLOUSE BUT A DIFFERENT LOOK PART 2 | FASHION OVER 40Don’t you wish life was all rainbows and unicorns? With all of the rain that we have been getting (rain every day until Friday), I should have a ton of gold by now. All I would have to do is follow the rainbows with my shovel. The unicorns seem to be a little more elusive and so far I have never found one nor have I found any rainbow-colored droppings. Joe, who has a unique way with words, always says, “in ten years this will all be funny.”50 IS NOT OLD | SAME BLOUSE BUT A DIFFERENT LOOK PART 2 | FASHION OVER 40I can only assume that he is trying to tell me to “get over it.” There are always going to be disappointments in life. That might go along with the saying that there are 2 things you can’t avoid in life, taxes and death. However, I have found that the faster that you can pick yourself up by the bootstraps and shake yourself off, the better you are. I am talking small disappointments and not the life-altering kind. Those kinds of disappointments take a lot of time and recovery. I am talking about the fact that the store is out of your favorite brand of coffee, or that your television is on the fritz on the night that you want to watch Grey’s Anatomy, or maybe someone you thought was your friend has been saying things behind your back. Just start belting out Taylor Swift at the top of your lungs and “Shake it off!”50 IS NOT OLD | SAME BLOUSE BUT A DIFFERENT LOOK PART 2 | FASHION OVER 40Welcome to day 2 of the printed shirt series. I guess it would be kind of monotonous for me to talk about this top again since I told you all about it in yesterday’s post. Today I am going more casual in the styling of the top. This is a great look for any outing that you might have to quickly go to. Run to the store, no problem. Need to go to the cleaners or post office, no problem. I love that this style top is dressy but that it looks equally good with a pair of jeans. For all of you ladies who have hot flashes and can’t stand the thoughts of having something on your arms, here is your look.

50 IS NOT OLD | SAME BLOUSE BUT A DIFFERENT LOOK PART 2 | FASHION OVER 40Gold jewelry is what I am going with today. I love these incredibly lightweight Ciara earrings. They are very thin metal that has a scroll cutout design and a 3.5″ drop. I wear these earrings with everything! The necklace, however, is a new purchase and I think that this is the first time that I have worn it. This Yvonne necklace is a gold hoop with turquoise and white beads all on a peach 36″  braided chain. This reminds me of Indian style jewelry for some reason. I love my Plunder jewelry because it is affordable and I can get all the latest trends without spending a fortune. Go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens to make a purchase and please pick a party with my name in it.50 IS NOT OLD | SAME BLOUSE BUT A DIFFERENT LOOK PART 2 | FASHION OVER 40 In the summer you will find me in sandals the biggest part of the time. This older than dirt pair of t-strap sandals are by Tommy Hilfiger. I love a t-strap sandal but I know that some of my friends cannot adjust to having something between their toes. At the beginning of the summer season I usually have a 2 or 3-day adjustment phase and then after that, I am all set.

50 IS NOT OLD | SAME BLOUSE BUT A DIFFERENT LOOK PART 2 | FASHION OVER 40Here is a different way to wear the raw hem trend. I think that I might like wearing this trend with a turned up cuff even better than I do wearing it down. I have had long legs forever so ankle pants are still hard for me to adjust to. As a child, it was a struggle to find pants that were long enough. And then my daughter came along and had even longer legs than me. She needs an inseam of 35-37 and I can get by with 32-34 inseams. Next time you see a pretty woman with those long gazelle legs just think smugly to yourself, “I bet she has a hard time getting her pants long enough.” Lol!!!

50 IS NOT OLD | SAME BLOUSE BUT A DIFFERENT LOOK PART 2 | FASHION OVER 40 There was something about this photo that completely freaked me out. I had to go back to my photo album and enlarge it as big as I could to take a look. Do you see the “thing” on my foot that looks like a HUGE spider? I am telling you that I hate spiders with every fiber of my being and just seeing this almost put me into a panic. It is the buckle and the extra material of the strap sticking out. Lol! I swear I still can’t take my eyes off of it even now.

I hope you are liking this series. I hope that it will give you some insights on how to expand your existing wardrobe.

I really appreciate all of the shares and the pins of my outfits that you have been doing. PLEASE continue to do that, you won’t believe the difference it has made in my number of visitors to my blog.

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  1. Nice casual look with the same top – even without the blue cardi your eyes still stand out 😁. I am not on board with the raw hem trend but I do like it better cuffed like you have it today. Have a great day.

  2. Nice casual look with the same blouse. Your eyes still stand out without the blue cardi 😁. I am not on board with the raw hem trend, but I do like it cuffed like you are styling it better. Have a great day.

  3. Another great casual look. I haven’t tried on a pair of the raw hem jeans yet but I do like the looks of them cuffed. Rain….it rained all day here yesterday with heavy downpours at times and we ended up with over 4.5″ of rain which we really didn’t need as we had 4″ last week. Us farmers are still trying to get field work done but not much we can do but be patient and wait it out. Hope you have some breaks in the rain today.

  4. So sorry about all the rain you are having in VA. We are having cool weather in upstate NY, but a heat wave is in the forecast. I was to focused on the top to notice your “spider”!! It’s a great look and I just love to wear jeans, they look good with everything!

  5. Love the outfit! The comment about the women who have hot flashes hit home with me. I love a sleeveless top that can be paired with a light sweater or denim jacket. Thanks for all your fashion inspiration, Tania!

  6. Marceline Miller Reply

    FUNNY, i still don’t see the “spider”. But I get being freaked out!! Lo l Like that your photos are back to being on your porch. 😊

  7. This is my kind of look. Casual but put together. Love it. Shirt even looks kind of different. I have earrings like that except they are tan. A friend had a party some time ago and I thought I wouldn’t wear much because of size but I love them. Super lightweight. I like this series. Especially if you have a favorite top and want to mix it up. And we are getting nothing but rain here too. I may need that ark you talked about Sunday. 😊

  8. This look is totally my style….classy casual! As a 6’ tall lady, I have always been tall and yes, it can be a struggle to find pants long enough (but instead of being smug, I hope people have sympathy!) When I was young, my poor mom could never find pants slim enough with long enough length, so she would sew long fringe and wide ribbon onto the hems of my jeans to elongate them. I was the most stylish little hippie child!! LOL Maybe that’s why I’ve always loved the boho style. 😀 I like jeans with the raw edge hem but haven’t purchased any yet. If you keep featuring them, I may have to bite the bullet!

  9. Melesa Garrison Reply

    I like that Joe has a way with words. My husband always says, when I’m complaining about something “There’s no future in that” We’ve had a few unexpected things go on at our house the last couple of weeks…my hubby had to have surgery on both eyes, had to replace entire sprinkler system, new windshield replaced and air conditioning unit went out – UGH! I’m not going to complain bc John has a great Dr., we have a nice sprinkler system now, we have a car to replace a windshield and we will be cool again (hopefully today) Thank You, Jesus! As always, you look cute as a bug 😉

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