It has been raining off and on for the past few days here in Virginia. Let me re-phrase that, it has been a monsoon off and on for the past few days. The kind of rain that is blowing sideways and where the gutters can’t hold it all so it overflows like a waterfall. And then it will stop for about an hour and the sun will shine so brightly for a little while. Then comes the rain again.

All of this just happened (with the Lord, nothing just happens) while I have been reading and studying about Noah and the flood. (Genesis Chapters 6-8) Everything that I knew about this story pretty much came from my childhood and the stories that I learned in Bible School. I honestly never gave the story much thought and I never really dived into the whole story. For some reason, that is exactly what I decided to do.

I have been thinking a lot about TRUST. In fact, I turned to the back of the Bible in the Concordance and I spent some time reading EVERY verse that contained the word trust in it. Wow! There are a lot of verses with this word listed. I was really only interested in the ones that talked about trusting in the Lord but there was a lot that talked about putting your trust in man. Believe me when I say, that is not a good thing.

The story of Noah and the flood is a great example of trust. The Lord gave Noah instructions to build an Ark and he trusted the Lord so he built the boat. There were no rain clouds looming, there was no long-range weather forecast calling for rain, there was only a sincere trust in the Lord. Can you imagine all of the comments and jokes made at Noah’s expense? And then the rain started to fall…….

Most of the time when I thought about this story I thought about all the animals in the ark. I thought about the close quarters and I thought about food, bathroom facilities, etc. But, I never considered the friends left behind.

Noah’s grandfather was Methuselah who was the oldest man in the Bible. He lived to be 969 years old and that means that he died in the year of the flood. I have read some people who think he died in the flood and some that say he died before the flood since they say that he was not be killed with the unrighteous. Either way, he didn’t make the boat so that got me to thinking about other people who also didn’t make the boat.

What about cousins, aunts and uncles, neighbors, and friends? We know the answer is no, none of them made the boat. I can’t imagine this. I would be so incredibly happy that the Lord saved my immediate family from the horrible destruction but I know that a part of me would be mourning the loss of people I loved, even if they were not righteous. Don’t you have people that you love that you don’t love their ways?

They were probably in shock from the whole event, in a state of mourning, couped up with a lot of stinky animals, and starting to wonder if the sun would ever shine again when finally it stops raining. Hallelujah!!! But of course, it still takes a long time between when the rain stops and when they can depart the Ark.

Into everyone’s life, a little rain must fall. But, just like with Noah and the Ark, the sun will come out again. The rain will stop, and it will take some time before you feel like you are on firm ground, but you to will be able to once again make a new and fresh start. Look for the rainbow and try to enjoy the rain when it comes.

Have A Blessed Day!

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  1. connie klappenbach Reply

    Oh, how I love your sunday posts. Thank you for taking the time to compose your blog.

  2. mariejopalmer Reply

    Happy Sunday Tania! Thank you for this writing this morning. Did you know that Methuselah means “at whose death will be judgement”? Isn’t that cool !!! This tidbit of information helps me when I think about those who were not on the arc. Again thank you for your blog and Sunday morning lessons. I love it!

  3. Thanks, Tania. I had never even thought about the friends and loved ones who had to be left behind. I’m sure that was difficult! Thank you for always bringing out different thoughts and perspectives. Have a blessed day!!

  4. Good morning Tania,
    I’m Nancy and I am new to your website. We don’t get much rain here in CA, so I feel for you and wish there was a way to distribute the overflow here.lol I do enjoy the styles you are showing and it gives me idea’s, but today I wanted to say thank you for your message .
    It has given me food for thought. My husband has just had his 10th neck and back surgery and the rain has stopped but we still have a way to go. Thank you for your thoughts and giving me direction in the Lord’s word.

  5. Jayne Finkbohner Reply

    Great post! I love the story of Noah. It even took in greater meaning and strengthen my faith more when we visited the “Ark Encounter ” in Kentucky. Built to the bible’s specs. The ark is 510 feet long, 85 feet wide,and 51 feet high. It was so worth taking a day trip with our grown daughter,son-in-law and little ones to see. Absolutely blew me away and really made me realize how great a faith Noah had, which wasn’t fleeting. It also demonstrated just how God may have worked out all the details that we wonder about. This is such a great place to visit. I’m thinking with all the trips you have been taking this would be such a great place to add to your list.
    God bless,love your blog

  6. Charlcy Green Reply

    A very admirable study. I cant imagine being locked i that arc for so long. But what a valuable lesson.

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