50 IS NOT OLD | RED, WHITE, AND EMBROIDERED ALL OVER | FASHION OVER 40I hope you have a lot of plans for this Saturday. Joe actually surprised me and made us a reservation at the Carnegie Hotel in Johnson City for tonight. He NEVER does things like that but he heard me talking about how nice the Carnegie was and how much I liked the looks of downtown Johnson City. I told him that I would love to just go and explore downtown and see what it had to offer. 50 IS NOT OLD | RED, WHITE, AND EMBROIDERED ALL OVER | FASHION OVER 40I wish he had looked at the weather forecast before he made the reservations since it has an 80% chance of rain on Saturday and a 100% chance on Sunday. Lol! I don’t think that there is a boat factory nearby but we might have to go and check that out after all the rain that we have been having. It rained so much yesterday that my pool is almost overflowing. I had an empty flower urn sitting beside my door and it is now half full. It weighs so much that I couldn’t turn it over to get the water out, Joe is going to have to do it for me. These pictures were taken on Thursday, otherwise, I would have been under the porch. Lol! Momma didn’t raise no fool. Haha!50 IS NOT OLD | RED, WHITE, AND EMBROIDERED ALL OVER | FASHION OVER 40 In fact, the sun was soooo bright that you can see all of my photos are actually washed out. I tried and tried to adjust them to take away the glare but then they just looked dark. This is one of the hazards of taking pictures outdoors. I am continuing with my red, white, and blue theme today. This red top is older and I can’t even remember when or where that I bought it. I like the color but it is the bright white embroidered pattern that sold me on the top. Embroidery is so much nicer than a screen print and the white just jumps off of the red background. This is an easy way of wearing red, white, and blue without wearing stars and stripes. It is subtle but still festive.

50 IS NOT OLD | RED, WHITE, AND EMBROIDERED ALL OVER | FASHION OVER 40I have some new pieces of Plunder jewelry that I just got recently. The Mary Jane necklace is the one with the large white beads. It is on tan leather and has a tan leather tassel. It has a “pull cord” type adjustable style which adjusts up to 37″. The longer necklace is called the Pearl. It has little oval shaped pearls that dangle from the gold chain. It is super long at 50″ which means that you can wear it long or double it for a 2 strand necklace. My Phyllis earrings are wooden shaped teardrops. They are really large and I was surprised at how big they were when I got them. I accidentally ordered 2 pairs so I gave one to my Energizer Bunny Friend and she really liked them. I love my Plunder jewelry because it is affordable and I can get all the latest trends without spending a fortune. Go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens to make a purchase and please pick a party with my name in it.50 IS NOT OLD | RED, WHITE, AND EMBROIDERED ALL OVER | FASHION OVER 40 A lot of festivities around the 4th of July call for jeans. Something comfortable and something that you can sit down on the ground and not have to worry about. This pair is the raw hem trend and I bought them at Old Navy earlier in the Spring. I don’t think that they are still on the website but there are plenty to choose from. I like buying trendy jeans from Old Navy because I don’t have to spend a lot on something that I know will only be in style for a couple of years. I will spend more on nicer jeans if they are a style that I think will be around for a long time.

50 IS NOT OLD | RED, WHITE, AND EMBROIDERED ALL OVER | FASHION OVER 40Well, I am off to the Carnegie here in just a little while. I can’t wait to take some pictures while we are there because this place is simply amazing. With a name like Carnegie, I would have been shocked if it hadn’t been. Lol! Yesterday I uploaded my makeup-free face and a lot of you commented about my skin. Here is my face shortly after I had applied my makeup. I am sharing this because you can see every pore because I used a flash and also because the foundation shows the pores. YES, Rodan + Fields works!!! Go and take the solutions tool to see which products they would recommend for you.50 IS NOT OLD | RED, WHITE, AND EMBROIDERED ALL OVER | FASHION OVER 40

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  1. Mary Beth Culpepper Reply

    Beautiful skin on a beautiful gal! Have a great week end!

  2. Love this outfit…it’s colorful and looks comfy. Have a fun weekend.

  3. What make up do you use? Your skin does look great and your make is perfect!! 💕

    • Tania Reply

      I use CC Cream by It Cosmetics and then I use Mineral Peptides from R+F over the cream. It helps to set the cream and also gives me some vitamins and peptides for my skin.

  4. You look marvelous!! Love the outfit and the scenic photos!! Enjoy your weekend get away!! 😊

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