50 IS NOT OLD | STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS | FASHION OVER 40Look, Ma, I am on top of the world!!! Okay, so I am not on top of the world nor am I on board the Titanic. For those who haven’t seen the movie, Titanic, that was a famous line in the movie. The main character was standing with his hands spread wide and says those words. That, of course, has nothing to do with my blog post and is not relevant in any way. Lol!!! Unfortunately, this is how my brain works and I can’t change it or I would. Hahaha!!50 IS NOT OLD | STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS | FASHION OVER 40 Joe is just as bad as me too, so you can imagine how crazy our house is. He will start telling me something and I have no idea what he is talking about. When I look confused or ask him what in the world he is talking about I will find out that he had been having a conversation in “his” brain and he thought that I knew what was being said. LOL! I tell him all the time that I am not The Amazing Kreskin and that I can’t read his mind. That is probably a good thing. Can you imagine what the world would be like if you could read the thoughts of people you met and they could read yours? I would shudder to think about that. Whew!! Talk about a mess.50 IS NOT OLD | STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS | FASHION OVER 40 This is an old top that is probably 3 or 4 years old. I think that I bought this just when the statement sleeve trend started so I should get at least another year or so wear from it. Instead of waiting when you see a new trend, you should embrace it right away. Trends will normally last 3 – 5 years and that way you will get plenty of wear out of any item. Some trends last longer than others like skinny jeans. I hope they never go out of style but I think that I said that about stirrup pants too. Lol!!! I bought this shirt for the color just as much as I did for the sleeves. The last time that I wore this top was 2 years ago at a Woman’s Club Convention and I styled it differently. Check it out and tell me which way you like it best.

50 IS NOT OLD | STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS | FASHION OVER 40Can you tell that I was trying hard not to laugh? I just love daylilies and I wish they lasted longer. This one’s life was really cut short since I decided that it needed to come back inside with me. Since the bloom doesn’t last long anyway I didn’t think that it was really going to make a difference. Have you embraced the statement earring trend yet? Remember what I said earlier about trends. The Petra turquoise, gold, and white beaded earrings are so cute. They remind me of a peacock feather for some reason. Am I the only one who thinks that? The Rhonda bracelet is multi-layer, multi-colored beaded bracelet on tan leather. I am really loving the newer “pull string” closure on some of the newer bracelets. They make adjusting the size and getting them on your arm so much easier. I love my Plunder jewelry because it is affordable and I can get all the latest trends without spending a fortune. Go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens to make a purchase and please pick a party with my name in it.50 IS NOT OLD | STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS | FASHION OVER 40 Here is another of my white jeans. I think this is pair #6! Lol! I am just joking, I have no idea how many pairs of white pants that I own but it really is a lot. This is an older pair that I drag out every year because they still fit (amazingly) and I like the ankle length. This pair also has a built-in crease down the front so they look like they have been pressed. Lol! That is funny since ironing is NOT my thang. Haha!

50 IS NOT OLD | STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS | FASHION OVER 40Life is too short not to stop and smell the flowers. I just hope that I don’t get stung by a bee when I do. Lol!! In case you missed it yesterday, I am giving you plenty of warning but if you keep scrolling you will see my “Naked” photo that I posted yesterday. Lol! I love helping out a good cause and I am thrilled that I now have the confidence to post a picture like this. In the past, you would have had to come to my house extremely early in the morning to catch me without my makeup on. While I am not that happy to post this picture even today, it is not about my skin looking bad. I just like the addition of blush, mascara, and lipstick. You all know that I love lots of colors. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS | FASHION OVER 40

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  1. kim granzella, Napa, California Reply

    Love the outfit. Every time I’ve tried to wear a top like that, I feel like I look huge. You look great and the earrings are a perfect match to the outfit.

    Also, your skin looks amazing. The pic of you without makeup, I have to say, your skin looks fabulous. I am truly thinking of switching my skin care and trying Rodan and Fields. I just need a bit of time (why, I have no idea) and I cannot get over how good your skin looks! Not that it didn’t before, but wow!!!

  2. You look amazing in that top, and the colors are beautiful!
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.., you sweet friend are beautiful inside and out! Thank you for sharing R+F with us, I’m am soooooo glad I decided to try R+F! As you know, I’m seeing incredible results the short time I have been using the products and because of your sharing, I feel more confident about myself! Hugs!

  3. Love the blouse. The colors are so fabulous on you. I like the more casual look you styled this time as compared to the last time you posted that blouse. Great skin in you “go naked” photo.
    Have a great day!

  4. I just bought a floral moto jacket that I absolutely love. I was very hesitant to make the purchase because moto has been popular for a while now and the trend may be dying out. Thankfully I didn’t pay too much. I love the colors of your outfit today!

  5. So beautiful, not just make up and clothes, but a spirit that embraces life.

  6. As lovely as your top is, I think your skin stole the show today! It really is amazing!

  7. I can’t believe how much more the colors in this top pop when you have it on with the white pants versus the navy ones. And, I can see that you don’t have to worry about going to the door “naked” as your skin looks great!!

  8. Your skin is awesome! Gotta love R&F!!
    I am a teacher and my students are subject to my movie and song references all the time!! One child is now called Bullfrog by friends and family thanks to me! 🎼Jeremiah was a Bullfrog! Duh nuh nuh!
    Paula from Texas

  9. Thank you for your post, Tania, as I needed to be reminded to stop and smell the flowers. My hubster often says, “Enjoy the journey, honey.”
    Your skin is lovely! Blessings on your day🌸

  10. Charlcy Green Reply

    Love, love the outdoor pictures and so glad you got to stop and smell the lillies! Cute top too! You are a brave and wise lady for going naked for us and your skin looks lovely!

  11. Your blog was so fun today. As if you were in a really good mood when you wrote it and it’s rubbed off on me. I like the top with your white pants best. It shows off the colors in it so well. Your skin does look very good. You’re slowly but surely making me consider R&F.

  12. My Joe does the same thing…starts talking about something out of the blue as though I should know what’s goin’ on hahaha. Love your stories Tania. They’re classic 🙂

  13. lipstickanytime Reply

    I love that you repeat your clothes! It is so fun to see the different ways one can style an outfit. I learn a lot from your blog. Keep up the great work!

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